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While the older generation argues, the young artists 'light' grants

November 20 2007

Tuesday, November 20 at the House of Journalists was launched short-list of nominees of independent literary award "Debut". In this connection, a round table devoted to the development of young Russian literature.

Gathered round table of the older generation of contemporary literature, in combination debyutovskogo committee, communicated to applicants to win in various categories, began to discuss the situation in the field of modern Russian literature.

It turned out that the literature would seem a separate world, cut off from the world of this, on the contrary, very much intertwined in it. Well, yes, literature is a mirror of the people itself. Gentlemen assessors somehow endlessly mentioned the upcoming election, saying that the people de deigned to get nervous and it is therefore in the Russian literature is now so uncertain.

If we are to continue to cling to and sarcastic, it seems that all the previous elections benefactors book shelves opuses Robsky quintessential trash from Sorokin and others. But back to the point. A principal was the same as the thesis that "young everywhere we have the road." And in sports, economy, and in nanotechnology, in fact, in literature too. Deliberative, among whom was Daniel Davydov, he recently wore the title of youngest member of the Russian literature, noted that the selected works to the contest was inhumanly difficult. Due to the fact that young writers all entirely talented, and tastes they have, in principle, different.

The Organizing Committee also recalled in February last year, when Vladimir Putin met with the winners of its debut. Then they talked about the need to revive Russian literature as a fact, but at the same time to do and popularization of the Russian language. Young people called on the President to renew the culture of printing in the country to fill gaps in the minds of modern readers. Most of them know about updates in the field of foreign literature, knows (someone just suspects) on the existence of classics, including the Soviet period, but here is a modern Russian literature, in fact, passes them. A modern authors have either written for a narrow circle of persons, issuing their own money or publishing on the Internet. The challenges facing young literature are, first and foremost, economic rationales. Write to either "all", creating commercial projects, or by government order, as he said at the February meeting, Vladimir Putin.

Then the word "state order" to the soul hurt the older generation of writers. Actually, the attitude towards him has changed and now for the Roundtable. But the situation has changed itself from a young literature. At a roundtable reported posed the Initiative Group for the association of young writers in Russia informelles commonwealth "New writers of Russia." The Group will consist of approximately 300 people, which will include only the young writers. Now, in theory, will be formed an open system of social grants. Young writers themselves will conduct their business, not looking at the "old men" to give financial support in publishing their own books, place orders for their publication in the leading Russian publishing houses, promoting them to the reader, as well as organizing workshops and the organization of literary festivals.

In this connection, was printed in a kind of manifesto, which would be sent "upstairs". However, creative audience response was very, very strange. Instead of discussing all possible details of the project, to get a grasp of it, sensitive to the style of writers started to find fault him for his "official" and pick the watchful eye of a variety of editorial style inaccuracies. Organizing Committee Chairman, Mr. Fur, listened hopelessly disgruntled colleagues who meticulously poked his fingers in those or other words and inquired "what it means:" as our mission to bring the literature of the cult of positivity? ".After no one's remarks to the address of this most "cult" including "Thank God, though not the cult of personality", trapping invited "to spend another year on the editing of the text, but for now sit just so." As a result, began to sound relatively sensible thoughts about the fact that relative to state-run style of the document due to the fact that its main task is to convey the requirements of letters to officials in the usual language for them. Here's the main problem disappeared. Officials and writers truly communicate in different languages. If one requires a dry text, others can not conceive of its existence, without metaphors, hyperbole, etc.

In principle, the idea is sound. More than. Rejoice that the stands of bookstores stretch lies sanaevskaya book "Bury Me Under the Plinth", holding the onslaught of books by Dan Brown and popular women's novels have taken seriously. Market for modern literature really need young Russian author who, judging by what issues they discussed with the president, know themselves how to act. That is why the initiative group will deal exclusively with them. All they had, it turns out, need is funding. That the book is not gathering dust in specialty stores in the Cafe, OG, and lay in all the bookstores in the bulge at the seams from other books of young writers, the shelf "modern Russian literature."

However, parliamentary, and continued to criticize the style of the text, without attempting to delve into the essence of open perspectives. Would be a shame if because of the stylistic flair of the older generation younger have stalled.

Gregory Tumanov


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