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Where to get a loan?

February 25 2005

So, you dream about a washing machine (furniture, computer), but can not yet afford this purchase. What's more profitable - to borrow money from friends or get a bank loan - to decide in any event to you. But where to start, if you already have a bank where you can take a consumer loan - we'll tell you.

There are two types of credit - directly to the bank and purchase goods on credit at the store. The latter decides for you all the banking problems, however, and this option will cost you a bit more expensive.

The bank ...

Suppose you decide to save money and opted for the nearest bank. Find out whether it provides loans to private individuals. But even if so much make no mistake - loans given not for everyone. Difficulties in obtaining it may have non-performing students, pensioners, those who are less than a year ago to change jobs, as well as the citizens without a residence permit (exception - the city where there is a branch of the bank). So, your path to their goals, step by step.

Step 1. Write a statement. Point it to the desired loan amount and detail the purpose of his extradition. Do not forget to bring your passport, copy of employment record, a certificate of employment on the salary (if you have an "unofficial" earnings have to specify it).

Step 2. Prove your creditworthiness. Within 7-10 days the administration of the bank decides whether to give you credit. In many banks the positive verdict is $ 50. However, for this you will make a gift - will be given a credit card of the bank, which you can then use both in Russia and abroad.

Step 3. To conclude a contract which specifies the conditions for cooperation between the parties, the timing and amount of loan repayment, with interest from 18 to 25% per annum. The payoff amount will be permanently reduced, because the interest will accrue over time is not on the initial amount, and the one that remained after the partial repayment of the loan.

Example. You decide to take credit for upholstered furniture. It costs $ 1200. You take out a bank loan at 18% per annum, that is to pay monthly for $ 50 and even 216 dollars every year. Plus $ 50 for the consideration of your question at the conclusion of the contract. Itogo1682 dollar. Repay the loan for the year - can get a lesser amount.

The store ...

Many stores that sell things on credit, cooperate with the banks. Therefore, any "banking formalities, you can keep right on the point of purchase.
Step 1. Complete the application (the contract). It specifies the value of the goods, the timing and amount of payments with interest (from about 19 to 25% per year). If you currently need a passport, a separate tax identification number or pension certificate.

Step 2. Credit check. You will be offered immediately to pay 10% of the price plus a fee for processing the loan (typically, from 1.5 to 7% of the amount that you pay only once). Do not forget about the annual percentage! If you buy goods in installments, the amount for which accrued interest, remains unchanged, irrespective of the maturity of the loan.

Example. Furniture bought on credit at the store. On the day of the contract you pay 10% of the amount. In our case it is 1200 dollars. Plus commission (usually from 1.9 to 7%). Take, for example, 5%, or $ 60. Total - $ 180 immediately and $ 50 monthly for two years. Plus interest.At 20% it is $ 240 per year. That is only 1,860 dollars.

And procedures for obtaining the loan:

1. Loan agreements concluded with the applicants on whose application has a positive solution to the credit of the bank (with an applicant no more than one contract).
2. Repayment by monthly equal installments on a schedule specified in the loan agreement.
3. In case of early full repayment of the loan amount of liabilities to repay the loan contract, usually recalculated downwards.
4. The minimum amount of payment to the cashier Trade Organization at the time of purchase is typically 20% of its value. But in every store can have their rules.
5. Goods purchased on credit are subject to the pledge. And replacing a new product becomes the subject of a pledge.
6. And remember that the debt payment is terrible! Return Merchandise Trade Organization, as well as total or partial loss of goods, do not release the buyer from liabilities under the loan agreement, ie loan will have to pay anyway.

Now, "Think for yourself, decide for yourself: have or have not?

Oksana Bartsits


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