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Hanging on hooks - try on your own skin

April 24 2008

They say that actors and audience of the modern "theater of pain", where people are hung over the skin on the hook, move the different emotions. Some have a the courage, others simply "catch the adrenaline and pleasure hormones - endorphins, falling into a special trance. Still others are opening new horizons of their spiritual consciousness. Our reporter visited one of these theaters, and even himself took part in an unusual and painful show.

In the old days like the American Indians practiced. Ritual of hanging a live person on the pounded steel hooks under the skin had with the Redskins special significance. This was seen as a way to worship the gods and to communicate with spirits, endurance test, and even for the healing of certain diseases. Of particular notoriety gained a grueling multi-day ritual of initiation into hunters - O-Kee-pa - when the young Indian hung on hooks, passed through the skin on his chest for several days. Today we are probably hard to understand until the end that it was moved by the Indians in a particular case. But one way or another - a shocking habit is not gone forever. Once remembered about him creators of the popular film about Indians - and went we go ...

Frikovataya American youth, fans of tattoos and piercings, began to copy dangerous stunts, gradually creating the experience of the ancient whole "school" - as a pre-prepared for the ritual saspenshna (suspension).

This preliminary fasting and abstinence from alcohol, light meal just before - to avoid the low amount of sugar in the blood, which poses hanging and so on. Eat different kinds of doping before the procedure and is not recommended. Otherwise there will be a lot of blood, they say guys piercer as well - except that one or two streams.

On sanitation, freaks, too, do not forget - the question of ensuring sterility during the process is not the last. Hung, as a rule, people with medical education, workers tattoo parlors.

Someone "was on the hooks" for the sake of verification itself - to overcome the fear of pain most pain, who for the sake of shocking and gain credibility, and who because of the secret masochistic complexes.

Soon "saspenshn show" based on tattoos and body piercing salons emerged in Europe, Latin America and Australia. Several years ago, local experts on suspension, equipped with professional equipment, have appeared in Russia. They, of course - also a professional piercer.

Metropolitan "Theatre of Pain rents a small room in this chamber theater, which nestles in a labyrinth of alleys of the old city. There is present a small dressing room, dressing room, becoming at some time a kind of operating room, and a miniature hall of a five-dozen seats to the stage. At this time the hall was packed to capacity, and suspended from, among others, and our reporter, who decided for the sake of the readers to experience extreme sports in their own skin.

It turned out that saspenshn - procedure fee, costs 2000 rubles. Expensive, but, as explained piercer, the price for such a dubious pleasure consists of the high cost of equipment in general, and the needle to pierce the skin and do one-off made by special order. And secondly - a "dues" allows you to protect from the hunt to the adventures of inadequate personalities.

- We generally only "their" people's hangs tested, and a long talk with newcomers. Check - whether "inadequate" - Wink master. - There are no contraindications? Blood clot well? Nerves strong? Epilepsy, hypertension, diabetes?

irst than to agree, it is recommended horoshenechko think.

- Well, then let's begin. From the simple - "suicide", was taken to the master.

As it turned out, so despite the awful title, said the easiest way to hang - behind his back, recommended for "newbies". From the "zasaspenshenny" person really is a bit like gallows.

In general, the suspension can be divided into vertical (knees, chest, back) and horizontal - behind his back or belly up. First, pierce skin area thoroughly disinfected, then it marks the marker point - the point of entry and exit hooks. Reported side tightening the clamp and pierce the very same disposable needles, which are joint to joint sit down hook - all sterile gloves, do not have time to cry out "Oh ..."

Asked about the security measures the guys joked.

- Too late to drink "Borjomi" - the guys laughed. More dangerous skiing skate! Muscles and tendons we do not touch in any case - only the skin. Well, stay small lesions, such as pockmarks. Now the second hook drives, and all will be six. On two or even four in the first ever bolnovato hang!

However, after my back pierced all six hooks, the pain vanished - there was only a sense of discomfort, as if the body is pierced giant splinters. They sent me to "walk" - that the skin was used, but at the same time posobirat looks curious onlookers in the courtroom. In the "backstage" in the meantime already pierced the following sufferers, but actually to have begun hanging just over half an hour.

One, two - hook attached carabiners to a special beam on a rope - now climbing equipment and components! On the eve of risky stunt, I somewhere read that beginners will be supported by the elbows and was waiting for me will do. But it turned out - bummer. Our Moscow team is not accepted. Rope began to pull up, I avidly swallow air, without noticing it, as has already appeared on tiptoe. Consciousness flattered only one thought: "Hanging is not painful! It hurts only when a puncture and then a massage! "In any case - so to speak.

Where there - again deceived! ... Three or four - his toes off the floor and immediately - hryast - is part of the epidermis was separated from the muscles. At this moment, I nearly fainted!

-That's all, now let catch kicks! - I heard someone's voice. I heard a strange way, as if half asleep. Someone has dramatically pushed back and I started to sway. Dark Hall Chamber Theatre, surprised viewers - all seen through a mist, and the mind was filled with sheer euphoria, though on the eve on the recommendation of the preparations for saspenzhnu nothing "consumed".

Polet continued until he himself said - "Enough!" - About three minutes. Very nice, I'm told, for the beginner. And then there was another important, albeit not the most pleasant part of the procedure - removal of hooks and massage if you can call it that. Teeth on hand piercer from the team "podveshivalschikov" again in a sterile gloves tightly crumpled finger skin around the wounds, driving out the air. Such a procedure is necessary, otherwise the body can remain bruises, aching be strong and long, but it still gets what ever infection and will, God forbid, rot. Then we'll have to bear the operation - to cut the skin and wiping.

By the way - why not apply and no pain-in fact may simply "tie down" the skin and the air out of it and I will not drive.

Risky experiment ended with prosaically - to "operating" table in the dressing room.The air is expelled from beneath the skin, sores pasted over a band-aid, and fear of pain was overcome by the most pain. Wearing a shirt, I was again moved to the hall, but as a spectator, where watched the show who "was hung" was not the first time - a lap or two of a long beam on the type of swing: here it is important to comply with another condition that the partners were about the same weight. Looked at the girl who hung the first time and that on this occasion from the fear of cursing in foul.

And I was sitting in a state of relief - like a stone that fell from the soul, and thought - philosophizing: that today, on our streets is already possible to meet thousands and thousands of boys and girls with tattoos, with earrings, not only in the ears, but also in eyebrows, nose, cheeks, nostrils, lips, tongue, nipples, navel. Ten years ago such "extreme" puts into shock, but now grudgingly, society still digested this fashion and have got used to it. Well, except maybe the most mossy reactionaries.

Will it still and aesthetic bar for hanging fans, theater of pain? Will look at their actors and the audience, who call themselves the American style "freaks" as a natural part of his manifold? Predict the future - employment is very ungrateful, but I'd rather let them be such a game in pain than the pain and cruelty of the real thing.

Sergei Petrunin


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