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Moscow is the capital rude: how to deal with rudeness

July 21 2006

The Moscow authorities allocate 700 million rubles for "a positive image" of the capital in the world. Program for improving Moscow and its image was taken last Tuesday. Hang on spending have forced these rating agencies that gave Moscow not only that the most expensive, but the most churlish of megacities in the world.

Rating Moscow joined the top ten toughest cities on the planet. In order to remedy the situation will be a large-scale public relations campaign, both in Russia and abroad.

Rating polite cities in the world, was a famous American magazine Reader's Digest. During the year, most mega-cities of the planet carefully studied by experts known publications. Specialists with the help of various test checks the degree of politeness local and visiting residents.

Agents RD watched and recorded, observe whether the townspeople door, the next person walking and help it collect the scattered papers on the street, vendors say whether the "thank you", etc.

The most polite people, as it turned out to live in New York, Zurich and Toronto, but the incorrigible boors living in Bombay, Bucharest, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow.

The famous Russian sociologist Yuri Levada commented on the situation:

"According to our research, people are often rude. The current generation of our citizens living in unstable social and financial contexts and, accordingly, has a high level of stress and anxiety due to the notorious lack of confidence in the future. Rudeness is a way to hide in the torn world assert themselves in society. "

Places boorishness diverse, this court, in public facilities, transport and highways.

The most brazen categories of the population are adolescents, vendors, drivers, officials, doctors and retirees.

Causes of mass vulgarity researchers found in our past. Hiding their emotions (when feelings do not find out), people have formed an internal pressure, gradually developing into aggression.

"Culture and communication education in Russia is generally very force - tells PhD, a psychologist John Dubeikovskii. - The child is under constant pressure from adults, deterrence, punishment - the main weapon of the Soviet and post-Soviet education in many ways. To get rid of these vestiges of Soviet stereotypes can is only when the five will be replaced by - seven generations. "

For adolescent rudeness is experimental, evaluative. In adolescence, clarifies the boundaries of what is permitted, rudeness is an experiment, and responses to the aggressive world. A teenager in a natural way to defend its territory and their identity against the encroachments of seniors.

Rudeness discourages sellers up to 70% of customers, but to fight this very hard. Fines, penalties and reprimands from his superiors, often absolutely no influence on the further way of communicating sellers with buyers.

On motorways, the city take out all the aggression, particularly unsatisfied men. Some parked cars on the roadway, paralyzing traffic, others do not give priority to pedestrians and ride in the red, about constantly in the air swearing and obscene gestures, and no need to talk ..

Rudeness in the Soviet Union and tsarist Russia had always been a means of demonstrating its worker-peasant origin and lack of culture of education.

In many respects this is due to rudeness and elderly people who arrived in the capital after the Great Patriotic War, from the towns and villages, without any idea of the culture of education in times of chaos and hunger.

siholog Ilya Lavrinov, believes that rudeness older people due to inner conflict.

"Rudeness provokes the elderly age-related changes in their character, - he says. - If the process proceeds frustration in a constructive manner, then people can make some logical conclusions, correct view of themselves and others, to be tolerant. But often the process is a destructive way, hence there are anger, aggression, boorish behavior, and, above all, towards a more successful peers and youth, which all ahead.

The best way to combat rudeness, this is ignoring the lout. Ham dreams that it drew attention, to put yourself above others, to show its relevance. Reshin to combat rudeness of young people explaining the reasons for your comments. The store should require complaints book and write head, etc.

Details of death of Philip Kirkorov

The origin of the term "rudeness" originates from the Bible. When the old man Noah drank fermented grape juice, he got drunk and fell asleep on the floor naked. His son Ham saw his father in a way, he laughed and called his brothers. The brothers did not appreciate the joke, and covered their sleeping clothes. When Noah came to his senses and heard the story of his sons, then cursed the "cads offspring.

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Author: Alex Vitvitskiy


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