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"Energetic": drink or not drink

March 14 2007

In Russia every year growing popularity of energy drinks. Meanwhile, they are recognized to be harmful to health. Sanepidnadzor decided not to allow the implementation of low-alcoholic energy drinks at discos and nightclubs, as well as sell them in schools. In order Onishchenko said that "at present in many non-alcoholic energy drinks caffeine content ranges from 150 to 320 mg / l at an acceptable level of consumption of 150 mg per day.

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Energy drinks - a relatively recent invention, even though their ingredients have long been used to stimulate the nervous system. They were a real salvation for students in preparing for exams, office workers do not have time to deliver work on time, in short, for anyone who is tired, but I should feel fresh and full of energy.

Consume energy drinks may be only in strict accordance with the dosage. Within a day, maximum dose is - 2 cans. In the case of exceeding the permissible dose not excluded side effects: tachycardia, psychomotor agitation, increased anxiety, depression, increased blood sugar levels.

People suffering from heart disease, hypo-or hypertension, should not use energy drinks.

You may say that the energy drink charges your body with energy. In fact, it is not quite true. Content cherished banks only opens the way to the internal body reserves, ie, performs the function key, or rather, a skeleton key. Drink itself contains no energy, but only uses our own. We use the own energy resources, more simply, we take in their energy into debt. But sooner or later the debt will have to repay with interest in the form of fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and depression.

Caffeine, which is contained in energy drinks, like any other stimulant, leading to depletion of the nervous system. On average, its effect persists 3 - 5 hours, after which the body needs a rest. Do not forget that caffeine is addictive. Under the influence of caffeine dramatically increased the secretion of the stomach, which can provoke an acute gastritis or perforation (the formation of gastric ulcers).

Many energy drinks contain large amounts of vitamin B, causing heart palpitations and tremors in the limbs. Also in the power industry include taurine and glucuronolactone. The content of taurine in several times higher than the permissible level, and the number of glucuronolactone, contained in two banks of the drink than the daily rate of almost 500 times (!). As these ingredients act on the body, and how they interact with caffeine, scientists still do not know. The experts unanimously state that the safety of such high doses of taurine and glucuronolactone not yet been determined, which requires further research.

Pharmacologists seriously concerned about the regular and unsupervised use cocktails containing a high dose of caffeine. According to them, they give rise to chronic diseases - gastritis, ulcers, cause even teenagers vasospastic infarction (due to excessive narrowing of blood vessels), not to mention the people suffering from heart diseases. Unexplained agitation, which occurs when applying a large number of cocktails, can lead to criminal action.Excessive release of adrenaline can act opposite way: the reaction to the danger may be absent, warn doctors. A night of life-threatening situations do not have long to find.

If still no energy drink can not do, in this case should follow the rules of consumption:

-Energy drinks are contraindicated for pregnant women, children, adolescents, the elderly, people suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, glaucoma, sleep disorders, increased excitability and sensitivity to caffeine.

From the blood-derived caffeine after 3 - 5 hours, and then only half. During this time, can not mix energy drinks and other beverages containing caffeine (tea, coffee) - otherwise you may exceed the permissible dose.

-Do not drink energy drinks after sports training - as a sport, and drinks raise blood pressure.

-Let your body rest after consuming the drink.

Two cans a day - is the maximum.

- Do not mix energy drinks with alcohol. Caffeine raises blood pressure, alcohol and further enhances its effect.

Physicians are advised to replace the energy drink a cup of coffee with chocolate, then you will feel no less vigorous and will not cause harm to health.

Tatiana Trushkova. On materials,


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