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Europe is abuzz soundly and did not think dry out

March 26 2005

Despite the fact that national and family holidays in Russia at the order of magnitude greater than in the West European countries are seriously concerned the growing problem of alcohol consumption. Among young people, which is greedy for toning liquid. My head begins to ache already a sober lawmakers.

In Ireland, for example, which recently otshumelo festival, dedicated to St. Patrick's Day every year sober count the money had gone to the bottle. "Fun" and, consequently, crime, driving while intoxicated , numerous fights each year fly into citizens' money. In 2004, for example, had to shell out $ 3 billion - for fun, as you know, you have to pay.

In this case, Ireland has all cried a leader among the other European countries of squandering money on Delete drinking. For example, last year, on average, each adult carried the Irish pub around 2400, "green", despite the admonitions of the government and calls for health workers. In connection with the far from reassuring trends and, accordingly, the prospects sound relevant suggestions: crush alcohol products tax (That's the way went to Sweden), reduce the number of establishments, licensed to trade alcohol avert gaze of the younger generation of seductive advertising campaigns everywhere. The latter is becoming increasingly necessary and unavoidable measure.

Report of the Commission to rethink the administration of British Prime Minister. In the UK young people are increasingly drinking straight from the bottle. Moreover, according to official data, reported annually to 22 000 deaths due to alcohol consumption - and costs of the state are evaluated, respectively, in the $ 33 billion across the country. For the UK capital, London, has long attached "honorary" title "European spirit of the capital." The average woman of twenty British weekly drinking 4 bottles of wine, which can not afford to European neighbors.

For the record
Wine couples begin to obscure the eyes, not only British Prime Minister and European governments. Strong drinks - the continued cause of headache for the leadership of American colleges and universities. According to Henry Vehslera (Henry Wechsler), Officer of Harvard, two of every five students enrolled in colleges of America , regularly drink. Up to 14 000 students die annually in the country for this reason. For the most part - because of accidents drunken head.
Japan has also not been spared the urgent problem of the western. In recent years, along with economic growth has significantly increased the number of young people consuming intoxicating beverages.

Europe is beginning to lose control of propagating a "new disease". Numerous research programs demonstrate a steady increase in the number of consumers of alcoholic beverages. In this disappointing statistic begins with secondary educational institutions.

Back in 2001, during a conference of the World Health Organization on the problem of alcohol consumption by young people, there were concerns about the deteriorating situation in Eastern Europe. Despite the positive developments in certain areas of the European continent as a whole population, and last but not least young people ruin oneself by drink.

ri it was noticed that in the Mediterranean often misused wine, often viewing it as a component of the diet. In the Nordic countries are at a premium beer, which the river flows into the numerous pubs and bars.

In this case, the public begins to accept this state of affairs and does not see volumes eaten barrels or a pint of the problem.
Partly to blame for this marketing model: "buy one bottle and get a second for free" as well as stable performance, that image is impossible to create without Bottles.

However, the drinkers themselves act with initiative proposals. True, the diametrically divergent views with lawmakers. Thus, some representatives offered to remove the issue from the agenda and allow the open sale of alcohol to young people. In their view, the government itself exacerbates dramatize the situation. Constant talk about what is harmful and deadly, just stir the interest of young people. Forbidden fruit, as they say, is sweet and attractive.

Thus, the well-known prophecy, which has been repeatedly linked the West with the fate of Russia and countries in post-Soviet space, hovering over a drunken Europe. The situation is complicated. No bottles, as they say, do not understand.


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