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One-armed bandits are challenged: who would win in a fight?

June 22 2006

Gambling or Gamblers (from the Latin word ludus - the game) - the pathological craving for gambling made to the International Classification of Diseases section of mental illness. Specialists from the National Addiction Research Centre Health Ministry of Russia claim that is treated with a mental disorder is more difficult than the alcoholism and drug addiction and its social consequences can be even more disastrous.

According to statistics, only in Moscow gambling affects more than 300 thousand people. In some schools around the country to 80 percent of students seriously "addicted" to gambling. gambling epidemic has reached unprecedented proportions , has been a victim every 20-th inhabitant of Russia. It seems the first who decided to quit gambling a serious challenge to become doctors. At the Center for them. Serbian special group that deals exclusively with the problems of gambling addiction. The group has already asked about 500 people. In the future allocation of commands into a separate branch

According to the director of the State Research Centre for Social and Forensic Psychiatry named after VP Serbian Academician Tatyana Dmitrieva in psychiatric practice have met people who get rid of drug addiction and have become gamers. These people believe that the urge to play much harder, and get rid of it was more difficult than from drugs.

According to scientists, the risk of becoming addicted to gaming is not dependent on the health, social and biological parameters. Rather, the decisive factor is the character and temperament. True, the researchers note how often retirees descend from vending machines last money. When losing, under any pretext, lay down in the hospital to ensure their livelihood until the next pension, then go back to the gambling hall.

But that said MD, Professor Fr Anatoly (bark), head Dushepopechitelskogo center of St. John of Kronstadt, Moscow Patriarchate, where more than two years to help those who suffer from various kinds of dependencies, including gambling: "When gambler starts to play, he has a conditioned reflex to the flashing buttons, flashing numbers, or other images on the screen machine at syplyuschiesya money. In the end, in the cerebral cortex produced severe pathological dominant, which makes the person dependent. He becomes a slave to his passion who are learning of his mind totally and fatally. But at the same time the excitement - this expression of spirituality. There is much defines the social environment, man's relation to life and life itself. In modern times, when societies are practically no constraints on the start and the man departs from God, his moral values are changing. As Dostoevsky said, "without God anything is possible." Therefore became possible and roughly shown by passion, not restrained by any moral control. "

How to get rid of gambling? According to experts, it is best to apply to a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Either in person or by phone, anonymously. Quite often, in severe cases require comprehensive treatment - as psychotherapy, and the application of special preparations. Detachment from the game does not always help. According to statistics, after six months of "excommunication" is no longer to play only a third or a quarter of patients.

Cases of self-deliverance from the destructive passions are known, but they are as rare as in the case of alcoholism, and slightly more frequent than in the case of addiction.

Constantine Woodpeckers

Materials: and "Novye Izvestiya"

Константин Дятлов

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