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Against Drugs: What you should know

June 26 2007

Throughout the world today marks Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. To date, according to the UN in the world - more than 200 million drug addicts. In this case, about a third of drug users - teens and young adults under the age of 24 years.

Drugs kill every year more and more lives. Material provision and parental love is not enough to provide children a cloudless childhood. Very brutal drug trade is opposed to this. As well as the ingenuity of people who impose on drugs, earning money from it.

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What parents need to know?

Drug abuse does not occur within a few hours, not from the first puff anasha or from the use of any pills. Dependence develops within a month or several months. At this time you may notice a change in the behavior of their child. Most often full, interested conversation when you talk to him about what a drug that he can do with life, is quite enough that a child has lost to him their interest.

If you miss this moment, then continued drug use (so-called trial period is completed very quickly, turning into a disease whose treatment will require many, many months or years). The first draws your attention to three major symptoms or signs that you may be accurately determined. First, the sharp mood swings, and these cycles are not associated with success or failure in school, with friends or new some information they would like their own. Secondly, the change in rhythm of sleep: the child during the day may be sleepy, lethargic, sluggish, and in the evening, coming from a walk, takes energy, willingness to do anything, the child does not fall asleep on time. Third, changing your appetite, the rhythm of the meal: He can spend days without food, without suffering from hunger, and suddenly came from a walk, he can eat a full pot of borsch, a loaf of bread, ask for supplements. The child may rarely occur at home.

If you know what changes in the life of a child occur, it is significantly easier for you to talk with him. Of course, each marked with signs may not mean anything, and it can occur in anyone. If you still suspect that a child was something wrong, you should consult with a competent physician. He tells how to behave, if you see that your child is changing: the school abandoned absolute indifference and lack of interest in what happens in the house. His attitude to life changes: he seeks solace in music and music-which is difficult to call. Following features are irritability, impatience, sometimes crying, often aggressive.

During the call, mention the word "drug" and look at your child's reaction: if he became alert and began to look into your eyes and you see masked interest: "And does anything? Why this came about? "This suggests that the child has something to hide, and it is important to continue the conversation.

Do not be surprised if you find that friends, with whom he talked, that came to your house, call and chat with your child, suddenly disappeared. If before a child could talk for hours on the phone, discussing the film, relationships, any athletic achievement, you hear him talk in the style of the telegraph: Yes, running, in so many, there is something. You never know who he called, you do not know where it breaks. And if you're trying to detain him, the tension that arose during the beginning of a conversation about drugs, changes in aggression, anger, and the child actually leaves the house, sometimes loudly, slamming the door. This symptom is severe enough to make you understand that your child someone or something to direct.

Quite obvious, but often carefully hidden features - these are traces of injections, as well as traces of what the child himself already preparing drugs. Pay attention to your eyes, skin color, the smells. Typically, during a drug, the pupils dilated excessively or unduly narrowed. Test time can be: you invite a child to talk, leads him to the window and notice how quickly the pupils react to light. Typically, a narcotic effect, the rate of reaction of pupils slowed significantly, and it can be seen even unprofessional look.

The following symptoms are required to alert you, more like a criminal: the house missing things, jewelry, hardware ... Pay attention to the contents of their wallets in this period and try to remember the amount that you leave the house unattended. Basic pay child gets through narkottorgovli. He has been involved in fraud, to earn their next dose.

Types of drugs

Drug addiction - it is a constant need for drugs and tests of certain sensations under the influence of these drugs. Drug intoxication are different, and the difference is big.

For example, cocaine intoxication, signs of overstimulation, as a rule, a person excessively active, enterprising, with the only difference is that his entire initiative exists for the initiative itself. He may start a few things at once, but did not finish either one. Very easy to perceive any requests, said that with pleasure do all this.

If a child is smoking marijuana, it is striking foolish, risibility - he laughs at the box of matches or turn the TV off. Pupils are usually at this time, it is narrowed. Pay attention to changes in voice: the mucous membranes become dry. Even the quality of marijuana or hashish is verified by the drug addicts, how quickly, symptoms of dryness: the addict is trying to spit, and if it does not work, he believes that the quality of hashish is sufficiently high.

If you use honey pupilary response is ambiguous. At the time of administration sharply narrowed eyes, then they are narrowed quite a long time, and at the exit of intoxication, the pupils are very wide.

Drug addiction in itself can not be cured, it will not cure the intimidation and explanatory talk, and the denouement will come anyway, regardless of you. I would like you to learn and use, and its authority, and his love, and a certain toughness to uniquely bring the situation to ensure that the child consented to go to treatment or, at least, to consult a specialist.

It is very important to teach children to reject an offer to try the drug because there is such a time: children are sometimes out of loyalty, fear of being ejected from the circle of certain communication, forcibly for themselves - whatever they agree on the sample, even when not really have the desire or temptation to try drugs.

Masha Shibanova


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