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What we know about Rozanov?

May 22 2006

These days Russia marks anniversary of V. Rozanov (1856-1919), who, according to many philosophers, along with D. Andreev, Leont'ev, and VA Soloviev is among the most outstanding national thinkers and writers. So whether it is - a subjective matter, but almost everyone agrees is usually in one: Rozanov - quite an original philosopher, and his books written in simple easily understood language, with no tendency to moralizing and nurture. We give an example, several statements of this writer.

"Our parliament is not a political phenomenon, but simply a club official at the government table of contents.

No man is worthy of praise. Every person is worthy only of pity.

I came into the world to see, and did not commit.

Love - it means "can not live without you," "it's hard without you," "boring everywhere where you do not."

Love is like a thirst. It is zhazhdanie soul body that is the soul, is the way a manifestation of the body). Love always to what "is particularly lacking in me," thirsty.

Marriage is like a lock and duck: if a bit does not fit - you can just quit. "Can not unlock", "can not lock up," preserve the property can have. " Just throw (the dissolution of marriage, divorce). But Russian terribly fond protect property locks to which only the charge of bow. "The thief will not guess and do not touch." And bliss.

With the children, and bitter sweet. Without children, and happiness does not need to .. . "

It is interesting that such contemporaries Rozanova, as Gorky and D. Merezhkovsky one voice celebrated not only literary identity, but even the genius of this writer. He managed to write a number of controversial works, for which some admired him while others hate it. Its fate was quite dramatic, and many of his views provoked condemnation from church and government. Some of his works have been censored. But in recent years of his life even expelled from the Philosophical Society, in which the writer was. Life of the philosopher was broken in Sergiev Posad, where he had to escape from poverty and hunger, he moved after the Revolution. That's when he wrote his last book soybeans, filled with tragedy and pain - "Apocalypse of our time."

However, not everyone was so hopeless and sad. Author of the study "The Understanding" (1886), "The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor" (1891), "Twilight of Enlightenment (1899)," The Family Question in Russia "(1903)," Around the church walls "(1906)," The Dark face . Metaphysics of Christianity "(1911) during his lifetime has been universally recognized after the publication of the book's unique genre of" Solitary "(1912) and its sequel," Autumn Leaves "(Box first, 1913; Box Two, 1915).

House writer in St. Petersburg for many years served as a meeting place for representatives of different generations of Russian philosophical and artistic thought. Often in his office were almost unique in Europe talks, which have no analogues on the identity and ardor so.

State Literature Museum has the third part of the following manuscripts Rozanov, as well as a large number of documents and photographs from family archives of the writer. These artifacts appeared due to the daughter of the writer T. Rosanova, materials donated to the museum in 1950-60-ies. It so happens that only in the last decade, these are of considerable historical value documents began to use the attention of researchers.

However, despite the fact that the materials from the fund Rozanov has repeatedly printed in various editions, many of them are still not known to the public.Exhibition of the State Literary Museum, to some extent fill this gap. Exposure on 90% of the memorial items that have passed through the hands of Rozanov. Rare photos of the writer and his entourage, autographs, memorial casket in which Rozanov stored tobacco, his first book of understanding "signed by the author of his former pupil MM Prishvin - only part of the exhibits. Connoisseurs of the writer's work will see the second "basket" of leaves ", presented by the author K. Chukovsky and genuine rarity: the book VSSoloveva" Justification of the Good "with an inscription VV Rozanov. Most of the materials on display for the first time.

The exhibition will be held in Naryshkinskaya wards High-Petrovsky monastery until June 17.

Natalia Filippovich


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