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Harry Potter - a fairy tale for gays?

October 22 2007

JK Rowling, author of the famous series of books about Harry Potter, during a speech at New York's Carnegie Hall, told fans on the sensational details of the personal life of one of the main characters.

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It was about the headmaster of Hogwarts, where he studied the main character, Professor Dumbledore.
In response to a question from the audience was whether the professor is real love, Rowling replied in the affirmative and added: "Dumbledore - Gay."

After waiting a din of applause, whistling and cheering, the writer joked: "Should I were to give you a reason to talk about the next 10 years." As proof of a sudden it turns out the sexual orientation of characters, Rowling has a number of story fragments of the novel and talked about Dumbledore's unrequited love for Gellert Grindelwald magician with whom he had to eventually fight, killing him, because he joined the dark forces.

As a writer said to herself, that love became a tragedy for the director of Hogwarts. With this statement, Rowling is not only calmed the fans, among them a very long time maintained an intense debate on the orientation of Dumbledore, but as she confessed, stir among the many haters of the series of books about the young wizard.

Many Christian groups have long considered the Potter books promotion of Satanism and black magic. At the same time the UK has not arranged a demonstration to ban publication of the book, supposedly bad influence on children. Now to accusations of Satanism, the book ulichat also in promoting homosexuality. The fact that in Britain many members of the church with great prejudice to people of different sexual orientation and sharply condemn them. Probably now, when all the fans' forums are full of reports of readers about who else is out of character could be gay around the novel can be another moral scandal.

Ostensibly, Rowling was originally conceived to rank the character of sexual minorities, but really never show it on the pages of the novel. No direct links, just very, very broad hints. As she told a writer to talk about "non-standard" Dumbledore she had when she looked over the script of the sixth film based on his novel. In it, she found mention of a certain young lady, to which Dumbledore felt sympathy. It was then that she had to confess everything's director.

As she told a writer, she conceived the very series of Harry Potter in order to educate the children tolerance. Maybe it's just a competent PR, and may indeed, Rowling has built such ambitious plans, when I wrote the very first book of the series, to somehow make money. Either way, these remarks drew the attention of even the well-known in Britain, defender of gay rights, Peter Tatchell. Its very happy news about the gay hero Harry Potter and the fact that finally appeared in children's literature characters - gay. The only thing regrets Tatchell, so it is that the writer has not declared Dumbledore's sexual orientation more clearly.

In general, the allusions to homosexuality in the main characters of the novel critics began to look for a very long time. As it was, for example, the school Stonewall, where Potter had planned to learn before they went to Hogwarts. The fact is that just called and the activist group that fights for the rights of gays and lesbians.

This and many other outrageous statements compiled critic Michael Bronsky, saying that Harry Potter is, in essence, a description of personal experiences of a single gay man - Harry Potter. Supposedly pariah status in the home school and the constant pressure from his relatives are explained by the fact that Harry is gay. Incidentally, many gays actually reading Rowling's books, find some similarities inner feelings with her Harry. By the way, the novel about a young wizard and write articles not only about homosexuality, but also conduct research entirely different kind, just reading the novel between the lines. Such studies and research papers have already accumulated about 200. Among them there and work with a very wild names. For example, 'Comrade Potter: The Marxist reading of Harry Potter.

Now, after recent statements by Rowling, readers are very different began to take a lot of facts from the previous books in the series, reviewing it all, from beginning to end, endowed with a new perspective. Now a new episode will appear with the removal from office of the Director of Dumbledore in the second book of the series, as well as many other.

Generally, the topic of homosexuality among the heroes of Harry Potter for a long time is not new to the internet, where there are entire sites dedicated to sleshevym fanfic based on the novel. Sleshevye fanfics (from the English. Fan fiction) are the stories written in explanation of some popular books, video games or movies, often with a strong homoerotic nature. Fans have long tried the most incredible combination of a love triangle, quadrangle and a diamond among the heroes of Harry Potter. The most popular character, of course, is Harry himself and his chief rival, Draco Malfoy. However, recent revelations Dambldorf was not in last place in popularity. JK Rowling, with great disgust and disapproval relates to such manifestations of interest in her novel, but it does not stop fans who have been almost from the first book, scribbling sometimes completely wild erotic stories almost from the day of release the very first book of the series. Of course, the Potter wrote not only erotic fanfiction, but the detective or thriller genre. While the latest Harry Potter book, and so difficult to blame the lack of the elements of suspense.

Gregory Tumanov


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