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Abortion leads to some complications of this operation? Part II

May 16 2007

Continuation of the material, he began to read:

Abortion leads to some complications of this operation? Part I

Uterine perforation

Another no less formidable complication of abortion is a perforation of the uterus, that is, when in the process of termination of pregnancy is damage to the uterine surgical instruments up to the formation in its wall through hole. This could happen as early surgery, and in the end. The danger of this situation lies in the fact that the surgeon through the hole in the uterus may injure major blood vessels, nerves and organs adjacent to the uterus, such as the bladder, intestines, and others. On the stage at which there was a perforation, further action depends on the doctor. Sometimes a woman trafficked into the operating room to assess the extent of the damage, find out whether the affected vessels, and whether it is possible to maintain a uterus.

The risk of this complication is largely determined by the general condition of women, gestation, presence or absence of previous abortions, as well as the professionalism of the gynecologist. But the damage to the uterus can occur even in very experienced professional, because abortion is performed "blindly", ie the surgeon does not see the walls of the uterus and its cavity, changes in the uterine wall, the location of fetal eggs, etc.

Damage to the cervix

Sometimes there is no damage to the uterus itself, and her neck. This is especially common in nulliparous women, as well as an extension of the cervical canal at them - the process is rather complicated, the body as it resists the abortion. Cervical injury is fraught with further development of its pathology, ranging from the "banal" and to the erosion of neoplastic diseases.

In addition, damaged cervix (and injuring her in one degree or another during a surgical abortion is always, as we have it forced disclosure) will not open at birth, which may be an indication for caesarean section. Or, conversely, injured during abortion the cervix is the cause of the so-called isthmic-cervical insufficiency, occurs when premature disclosure, and therefore pregnancy loss - miscarriage.

Previous abortions violate brooding already a wanted pregnancy, it becomes very problematic and sometimes pregnancy, one after the other end with miscarriages.

This may lead to the appearance of adhesions in the uterine cavity. They develop, again due to mechanical damage to the uterus during an abortion when removed fertilized egg together with the inner uterine lining - the endometrium. Damage to the same endometrium may lead to the development of its various changes, which ultimately determines the occurrence of adhesions. Adhesions inside the uterus reduces the possibility of "fixing" a fertilized egg to the uterine wall and can cause miscarriage or fetal disorders.

Again, due to mechanical injury to the uterus, hormonal disruption, which occurs for any abortion, and infectious complications after him, disturbed activity, and sometimes the structure of the fallopian tubes. These changes of genitals in their totality dramatically increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy, and sometimes lead to a breach of the Fallopian tubes, and possibly to the inability of conception.

Transferred abortions often cause infertility. Half of all cases of female infertility and one third of cases of stillbirth due to previous abortions. Causes of infertility in women undergoing an abortion at least once, quite a lot.In addition, very often there is a combination of these reasons, the same failed moms.

First of all, it's hormonal disorders.

In the female body has two embedded in his programs on pregnancy. Everything starts from the moment of oocyte maturation, its exit from the follicle in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Once this occurs, a woman's body begins to produce special hormones that prepare the uterus from the inside to "receive" a few cells, enabling the emergence of new life.

Of the uterine lining (endometrium) grows, accumulates numerous nutrients necessary to develop a small body for its normal development. Increased and the vessels of the endometrium, ready immediately after the "attachment" fertilized egg, to bring to her and oxygen needed for its life, various chemical compounds ...

And if fertilization has not occurred, it becomes a signal for the cessation of secretion of hormones that prepare the uterus for pregnancy. And without them there is a "rejection" of increased endometrial, resulting in the appearance of menses.

If the egg is fertilized, it causes a cascade of reactions in the body and, above all, hormonal. All the strength of the women being aimed at the preservation and development of the pregnancy. And it concerns not only the uterus, ovaries and mammary glands, but all, without exception, organs and body systems. Brain, heart, liver and other vital organs are included in this important and responsible process, all work at a predetermined nature of the program.

And once abortion violates the work of all internal organs. Such incursions nature is not provided, and how to behave in this situation, an organ or body system and body as a whole - is unknown.

That's because the violation was originally laid by the female body is a well-established program, post-abortion develop various menstrual disorders, gynecological diseases and infertility occurs.

But as to preserve the pregnancy preparing not only one queen, and all organs and systems, it can not help but reflect on their condition, too. After such an "invasion of nature" get an impetus to the development of diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems of the body, suffers nervous.

Such a breach of the genetic program and a dramatic hormonal changes caused by abortion, increase the risk of precancerous diseases and cancer of the breast, cervix and endometrium. This is facilitated by a mechanical failure of the cervix and the uterus itself, and inflammatory processes of genital organs, developing approximately 20% of women undergoing an abortion.

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