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Torture art

December 15 2008

About 20 years ago, armed with the power of the United States has used music Guns N'Roses and Elvis Presley, playing at maximum volume the speakers, in order to coerce the head of the country's Manuel Noriega to surrender. Thus a precedent was set by such tactics. Since then, not loud music was used during interrogations at the notorious prison at Guantanamo. To date, this practice is already firmly established in the portfolio of sophisticated CIA torture used in interrogations of prisoners.

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Now, musicians are preparing "retaliation." Many bands and musicians unite to stop the use of their works by the U.S. Army as a new type of arms and funds to conduct interrogations.
Bruce Springsten has already expressed his indignation at the fact that his album "Born in the USA" was used by the aforementioned manner, and as a result - is impaired. Now, at the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he joined musicians such as Massive Attack, Elbow, Tom Morello, James Lavelle, Matthew Herbert and Bill Bailey. As a gesture of expressing protest, musicians use a minute of silence at his concerts.

"We're talking about people in a dark cell, physically oppressed. Handcuffed and hung by their feet to the ceiling with bags on their heads, they are under torture can not be loud music, maddening." Said the famous singer David Gray. "This is the lowest I am aware of torture. Music can be the best work of Tchaikovsky, or a song dinosaur Barney - the product does not matter, it is in any case will bring you crazy," said the musician.

Among the most frequently used songs: "Enter Sandman" Metallica, "White America" Eminem, "Hell's Bells" and even a song from a children's TV program "Sesame Street". One reason for such frequent use of torture - the complete absence of any traces of torture on the body of the prisoner, and therefore a complete lack of evidence against investigators.

British subjects to Moroccan origin Binyam Mohammed, contained in the Guantanamo Bay prison and tortured back in jail in his homeland, said that from the constant loud music, he almost lost his mind. Binyam has told his lawyer to Stafford Smith, that while hanging from the ceiling and forced retention from sleep always sounded a deafening loud music. "For 20 days we were just stunned constantly repeating songs Eminem and Dr. Dre. Inmates in neighboring cells went crazy - I heard they beat his head against the wall and the cell doors, shouting from the unbearably loud music," described the torture of a Moroccan.

Many prisoners had undergone such torture, said that physical violence, for example waterboarding, much easier to bear. UN and the European Court of Human Rights has already banned the conduct interrogations using loud music.

According to Stafford Smith, the Bush administration has described such agonizing torture as "harmless." In response, the lawyer quoted his client: "Imagine that you are offered a choice. Against the background of the terrible physical torture, such as extrusion of the eye, as well as torture loud music may seem quite harmless. Without a doubt, you choose the music."

br /> Organization for the fight for human rights, led by the same Stafford Smith, has launched a campaign "Zero dB", representing more than 30 inmates at Guantanamo. Many of them are contained in a secret prison complex blocks, reported hours of torture, the deafening music used to obtain the necessary evidence.

Campaign "Zero dB" pooderzhivaet established by British musicians union created for the application of public protest the use of music in interrogations. However, not all authors used the music opposed to such practices - member of the Drowning Pool Stevie Benton said that he would be honored if his work will help in preventing terrorist attacks like the attack on the World Trade Center.

Андрей Гальперин

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