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Worst trade in 2007

August 17 2007

The magazine "Popular Science" has published an annual ranking of the worst jobs in science.

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For 10 seats were researchers faeces of whales. Investigating the feces even possible to distinguish individual whales. They travel through the ocean in search of feces, the endangered North Atlantic right whales. Rosamund Roland pioneered the study of whale feces in 1999. By 2003, Roland, frustrated with a small number of collected samples was used to search for the whale excreta of dogs that can sense the feces from a distance of up to 1 mile. In recent years, other researchers have begun to use methods of Roland.

At 9 place are legal entomologists. They reveal the murders, exploring ... larvae. Their task is to determine the time elapsed since the death of a person before the time the body was discovered by examining the availability of eggs, larvae, pupae and adult flies, meat, and some other insects in cadavers. Sometimes judicial entomologists have become more involved in research. Thus, to investigate a murder in Cleveland entomologists had wrapped in plastic 17 pig carcasses, to determine the rate at which the flies could colonize corpses in sacks.

8 th place is occupied researchers for the presence of doping during the Olympics. Representatives of this difficult profession is always in a rather unpleasant situation. If they reveal deceit, incur the wrath of the entire hurt the country. And if undetected, it will be declared incompetent.

At the 7 guinea place are to investigate the influence of gravity. Prolonged exposure to microgravity adversely affects the health of astronauts: atrophied muscles and weakened bone. The researchers hope to overcome these symptoms, developed a special treatment for long flights. But the only way to achieve those effects - is to get volunteers to lie still for weeks. For example, the NASA Space Center, 15 people spent 21 days tied to a bed. In this case, they were tilted head down at an angle of 6 degrees, which simulates the limited use of muscles and increased blood flow to the head - those effects that are observed in space.

At 6 place are computer security experts Corporation "Microsoft". Every day they are engaged in a rather tedious and boring job, eliminating the quirks of Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and other products. Each product has multiple versions in different languages and each needs its own patch.

5 place occupied by professionals who prepare specimens of animals. They kill, canned and placed in a bottle being, which then cut his disciples. Throughout the day they are forced to inhale the corrosive fumes of formaldehyde.

4 th place: garbology (born garbage - garbage). They analyze the current consumption patterns, and how quickly decomposes garbage. Usually garbology digs from 15 to 20 "wells" depth 90 feet at the landfill and pulls from 20 to 30 tons of garbage from each well, which are then carefully cataloged.

At 3 place are elephant vazektomisty.If your patient has the biggest land animal on earth, sterilization becomes a big job. Vazektomisty control herd of elephants in the natural parks of Africa where they quickly multiply and consume more than they should. Until now, the first four elephants which have undergone a vasectomy, have gone through the procedure without any problems.

Located on the 2 point rating oceanographers get bad news every day. Scientists suggest that over-fishing will destroy fishing in 2048, and that coral reefs will become garbage within a few decades. And if global warming continues as predicted, scientists, the amount of carbon dioxide in the ocean will increase the acidity of the water to such an extent that it can survive only jellyfish. So that oceanographers planned a lot of work ...

And the first, but it was nepochetnoe, a place in this ranking took divers in hazardous waste. These characters are floating in the clouds of waste, inside nuclear reactors and toxic spills on the coast and other waterways of America. In the case of the Agency for the Protection of the environment pollution, it enters into a contract with a team of commercial divers for cleaning. The work includes the use of giant vacuum equipment to clean the bottom of the lake, lifting barrels occurring at the surface, diving to the oil spill or drain cleaning clogged.

Irina Kapustina


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