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We will never forget this day

June 22 2007

Germany and its allies on June 22 attacked the USSR. The victory was for us, but it was preceded by 4 years of hard struggle. The fighting stretched on so long because the first stage of fighting the Soviet army was defeated. According to historian Kirill Alexandrov, in many respects this was due to fluctuations in much of the personnel of the Red Army. Less than six months in captivity were more than three million soldiers and officers, and the front has come to Moscow. In early 1942, Stalin's leadership began separate negotiations with Hitler to the world. True, the incense from 1939-41 he wins. so turned the head of the Fuhrer, he refused such offers.

What's the matter, and why the Red Army, Beat the Chinese in 1929 and samurai at Khalkhin Gol in 1939, he suddenly was unable to resist the onslaught of smaller German army?

At one time there were many forests in the publication of translated books, which claimed the numerical and technical superiority of German technology, the surprise attack on the role of repression 1937-38., Were killed in a talented chain of command, the rate on the cavalry, that German army, having conquered all of Europe, was a great experience, etc.

Numerical and technical superiority of Germans - a moot point. For example, if you take the tanks, only the numerically superior German Red Army on them 5 times. If you look at the quality, then the Soviet tanks were inferior in optics that compensated for the best book, and often capacity tank shells. In the Soviet army at that time was about one and a half thousand new models of tanks such as the legendary T-34 and severe HF. Anything like when the German army, and not dreaming. In fact, the first samples of heavy tanks appeared with her in late 1942, and en masse they began to produce until 1943.

Hitler's attack also was not sudden. Beginning in 1941, Stalin was continuously reported, ranging from the legendary spy Sorge to simple border, the concentration near the border with the Soviet Union strike forces and the imminent start of war.

If you take the horse part, they did not prevail numerically in the total mass of the Soviet armed forces. In addition, a significant part of the German forces unit, who disclosed in Soviet references, were troops of the satellite countries, fighting ability which left much to be desired: the Romanians, Italians, Hungarians and others

Whatever it was, and the defeat of the Soviet army was crushing. If within 3 years of World War I imperial Russian army surrendered only Poland and some Baltic states, then for some six months, the Soviet troops left the whole Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and a considerable part of Russian territory directly. In doing so, the German generals, members of the two world wars, show that the level of training in 1914, the German army was on the order of magnitude higher in comparison with what it had in 1941. So what's the deal?

Someone tried to explain this "absence of a second front," etc. However, in fact, the second front has existed since the attack on Poland in 1939, and by the time the Soviet Union's invasion of much of the strength of Germany was engaged against the same in England.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that during the entire period of 1914-17 years. in the Austro-vegersky, German, Bulgarian and Turkish prisoners were 2,5 million Russian soldiers and six months in 1941 - almost half as much. The reason is largely composed of poor morale of Soviet troops. The fact that many of the prisoners actually gave up on purpose, for example, as did the regiment Kononov, one of the leaders of the anti-Soviet Cossack units. This fact is proved by the fact that in the various militias that fought on the German side fought about 1,6 millionman, ex-Soviet citizens. It's not just the Cossack units Krasnov, skins and Domanov, as well as a well-known Vlasov's Russian Liberation Army, but the SS, the national formation, Turkic and Caucasian legions, auxiliaries of the German army "Jivi" etc.

What is the reason so unpatriotic, it would seem behavior? On this subject, "NewsInfo" gave an interview to a famous historian of the Second World War, Kirill Alexandrov. He said: "The physical destruction of national intellectual, military and economic elites on social grounds, and the Cossacks which dispossession, forced collectivization, and followed it an artificial famine of 1932-33 (Holodomor), a perennial terrorizing the population, household poverty and the creation of a system of forced labor in the state level led to an aggravation of relations between the government and the public. In the minds of a large part of society rooted sharp critic of Stalin's social and political system in all its diversity - of life, working conditions, constant fear of possible reprisals, the omnipotence of the party and administrative nomenklatura and the NKVD. In many cases such an instinctive rejection of the system reinforces the feeling of personal revenge for the suffering experienced by the bereaved, the destruction of habitual lifestyle, an all-out propaganda lies and the downfall of the romantic illusions of the revolutionary period. Therefore, surrender, and often the continued participation of former Soviet troops in the anti-Soviet formations should be considered independently , a spontaneous protest against the policies of the society of the Soviet state, exacerbated by the autocratic regime of Joseph Stalin. "

Thus, one of the main reasons for the defeat of the Soviet army at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War - rejection of large parts of the rule of the Communist Party. However, there is another important point: all are captured Stalin declared traitors, and that the Soviet leadership had not signed the Geneva Convention, because of which millions of prisoners dying in concentration camps from starvation, while even the U.S. captives negros receive generous food parcels, including meat and chocolate. Thus, writing in the anti-Soviet formation was often a manifestation of revenge toward the regime has announced millions of prisoners of war criminals and even the simple desire to save their own lives.

But nevertheless, we won. First, the cost of enormous bloody efforts of the peoples inhabiting the Soviet Union. Most of the difficulty for the country's hour has forgotten their resentment toward the Soviet regime and acted as a defense in the first place is not the regime, and their own country. This is exactly the high feat zamordovannyh endless repression of the Soviet peoples, who at a crucial moment in history, failed to stop the previously unbeaten foe.

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