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"Honor killings" in Turkish

October 17 2011

"Honor killings" in Turkish. 19995.jpeg The first graffiti depicting a handsome young man with kind eyes appeared on the walls of the old part of Istanbul three years ago. Now his portrait with the slogan "Ahmed - a member of my family" has appeared in many countries around the world, and in Istanbul is on almost every wall. What are famous Turkish guy? His own father had killed him for what he is - gay.

Ahmed's father, Yahya Yildiz, also in a sense - a hero: he was too lazy to overcome a thousand miles from Şanliurfa, conservative town of stone houses and ancient relics to Istanbul to kill his son. July 15, 2008 Ahmed killed the one who gave birth to the father of a young man released the five bullets.

This murder was the first (at least according to official figures), perfect for the sake of family honor, which has grown son is gay. And now, three years later, the police continue to turn a blind eye to such crimes, giving a red light, through inaction, family honor and offered themselves willingly among the supporters of lynching.

Honor killings - the usual story of the Middle East, where thousands of women and girls were victims of this "cleansing" ritual. But increasingly the targets of self-appointed judges are representatives of the LGBT community (from the British LGBT - The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community). Unsurprisingly, given the fact that the official position regarding homosexuality in Turkey is that it considered a disease.

Statistics on such crimes is difficult to collect. Human rights activists say such murders often hide their families, and the police preferred not to investigate these cases. Murder of Ahmed was one of the few cases that have received the widest publicity, so law enforcement could not pull it on the brakes - in September 2009, Yahya has been charged in absentia in the purchase of firearms and ammunition without a license and willful killing of a relative. At that was it.

Now attention is focused on the LGBT activists to the new PE - October 7, 27-year Fevzi Cetin surrendered to police after the murder of his brother, 24-year-old Ramadan Çetin. In contrast to the family Yildiz, which still does not accept responsibility for the death of Ahmed, Fevzi said bluntly: "I killed my brother because he was a transvestite. I defended its honor."

The human rights situation today is a major stumbling block to Turkey's accession to the EU. Defenders of Human Rights Watch regularly break out critical of the authorities, who do nothing to protect its citizens from discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. However, the government continues to pass these comments on deaf ears. But officials involved in family affairs and social policy, steadfastly refuse to be interviewed under the pretext of "busy schedule".

In June this year in Turkey took an unprecedented action for a Muslim country - the gay pride parade. Among the thousands of young men in brightly colored clothes, waving rainbow flags, you may have noticed a middle-aged portly man with sad eyes. This 46-year-old Ibrahim Jan, with whom Ahmed was in a relationship.

"My lover was killed because he was gay. I have been fighting for their rights, for justice. His father is in hiding, and authorities do nothing to punish the murderer" - complains Ibrahim. 26-year-old graduate student Ahmet just left the apartment for ice cream and decided to rest from the study of physics, when his father caught. All this happened in front of Jana - he watched from the window of Ahmet.

ince to get justice from the authorities despaired of Ibrahim, he founded the movement for gay rights. From across the country began to come to him a letter pleading for help - too many gay people are faced with humiliation, physical abuse and murder their partners for reasons of honor. Now the movement is booming, despite the atmosphere of fear and isolation used to reign in Turkey.

"A lot of men and women killed by their relatives, but no one asks about them - Jung said. - Because the perpetrators - members of the same family. Homophobic authorities do nothing to disclose these crimes."

A report published by Amnesty International this year, said that the police had little or no investigation into Ahmed, despite a lot of evidence and eyewitness accounts. When the police nevertheless gathered to take Yildiz, Sr. under arrest, he had to flee the country upel. According to the records of his telephone conversations, most likely, he is now in Iraqi Kurdistan.

In July 2008, just days before the murder of his son, Yahya took the car with his business partner, Orhan Aymeleka. When Yahya returned Orhan car, he found four empty the machine shop out of ammo, which can Yahya explained that "went hunting." Police later found his mobile phone at the scene.

Ummuhan gifts, 40-year-old owner of the cafe, located in the same house where he lived Ahmed, recalls the day of his death: "I was sitting at the cafe and chatted with relatives when she heard gunshots. I looked around and noticed a black car, but never saw the gunman" . A second later, felt a sharp pain Ummuhan in the leg - one of the bullets hit her in the heel.

Many local residents witnessed the killing, said the gifts, but almost all of them are afraid to stick out. Sacrament agreed to appear in the proceedings as a victim, but right after that her cafe is literally riddled with bullets. Ummuhan considers this a warning. "The state does not protect us," - she complains.

"Ahmed was a quiet inoffensive boy - says the owner of the cafe was killed. - I am very sorry that he died. I do not accept homosexuality, because I believe in God, but no one has the right to kill a man just because he's gay."

Unlike the majority of Turkish gays, Ahmed did not hide their orientation. He wrote articles for the magazine, published by the Organisation for gay rights, was an activist geyskoy subculture - fans of "bears" brutal hairy macho - and even represented Turkey at a gay convention in San Francisco. "We wanted to get married in Germany - says Gian. - In Turkey, being gay is dangerous."

I confess all my family Ahmet decided in October 2007, although Ibrahim persuaded him not to do so. "His father was shocked - Jan recalls. - For a while the family was silent, but then, recovering, Ahmed began to put pressure on him to go for treatment, and began to plan the wedding son."

