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Now the Army will pick up even schoolchildren

December 14 2007

Saturated reforms conscript company this year has caused many disputes. Now, let's say, young fathers will have to acquire a disabled child, to impress the draft board. At this time, December 10, staff recruiting office showed the wonders of invention, calling on the army student. And successfully.

Morning of Dec. 10 student in grade 11 high school, Alexander Timofeev was surprised to see on his doorstep police and military. They advised the young man as soon as possible to collect things and brought bewildered student to the draft board to pass a medical examination. Conclusion medical board was predictable - the pass. " And boy was sent to serve in the Arkhangelsk region.

More or less the situation will be clarified in the press service of the Leningrad Military District, explained that Alexander Timofeev reached draft age - 18 years. A young man born in 1989, it was found recently attended a vocational school, then went to night school. Actually, there and pulled the young man to serve the motherland in Arkhangelsk. His common law wife and the director of the abandoned school they say Timofeev has not yet managed to receive the certificate. Actually, it should get it at the end of this academic year, as all students.

This here is the legal occasion on which to Leskov and Gogol would have been delighted, kicking his legs, however, does not cancel the item "A", paragraph 2 of Article 24 of the Federal Law on Military Duty and Military Service. According to him, studying full-time education in the state, municipal, or state-accredited by the relevant professions, educational institutions of primary, vocational, secondary vocational or higher education have a respite from the army at the time of study. Somehow, it seemed sufficient military office workers age of Alexander, to put it "under the gun."

Above all, observational medical commission has not revealed any disease in Timofeeva, considering it is quite healthy, although he had any. To see their list, you had to pick just a medical card 11 klassinika. This draft board did not do as well, considering the apparently inappropriate for the situation when home, dammit, defend no one.

Now the governor of the northern capital, Valentina Matvienko, sent protests, it was she who heads the drafting committee. But human rights activists, in turn, are rubbing their hands, planning to open a criminal investigation into the abduction of a schoolboy, what happened the morning of December 10 and is.

The military calls it, in fact, Russian roulette, in which all people are male play twice a year. At the time of the call is best to walk with short dashes past the policemen, trying not to arouse suspicion. The school-university and back into the room, where, perhaps, they will not reach. As you see, take out, even in educational institutions. Therefore, if you study in high school, you better pre-strain workers of the deanery, so that they extended the student. Otherwise, showing him in a police station, where, downright packs withdrawn all who for some mysterious features like deviators, you can get a lot of questions from the series "A is not lying? No doubt you have already departed, and the kosish "and, of course, problems. Also, according to detainees in the "hunting season", the police often interested in "Why are you here for smart kosish with your university? Would go into the army, a normal guy would be out of you did. "

It's time to military conscription in Russia often gives rise to a completely anecdotal situations. For example, one to my friend when he, like the hero of this article was in grade 11 also were employees of the military enlistment office. Naturally, the young man offered to pack things. At the same time, they called him Alexander, although he named Arkady. Him at that time was 17 years old, and he was not subject to appeal.The situation is cleared up after a couple of hours of lively debate with the participation of her that Arcadia and the men in uniform. It turned out that they came for 22-year-old Alexander, who, in fact, no male at all, and female. A namesake, because it was his sister, Alexandra, in the course of official mistakes and unfinished letter "a" transformed into a man. Another friend, whose age has exceeded the mark of "30", all the youth waited agenda, which he never came. After leaving the military age, he was devoured by curiosity, visited the District Military Commissariat, where he saw that his personal business props cupboard in one of the classrooms. Verily, mysterious ways of recruiting office.

Gregory Tumanov


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