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Rents an apartment without prejudice to its own purse

May 27 2007

What corrupts people? The answer gave another Mikhail Bulgakov - "housing problem". To this day, this issue remains topical. If you do not have a corner, albeit small, but cozy, the headache and hassle of waiting for the rest: three, two, or one month until such time as necessary to search for new housing are provided.

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To remove decent housing, you must have patience, perseverance and, of course, no small sum. Well if you have friends, but they have empty flats. But what if there are none? The mass of options. Consider the most common ways to find a place under the roof.

Hanging on a pole, sways the wind a piece of .... rather ad - Rent an apartment inexpensively. Asked Light. Phone XXXXXX ". Similar pieces of paper pasted over and stop, and porches. Even if the message was written by hand, by calling the number, you will be surprised when the sweet voice politely tell you that this agency and you must (!) In the near future (!) Will pick the right apartment. It is only necessary to come into the office and make a fee. Price just persuasive.

According to one of these addresses we went. The search for the location of the agency took a long time. It is located deep in the almost impassable yards, no signs there. But the guard office 3.4 burly security guard. The interior of a minimalist - desk, chair and telephone. In the room a few people - our fellow-sufferers. They, like us, waiting for their turn to talk with the manager.

Then the agency worker - the girl good-looking reports that they just have an apartment in the required area: close to the metro and the payment is low. Only the address can be obtained after the contract will be signed and submitted the sum of - nothing at all 4,000 rubles.

Once the money is given, and the contract is signed, the fun begins. Or apartments are already occupied, or owner says he changed his mind to take shelter, or telephone numbers that are presented in the agency did not respond.

Go back to the already visited the office, and there are advised to take a closer look at the contract. It turns out that we just had an information service and their own money back no one is going. That is called, remained with the nose, but to hang him no one is going.

We can do without the information agents. Moreover, that the Internet is replete with sites that offer to remove - to pass housing. Register on one of these portals, as indicated in step by step instructions. Then write that actually look and last - need to confirm your request by sending an SMS to a specified phone number. Everything is ready, send a message. But it does not go away. Phone display says - not enough money, although on balance there was something about a hundred rubles. By the way, that the service is paid to the site was not a word.

We continue to scour the open spaces of the World Wide Web. And now the search seems to be unsuccessful. Open a page where ads are placed real apartment owners. But immediately close. Remove the one-room apartment for 1500 -2000 dollars a month to very few people under force.

Twice stumbled on the Internet reports that suggested that rent a house for free. Rather we are talking about the rooms.In one case, payment for any square footage was in the laundry and cleaning the apartment. In another - (addressed to the girls, "it is desirable to female students) - cohabiting with a man who will go and see a visit 2-3 times a week. The text of the ad called it - "help with the housework." What kind of help we have learned by contacting the owner of the home by email.

It remains the last and most expensive option - to apply to the real estate agency. How not to be mistaken with a choice of firm and does not remain without a roof over your head and no money "Pravde.Ru" said Specialist of the lease of one of the metropolitan agencies, real estate, Valery Ivasyuk.

- How to distinguish a big maker of "scam"?

- First of all, the normal agency never takes money in advance, only upon arrival. Second, the so-called lohotronschiki understate prices. Now housing in Moscow is enough - still expensive. One-bedroom apartments offer a minimum of $ 500 and then on the outskirts. Meanwhile, speculators say they have accommodation for 200 -300 dollars. Another distinguishing feature of "lzheagentstva": it is the client's office, where then is the contract. And in fact, must leave the agent. People looking for housing, do not necessarily stay in office. Everything can be arranged by phone.

- What are the fees the agency? Heard about the different rates - from 50 to 100% of the monthly payment.

- This is usually from 70 to 100 percent. Half of the cost of taking months or impoverished small agency, or the same lohotronschiki.

- For how long agents podyschut appropriate option for housing?

- There can not be answered unequivocally. It all depends on the customer. Maybe settling for a few days. But if a person wants for minimal money to get an apartment with renovated, it will look forever.

And so, going in search of an apartment you need to remember a few rules. Do not pay attention to advertisements on poles. Referring to the agency point of reference it, such as Association of Realtors. And carefully look agreement. If it is written that the firm provides services to reference and information nature, it is better to refuse them.

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