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Modern scam, or «SMS happiness" for a simpleton

October 24 2007

History of people angling for money through stealth, then to leave them high and dry, has a lot of examples. Playing on the most basic human instincts, cravings for "freeloading" particularly adventurous can make very bad. There are many definitions of such activities, but the most common and familiar to us - this is the so-called scam.

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Previously, people are asked to get rich by playing the "win-win" lottery, which is a transparent cylinder in which the rinse some crumpled paper, standing on a plywood table in any public place. Having invested only 10 rubles per game, had to collect the letters on the ticket a certain word, find it necessary to gain a picture or, "oh, an unheard-of luck! You have won one more game! ". And so either indefinitely or until almost complete waste of money. It seems to be 10 rubles for a ticket, and now here are two letters and will be the word "centrifuge", or at the ticket now that the far wall is stuck, it seems, a dog and shine for her two more will be given, and then again, and out of your wallet Chip away at pieces of a hundred rubles.

But this is a Stone Age one. Now quite different ways. Came the age of information technologies, which can also be used for games on genetically innate thirst for easy wealth.

Despite the fact that the "divorce" went virtual boundaries, old and proven ways have not gone away. Let us recall the most famous in Russia financial pyramid MMM and videos with Lenya Golubkov, which have become almost a symbol of a generation. Few can forget the scraps of paper scattered on the sidewalk with the symbols of the pyramid, where she, finally collapsed.

Or, for example, the boom with Herbalife, supposedly more rapid correction of shape and weight loss. Across the country, thousands of housewives went to her friends that they advertise this "panacea" and offer them also to participate in its dissemination. For each new distributor, the man who brought him were given a nice bonus, usually in the form of discounts or free packages Herbalife. The main trick was that the funds are the most banal Supplements - bioactive additive. And not a bit, by itself, to no avail.

By the way, sells dietary supplements under the guise of medicine for all diseases today. For example, most recently in the blogs there was a scandal: one user has told how his elderly mother offered to buy the cure for all ailments of old age almost twenty thousand rubles. Drugs with such a name was not in the formulary, and doctor friend told the man that does not cure it altogether, and the usual bio-additives. Neither harm nor benefit. This case has received wide publicity and bloggers have attacked the fraudulent company calls, paralyzing the work of the call center.

In the vastness of the network, the situation is more complicated and interesting. With the advent of services such as virtual wallets, and generators of payment cards, for lohotronschikov opened a whole fallow cornfield. Periodically, mailboxes or online pagers come reports that someone found on the net "magic" wallet where you want to send one dollar, and send your response to two. The letters urged people to hurry before the purse is not closed down and explain this zeal and activity of sending similar letters to their philanthropy: "I myself have almost amassed millions on this, why not share with the people"? Many such arguments seem to be sufficient to send one dollar to the account specified in the letter. And, oh, a miracle! In response really comes to two dollars. A man decides to send for three, waiting for an hour or two, in response to nothing comes, then comes the realization that his bamboozle.

ut this method is that in any town is a computer constantly connected to the Internet. A computer is a program that tracks money transfers, and thinks to answer them the same or not. Most often, the answer stops after two dollars. Meanwhile, the author of this idea to periodically engaged in advertising this way by using a spam-bots and leaving messages on the forums. All very simple.

Also there are very very interesting ways. On the Internet, periodically there is information about a certain program that scans your network for a variety of bonuses, gifts, etc. After scanning, the program tells the user how he managed to earn. To finally get to easily earn money, you need to thank the producer, listing it on the internet wallet just a few dollars. That's nothing compared with what you have earned. And the program says that you naskanirovala bonus dollars to 20.

Of course, these figures it gives an absolutely spontaneous, personal, and not scanning at all. But your money goes out of his pocket for real. Well, you cheated on some few dollars, but because of misguided daily catches at least a hundred.

More frequently in ICQ spam come asking for help to some terminally ill child. Money itself. The message should contain details that need to translate "what is not sorry." Here is a slightly different case, not to crush the desire to earn, and to pity. Naturally, many carry a certain amount and will not know whether there was actually a child.

Incidentally, that's not always such messages are a hoax. There have been cases when they are true, and indeed, many people who donate money, rescued patients.

To deceive the people on the internet, need more effort than to deceive them by mobile phone. Some come to mobile sms read: "I have problems as soon as possible put my money on this issue." Number, of course, unknown. People are thinking that is really on their boyfriend or girlfriend is something wrong, run and put the amount specified in the SMS to the number from which the message arrived. And then guess who is friends of friends have had problems and why they did not call.

Now many are probably already stuffed on edge and eyes namozolili numerous reports on TV channels, calling to send sms with the word, almost «kartofel» to number XXXX and get a prize, "cool picture", to participate in the lottery, get a ringtone or horoscope your dog. These posts on some MTV occupy 60 percent of the screen.

In principle, there is no deception. Yes, send horoscope and everything. But these most horoscopes are driven into the pre-program a set of phrases, each time randomly generated. The main target audience, of course, teenagers and children whose parents bought the phone to "in touch". And the naive child sends sms-ki numerous rooms, and then loses the phone for a month because squandered on this one thousand rubles earned by their parents. A company engaged in this, gets a net profit.

Not in vain in all commercials touting a similar content to the consumer to turn "you." More proof that it is aimed specifically at children and adolescents. And the same situation with the game show in which attractive young leads show viewers a photo of, say, Kirkorov and calls to send an SMS with the answer to the question "Who is he?" To a certain number. Guess promise from ten to fifteen thousand. And there comes a lull. Nobody, though, knows the answer. And in fact, several hundred young mobile phone owners earnestly nazvanivayut at the listed number, the call to which costs one dollar per minute.Dials and listen to the long intro, then wait until the program will check whether they were among the contenders for the top prize, and another ten minutes later they are told what not. Everything.

It is very unfortunate that people, while there is a saying that "free cheese is only in a mousetrap, still doubt its veracity. After all, there is a book about the adventures of Ostap Bender - a literary genius swindler. Judging by how much money has been earned at the naive people, too many have not read.

Gregory Tumanov


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