Ahmed, meanwhile himself increasingly alienated from his close-knit and prosperous family. In his articles published in a magazine for "bear", he wrote: "For the past eight months, I have not seen my family. I was expecting that they will accept the situation. But this did not happen. Their beliefs, perceptions of honor and tradition gave rise to them fears that have prevented them from discussing even in my thoughts. "

A close relative of Ahmed, who requested anonymity, said that the father and mother, the young man threatened him and did everything possible to bring his son to "normal" life: "My father was very fond of their children. I do not believe that the family really wanted to kill him - they only wanted to scare him. " When the family learned of the murder, everyone was in a rage: they could not understand how Yahya was able to kill his son, the relative added.

"They say that in Istanbul there is a doctor.Come father, and together we'll go to him. And I will be cured. They think that homosexuality - is a disease "- as Ahmed described his plans for the near future rostvennikov. When the young man refused to be treated, in a family scandal. According to Jana, Ahmed threatened with death if he did not seem the doctor.

In November 2007, Ahmed Ibrahim were forced to go to the police with a complaint against constant threats from the family Yildiz and the request to provide them with protection. It later emerged that the complaint was transferred to another department, where she lay on the table.

After the assassination of Ahmed held a week before his relatives took the body from the morgue. He was buried quickly. Family members at the ceremony was not. That same relative stresses that the family did not have thrown the body to fend for themselves - this is what usually happens when they kill for the sake of family honor. Yahia, she says, was no longer in the country, all the rest could not get to the morgue. Finally, this caused my uncle, but the road to Istanbul took him some time.

Although the killing of Ahmet and attracted the attention of the world to the problems of the LGBT community in Turkey, activists continue to obtain information literally bit by bit. "We're trying to consider all cases of complaints of discrimination, - says the 25-year-old Nevin Oztop, spokesman and editor of Community Kaos GL, one of the first organizations in Turkey to protect the rights of gays. - Complaints bit - people are afraid to look humiliated. We There is no statistics on how family members of sexual minorities perceive them. "

With the help of other human rights organizations Kaos GL had got information about 16 murders of gay men and transgender people in Turkey in 2010. However, these crimes, according to Oztopa - only a small proportion of those that have remained "unaccounted for". From the standpoint of social morality and cultural traditions of Turkish homosexuality - is in itself a crime, and that is why advocates of the LGBT community so difficult to trace those responsible and bring the matter to court.

Andrew Gardner, the lead researcher on Amnesty International, tells the story of a transsexual Irmak, who was born in Diyarbakir. After the recognition of Irmak that he feels like a woman, a young man always has been battered by her brother. Irma left home and now earns a living as prostitutes, transsexuals as difficult to find a normal job.

For three years, the murder of Ahmed does not move forward. September 15 has been assigned a new judge, who ordered the police to issue an international warrant for the arrest of Yahya Yildiz. The real attempts to catch him, no one has made, Firat said Zoilo, a human rights lawyer. As explained by Deputy Chief of Istanbul Police Department, in the case of Ahmed identity of the murderer is known, but nothing to be done, as the suspect fled the country.

The situation is complicated by the fact that to achieve cooperation from the other side is extremely difficult. Northern Iraq is now, according to Gardner, in a state of terror, and to whom it should be obliged to transfer into the hands of the Turkish justice the murderer is still unclear. Yildiz, a senior can easily stay in Iraq for several years. "The longer it dragged on, the more we are convinced that the authorities' response to violence against members of the LGBT community does not meet international standards," - says Gardner.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, who never in his speeches did not mention homosexuality. It looks like his style - generally avoid the topic. Minister of State for Family Affairs in Turkey Selma Kavaf Alie, in contrast, is expressed very clearly: "Homosexuality - a biological dysfunction that need to be treated" - she said, in March 2010.Later Kavaf included homosexuality (along with incest) to the list of diseases that threaten society.

"In spite of inciting hatred against homosexuals by the state, the situation I am encouraged, - said Oztop. - LGBT movement is becoming increasingly apparent. First, we ignore it, then do harm, and then recognize."

Interestingly, of all the Turkish Kurdish parties, only the BJP party (Party for Democracy and Peace) recognizes that the law should be equal for all, regardless of sexual preference, although this party is considered to be very conservative. "It's in their souls - to combat all forms of oppression - explains Oztop. - And they do it, despite the interests of their target group."

Feeling kind of no support, LGBT activists are trying to achieve inclusion into the Constitution provisions on protection against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. True, in January 2011, the phrase "sexual orientation" were still excluded from the draft of the proposed law to combat discrimination.

Now the court expects the execution of international arrest warrants Yahya Yildiz. A new session is scheduled for January 27, 2012. Relative Ahmed said that to her knowledge, police have not progressed in its investigation: "They do not care. They say that they listen to his phone calls - so why can not they find him? Authorities do not want to arrest Yildiz, because They know that if they arrest the murderer homosexual, it will give the rest of the gays more rights and opportunities to assert their rights. "

Ibrahim Jan meanwhile returned to Cologne, where he lives with arrivals in 1979 and operates a travel agent. Jahn remembers Ahmet otgovorival frank with the parents, "I said to him: Ahmed, they do not need to know everything. But he wanted to tell her parents the whole truth, and thought that they should be the first to know about his feelings. Since then he constantly threatened, and eventually killed right before my eyes. "

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