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Secrets of bad apartment and prototypes Bulgakov characters

May 16 2006

May 15, 2006 marks 115 years since the birth of Mikhail Bulgakov and "Bulgakov House celebrated its second anniversary. As we know, the house-museum of the writer is located in the very bad apartment, where he settled Woland and his retinue in his novel "The Master and Margarita", and where ever there are all kinds of strange incidents.

In the courtyard of Moscow's jazz band played, the guests were fed hot crumbly buckwheat, fed up with tea and cake. Between visitors every now and then flashed a checkered jacket Koroviev-bassoon and black tail cat Behemoth.

The yard could make a memorable picture - for the moment to be reincarnated as Bulgakov characters: witch, flying on the Sabbath on a pig, to become a Master or Margaret, you need to do was just stick my face in a window carved in the wooden screen. Near the entrance to the museum hangs a mailbox with letters to the Master, and one room apartment has a mailbox for letters to the desires and love letters.

After a brief congratulatory speech the guests invited to the museum-apartment of the writer.

Reference: bad apartment served as a prototype for apartment number 50 at number 10 on Bolshaya Sadovaya Street in Moscow, where Bulgakov lived in 1921-1924. Some features of the plan bad apartment borrowed from the apartment number 34 in the same house where the writer lived in the period from August to November 1924 fictional number 302-bis - is an encrypted number 10 of the building in accordance with 10 = (3 +2) x2. Apartment number 50 is embodied as a number of short stories and humorous anecdotes: «№ 13. - House Elpit - Rabkommuna "," Psalm "," moonshine Lake "," Memoirs ... "etc.

In the 20 years in Moscow, was the housing crisis. His Bulgakov had a chance to try out for yourself when initially had long sought the universe is one of komnatNehoroshey apartments and then live in it with unpleasant neighbors, whose features and characters, and characters are borrowed from "The Master and Margarita." Later in 1934, the writer moved to three-bedroom cooperative apartment in the writer's house (at first Naschokinsky., 3-5, Apt. 44).

By the way, a fictional theater in the novel "The Master and Margarita" Variety Theatre, in which Woland and his retinue made a session hoax, is far from bad apartment - now that Moscow Satire Theatre, the prototype of the Variety Theatre served the Moscow Music Hall, which existed during the years 1926-1936 ., is located at: ul. B. Sadovaya 18. Until 1926 housed here Nikitin Brothers Circus, which is mentioned in the "Heart of a Dog."

The house-museum of Bulgakov's the birthday of the writer has opened a new exhibition - exhibition of works by painter and graphic artist Nadia Rusheva. Among her work - illustrations for the myths of ancient Greece, the works of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Bulgakov. In its short life she made more than 10,000 works (Nadia Rusheva died at age 17 from a brain haemorrhage).

Her drawings were produced without sketches, always drew Anew and never used an eraser. "I see them in advance.They show on paper as a watermark, and it remains for me to something circle "- said Nagy.

Many of her drawings are stored in the Leo Tolstoy Museum in Moscow, in the museum branch named Nadia Rusheva in Kyzyl, the Pushkin House in St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, National Foundation for Culture and the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. It took more than 160 exhibitions of her works in various countries: Japan, Germany, USA, India, Mongolia, Poland and many others.

"Zoyka apartment." In the evening, "Bulgakov's House" viewers saw the play Zoyka apartment, staged and directed by the honored artist of Russia Igor Yatsko.

In September 1925 Theatre Vakhtangov Bulgakov paid an advance for writing comedy for household topic. The writer learned the story of the notes in the evening edition of Krasnaya Gazeta, which was written disclosure of certain police card brothel Zoe N, acting under the guise of a sewing workshop. When arrested, the hostess were also detained came to haunt the wine of the famous poets Mariengof Anatoly (1897-1962) and Sergei Yesenin (1895-1925). The premiere was held in October 1926 to address Glavrepertkoma and approval of board Narcompros.

May 16 at the museum-apartment Bulgakov will play "A novel about Pontius Pilate" theater "paradox".

Celebrating the 115 th anniversary of Bulgakov finished at Patriarch's Ponds fire show and a procession of characters from the works of the writer.

Some of the characters in the novel "The Master and Margarita" and their prototypes:

Aloysius Mogarych - the journalist who wrote a denunciation of the Masters and later settled in his basement in one of the Arbat lanes. Its prototype served as one of Bulgakov, dramatist Sergei Yermolinsky. In 1929, he met with Mary Yermolinsky Chimishkian, make friends at the time of Bulgakov and his second wife LE Belozerskaya. After some time, young people come into a lawful marriage, and rented a room in the house number 9 on Mansurovsky alley owned by the family theater artist maketchika Topleninova, one of the prototypes of the Master. This wooden house became a prototype home Master and Margarita.

According to LE Belozerskaya, Yermolinsky "by their duplicitous manner" forgets that it is unprofitable to remember. " History dating from the Masters Aloizinm Mogarych was already written during the fatal illness Bulgakov - the winter of 1940. Yermolinsky suspecting treason, a writer for five days before his death, denied these suspicions, but the new version has not had time to write.

Ivan Homeless - a poet who becomes a professor in the epilogue of the Institute of History and Philosophy. One of the prototypes was a homeless poet Alexander Ilyich Bezymensky. In the edition of the novel in 1929 referred to the monument "a famous poet, Alexander Ivanovich Zhytomyr, poisoned in 1933, the sturgeon, and the monument was located opposite the Houses Griboyedov. (Bezymensky was born in Zhitomir). The quarrel between the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky Bezymensky and was parodied in the novel quarrel with the poet Homeless Riukhin.

Cote werewolf Behemoth. According to the second wife of the writer LE Belozerskaya, real prototype Behemoth served their housecat Flyushka - a huge gray animal. Bulgakov just did Behemoth black, as it was black cats are traditionally associated with evil spirits. Name Behemoth taken from the apocryphal Old Testament book of Enoch.Incidentally, the house-museum of Bulgakov lived his Behemoth - Black fluffy cat.

Master - a historian, who became a writer - in many ways autobiographical hero. His age at the time of the novel ("a man of about thirty-eight," appears in the hospital before Ivan Homeless) - are precisely the age of Bulgakov in May 1929. Newspaper campaign against the Master and his novel about Pontius Pilate recalls a newspaper campaign against Bulgakov in connection with the story "The Fatal Eggs," the play "Days of Turbin," "Running", "Zoyka Flat", "Crimson Island" and the novel The White Guard ". The archive of the writer preserved extracts from the newspaper "Working Moscow in 1928, where under the heading" a blow to bulgakovschine! "Outlining the performance of the Moscow party committee at a meeting of Communists working in the arts.

Margarita. Bulgakov gave the character a love for the third wife, E. Bulgakov, a prototype of Margarita. After the ban of the play "Running" in 1929, Bulgakov was in the same hopeless position as master, when all the plays were banned, and prose works were not accepted for publication. In the novel, he made the autobiographical hero to seek refuge in a psychiatric hospital, he himself found a way of life in a letter to I. Stalin.

"Bulgakov House" was opened on 15 May 2004 and became the only permanent museum of the writer in Moscow. The museum hosts exhibitions, lectures bulgakovedov, poetry readings, performances, a cafe, "302-bis", staff are developing walking tours to places of Bulgakov's Moscow.

When writing materials were used to Bulgakov encyclopedia .


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