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Social networks - Klondike for advertisers

December 13 2007

According to analysts, fashionable now social networking sites like MySpace or Vkontakte, will be the primary content on the Internet. And judging by the increased attention being exerted by media corporations to the phenomenon that you can be sure that the next few years, the most popular service will be exactly it.

Odnoklassniki. ru, MySpace, Vkontakte, FaceBook and many others have arranged, if not radical, then at least quiet and bloodless, but still a revolution in the network. First, the Internet was popular chat rooms where people sat for hours, creating a themed "rooms" and "arbor" of interest. Then they met someone someone became interested, occurred fleeting romances, to establish friendly relations, but the mass of the whole. People are talking. Later, the audience migrated to the trendy new service - online dating. The user is asked to fill out a questionnaire indicating any relationship he is looking to add a few pictures. Also willing to offer simple search engine, where the gender, age, and the intended relationship could be found willing to do the same. In principle, the service was quite efficient. People met, some even tied a long relationship. In general, all grade plane.

However, with the advent of so-called social networks, the situation has radically changed. Changed it pretty smoothly. People gradually flowed on "Schoolmates" and other "myspace", enjoying the new possibilities opened by finding those who had studied, worked, etc. The emergence of social networks were in a very convenient time when the Internet has ceased to be a kind of overkill. Even in times of a variety of chat rooms and dating services for it was simply not at all. Friends in the network was nearly impossible to find. Now, each account holder to Vkontakte has a list of virtual friends almost all of his friends. From former classmates to colleagues from the old job and almost no porters, who brought his cabinet. In short, people will find absolutely all their friends, keeping them close at hand. Now many people even blame sites like "Schoolmates" in the destruction of families. A married man who has found among users of their first love, who wore a portfolio in the fifth grade, is pleasantly surprised that she is from a girl with purple bows and curved legs, has grown into a lovely young lady skater hair. Next - Meeting, memories, and, just until the realization that this is it, my. I mean, the man who wants some new relationships with a large can easily find them in a social network. Yes, and for each user almost all known in advance. A list of his interests, favorite movies, books, music, school, work place, plus a certain number of photos. Only need to choose. According to a survey conducted by Mail. ru, 65% is present at least one friend with whom they met online. In 15% of online friends for more than half of all available. The main charm of the social network lies in the fact that the man is absolutely alone determines the range of communication in accordance with their social position and interests.

Go to the rapid interest around this phenomenon among users joined and large corporations, seeing in them a phenomenally promising business projects. Yandex Company is currently negotiating with "" on purchase access to user data. This purchase is necessary "Yandex" to better use of advertising. This method has been practiced in the search engine Yandex. Its essence is that people will see the ads, depending on the query in the search bar. For example, if a person is often looking for in a retrieval system toasters, then get out on the screen it will be banners with kitchen appliances of different manufacturers. Since gaining access to user accounts, where provided the most detailed information, advertising will be "hit" more precisely.Now system, which will show ads, guided by socio-demographic characteristics of the user being tested. In 2008, she has completely become available to advertisers. In principle, Yandex, with the idea to link advertisers and users, "Schoolmates" is not original. Before him, it has long been practiced by Western MySpace, FaceBook and other services, and highly successful.

Social networks really were a bonanza. The analyst firm Juniper Research believes that the overall benefits of social networks in 2007 to 572 million dollars, and in 2012 will grow to 5.2 billion dollars. According to the company at this point social networks account for about 14 million users, and by 2012 there will be about 600 million. The company believes that such an impressive growth of social networking largely due to "cell phones". Nokia has already become interested in the possibility of releasing phones equipped with various content and programs for social networks. With the mobile can be downloaded to your account the music, video, work with the interface to respond to comments. Nokia is trying to be in the forefront and is planning a couple of years to make the mobile phone an indispensable tool for any blogger and user of social networks.

Gregory Tumanov


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