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Transgenes occur

August 22 2007

From 1 July 2000 in Russia, the letters must label all GM products where the percentage of genetically modified ingredients reaches at least 1%. Personally I have never seen the markings. But the products still on sale, so for many the question of "how to treat this" remains an open question.

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Transgenic (trans - «a», genos - «race") products are stored for longer, larger than their counterparts, affordable.

Opinion "for"

Do scientists on fears of transgenes is a simple answer: that's no longer an age of a person eats the fish eggs, chicken eggs - clean the hereditary material of other species, but to date no one has not grown any fins or wings. Eat a transgenic product is not enough to genes present in it, entered the human cell, "pushed" master genes, and among them have taken their own place. This requires complex genetic engineering operation that does not happen by itself in nature.

One of the advantages of transgenic products is that they are protected from weeds and pests, which means that they do not need to fertilize and spray pesticides.

Humanity, genetic engineering can donate food with unprecedented properties. For example, sunflower and corn oil which will not contain the "bad" cholesterol and saturated fats. Already, in genetically modified potatoes more starch and less water. During frying owner will spend less oil, so less cholesterol and calories.

Transgenic foods may in the future to press and traditional medicines. Various vaccines and antibiotics to replace a piece of lettuce or a "miracle" of the apple.

Opinion "against"

If everything is so wonderful, then why is "green" sounding the alarm, and European countries require that the packaging of products from the USA (America's cult of genetically modified foods), it was stated they were transgenic or normal. The problem is that the long-term consequences of introducing transgenic crops are not yet fully been studied.

Causes concern and the "theory of the Trojan gene": the transgenic plants and animals eventually degenerate. Hereditary unit may suffer when introducing a foreign gene, but certainly not immediately, but after a few generations. The organism will not be able to give offspring. Therefore, once a man who believed in "transgenic miracle" sow the seeds, but seedlings did not wait.

The next danger is the stability of pathogens to antibiotics. This can happen if the fields will dominate the plants that are transplanted "antimicrobial" genes. Microorganisms into contact with them, can "fly into a rage." It is possible that a man smite outbreak of unknown diseases. There is also a danger of "superweeds" and "supervrediteley" non-sensitive to chemicals.

Allergy sufferers may be in a bad position. For example, someone can not tolerate milk. He buys the beets and eat it, not knowing that it is genetically modified by gene milk. In an accident could begin an attack of allergy. Allergy sufferers, at best, will be forced to look on the labels of future products lists of their ingredients.

chenye - opponents of the transgene - offer a moratorium on growing genetically modified plants for 50 years. But most likely, will not succeed. Nothing was able to stop the spread of transgenic products.

Tatiana Trushkova


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