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Why do men disappear?

September 17 2009

12602.jpeg Your novel is in full swing, and suddenly ... fan evaporates in an unknown direction. Stops ringing, answering emails and SMS-ki, invite you to the interview, off the mobile phone, and if you do manage to contact him, dryly refers to the employment ... What happened, in fact, it would seem, everything is so perfectly evolved? Let's try to analyze the situation.

If after the first meeting of a man no longer shows interest to us, we, as a rule, are not particularly upset, because the relationship has not developed ... Quite predictable and care of our partner as a result of spoiled relations.

But if you feel that you have complete harmony in the relationship, it is the "disappearance" had significant stress. Meanwhile, the reasons for such behavior of men can be quite different, and in some cases, you can avoid the tragedy of separation.

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So, for whatever reasons as men tend to abruptly terminate the relationship at the peak?

1. He has another.

It is not necessarily an inveterate womanizer, he might just have the woman he loves for real, but for some reason they can not be together. Trying to build a relationship with you, man sincerely hopes that he will be able to forget the old love ... but it does not work. Either he has a hope for reciprocity from the beloved, and naturally you become uninteresting to him.

What should I do? Before you enter into a relationship, ask him about the previous novels. If it becomes evident that man is not free from their former relationship, it is necessary to speak frankly with him, or even abandon the novel, so you do not hurt.

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2. Your man - professional "hunter" for female.

Novels - this is the meaning of his life. He cares and is working beautifully you, and when the goal is achieved, is looking for new prey. These men generally believe that simply can not find the right woman, but in fact they are just arranged.

What to do: if a man claims that, despite numerous searches still do not meet that, "single", is an occasion to guard. Perhaps, you should immediately adjust themselves that the relationship will not be durable.

3. A man is not ready for a serious relationship.

Relationship - this is a responsibility and a man is not sure whether they want to take it on themselves. After all, he will have to change the habitual way of life, be considered not only with her but also to your interests. Either he is not sure that whether you are a woman that he needs.

What to do: while the relationship is still developing, do not show a man that he is now on your property, not to speak about marriage and children, let's not open to understand that you are on a serious novel. Just show a man that he is interested in you. And then let him decide for himself.

4. You are too quick to agree to sex.

12603.jpeg Most men do not miss an opportunity to have sex, but not everyone will then develop a relationship.Many men think that a woman who easily falls into bed available. So, for a serious relationship she will not do.

What should I do? How would a man you either liked him, do not try to put him to bed after one or even the first few dates! Go for it, when the relationship will get stronger. If the man himself takes perseverance, think: maybe he needs from you, just sex and nothing more?

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5. You are discouraged man.

You think that you've met the man of her dreams, and you do not try to hide it from the men. You unwittingly inspires him thought that he was obliged to make you happy. A man is not sure whether he can match your ambitions.

Bob Grant in his book "How to return a man and keep him," writes: "It is possible that a man would make attempts to bring happiness to the woman and will try very hard to be her" emotional contributor, no matter how hard it was to him. But sooner or later he's tired or can not, or refuses to guess the desires of his mysterious companion. The only way out of this difficult situation for men - leave the relationship. "

What should I do? "The greatest gift which only a woman can do, to please her man - is to take away from his shoulders the responsibility for your own happiness, - said Bob Grant. - For this we must turn to face him, examine yourself, to change, grow, grow, and as a result of - become a woman, from whom beloved man will not want to leave, and will adore and cherish. "

Dariya Lyubimskaya

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allev 09.10.2009 | пятница ответить

В процессе знакомства интерес мужчины к женщине не в последнюю очередь основывается на сексуальном влечении. Когда период ухаживаний слишком затягивается - влечение угасает.

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