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Because of the young lover of mother daughter ready to leave home

November 16 2009

13135.jpeg After her divorce from her husband 39-year-old Lindsey independently raises 17-year-old daughter Flora. Not so long ago a woman was to meet with his 28-year old colleague Robin. She herself did not care more than ten years apart in age, but Flora has promised to leave her mother to live with her father if she did not break off with her new lover.

With her husband Lindsay divorced when she was only five years. Since then she has twice tying with men: the first lasted only a few weeks, while the latter continued for two years until the fan did not make her an offer. But she did not want to tie their destiny with the man because she did not really wanted to re-marry, and also feared that it would adversely affect his daughter. It was more than a year ago and two months ago, Lindsay began a relationship with Robin.

Flora and before she knew him as a colleague, mother at work. But when she realized that Robin with her feel something more, she arranged for her mother and began nazvanivat scandal on his cell to his father, expecting that he would be shocked at the new love affair of the former spouse. However, he not only supported the outrage daughter, but also pointed out to her that he is currently married to a woman, his junior by ten years.

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For its part, Flora said that this is not the same and that the mere thought of a young lover to her own mother seems disgusting. She also complained of grandparents, parents of Lindsey, who, although did not take the conflict to take sides, however, agreed that such behavior is unsuitable for middle-aged women.

This, in turn, even more upset Lindsay, who was not prepared for such a hard line pursued by her daughter, because she herself never forbade the girl to meet with young people and have not clashed with her on the grounds of his own personal life.

Now Lindsay is at a loss because they do not really understand, objected to whether her daughter was only against a big difference in age sweethearts or she does not like himself Robin. She was particularly concerned that Flora has made every effort to make him a bad impression when he is nearby.

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In this case, Robin understands that the daughter of his new girlfriend's not happy with their relationship. However, Lindsey did not tell him that Flora is actively trying to persuade her to break off with her lover, so as not to upset Robin. And she realizes that if her daughter will develop their active work in this direction, it will inevitably lead to the rupture of relations.

The situation worsened a couple of days ago, when Flora said his mother that his father asked permission to move to live with him. This is extremely alarmed by Lindsey including because next year girl are coming final exams at school, and a change of residence can dramatically negative impact on her preparation for them.

About 13136.jpeg dnako she does not want to go on about my daughter, breaking the relationship with the person, the closeness with which she genuinely enjoys. Especially that very soon flora can go to university and to move back home.And in this case before Lindsey opens the prospect to stay completely alone in an empty apartment and full of regrets about breaking with her lover because of the vagaries of his daughter, who, in theory, should not have to interfere in the personal lives of his mother.

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How to comment on this situation Remedzh Margaret, the therapist for personal and family relationships, in the circumstances, it is wrong daughter, because she should not decide whom to meet her mother. At the same time, the explicit stress girls complicates life for both, and to ignore it is simply impossible. Obviously, Flora had to finally realize that Lindsay not only her mother but a woman with all the implied consequences. And she feared that someone else will stand in the mother's life is as important as my daughter.

Relations also were tied with Robin not too long ago, and their future is still unclear. Most likely, a sense of Flora will not be ignored if it will continue to persist in their desire to separate Lindsay with a partner, but at the initial stage of relations does not make sense to rush things. It is necessary to explain his daughter, but also gently to find out she had a specific reason for this attitude to Robin.

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After which it will be possible to discuss them with her and are likely to converge on the fact that they are based on emotions than are rational. In any case, it is necessary to discuss it calmly. And if she had firmly decided to move in with her father, and he and his wife would not be against it, then prevent it is unlikely to succeed. But this will be her independent choice, as it has already come of age, when you need most to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Lindsey problem here - to support Flore, whatever choice she did not.

Илья Волков

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