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Victims of belief

October 26 2007

October 24, the Day of humane education and alternatives to animal experiments, completed the second picket outside the Ministry of Education in defense of the innocent are killed during the training process of frogs.

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The main reason for dissatisfaction with the students, as all three years that the conflict lasts, there was a need to cut the frogs in practical classes. And the unwillingness of the FAQ guide bio-MSU abolish the practice. Students are required to cancel the experiments on living things or start to use general anesthesia for them. The live frog cut the vertebrae - are horrified students at the site of humane education.

After the first such rally would be suspended from teaching by its organizer, the student Roman Belousov. The student refused to participate in "inhumane" in his view, the exercises, which was simply expelled from the university because time to participate in the educational process has no desire, then let and is not involved. Now the "victim of persuasion" will defend them to the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights.

How to tell the students themselves in the West long ago have already found an alternative to violence against the poor frogs. She was also found in some Russian universities. Young people need to give them the right to choose how to pass this kind of workshops and to allow some individual program for students in non-core departments.

On, like, ask the question "why did the person who is afraid to cut the frogs went to bio-factor?", A community stud_sovet supporters of humanization of education moved in sophistry, arguing as follows: "And if a military man, what he must first five people to kill to get training? "argument, frankly, weird. If you really want to learn at this university you will have to somehow step on his throat to his convictions, or to refuse training. Given that the experiments on the same mice gave mankind a lot of drugs and help the development of science has for many years. Especially in the curriculum MSU including such thing as a practice in frogs. Because the plan overall. Like, say, a surface course of jurisprudence in some faculty of journalism, and at the Faculty of Biology, even microbiologist, who is studying the disgraced student will have to cut these unfortunate frogs. Unfortunately, in this situation, the students, saying that violate their right to belief, they themselves create problems. Novel dismissed not because he is thought of as something wrong, as we would like to hunt frogs' blood management of the university, but because he refused to be trained in accordance with the established plan. At a pace you can go back to a time when surgeons were forbidden under pain of death on the gallows to experiment on human cadavers. Therefore, people treated with mercury and, if exaggerated, drilled a hole in his head, trying to cure a fever. It is unlikely that someone lay down on the operating table to the surgeon who was trained to cut out appendicitis on a fake or a computer program.

In general, the whole situation is reminiscent of the events in France in the 60's, where aestheticism students took to the streets with a mad desire to change something, though they did not know that, shouting "Do not allow prohibited!". Blocked the streets, bottles throw, hit the glass. And then the Symbolist poets discussed and talked about Stalinism. Our students simply peacefully standing with Whatman paper scrawled with slogans and chanting their own, are suing again. A learning process is going. Without them.

Gregory Tumanov


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