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In Moscow executed one-armed bandits

November 13 2006

- Do you know anything I can not help it. His hands are, his legs have to work can not - but no money. If you earn some penny, then immediately putting in everything from vending machines. Yesterday I had a hundred rubles. Could afford to buy something to eat ... there sausages, bread to take. And could not resist. Up to 280 rubles came - and everything fell to zero. A hungry - was explaining to me a young man at a bus stop next to the hall of slot machines, hoping to profiteer ten rubles.

That fondness for visiting gambling has become a sort of addiction, said a long time. The situation, when in the womb "one-armed bandit" is a respectable salary of head of household is not uncommon or exception. Moreover, crime statistics finds distressing fact: in order to catch the tail of the bird of happiness about the slot machine, players often go for serious crimes. In this case, it is not so much about the major gaming establishments such as casinos, many of whom, incidentally, has long been controlled by criminal gangs, but the smaller halls of slot machines located near subway stations, bus stops, shops and cinemas.

Until recently, the number of youth political organizations tried to protest against such gambling. However, these activities were localized, one-time, and besides, at best, a few notes in news media does not end there. "Yes, the game points are closed, but almost immediately there are a number of 2 and then 3 new" room gambling. "At that regularly draw over violations of law, when the gaming halls are located in close proximity to children's educational institutions and the children can freely become involved in this kind of evil, "- said in a letter to the young political activists, environmentalists suburbs" Local "to the governor of Moscow region Boris Gromov. "We appeal to you to influence the situation in the Moscow region around the gaming industry. The situation seems to be critical and requires urgent and the most stringent measures - are considered" local. "- Gambling virus rapidly and steadily spreading our homeland, and we can not look at it indifferently. "Local" asking you to intervene and are ready to support the most radical measures against the greedy traders, who feed on the citizens belonging to a network of excitement. "

And if the words are not deeds, young politekologi had, perhaps, Russia's largest rally against the dominance of gambling. November 11 to 23 towns of Moscow region was synchronous action "End Game", which in total took part in the order of 17 000 people.

Central meeting took place at the gaming center in the city of Reutov and its format radically different from the boring and pale pickets, which were held earlier. More than three hundred young men in clothes that are dominated by green seems to know exactly why they came here. Under the incessant chants of "local, local" on the lawn in front of the audience carried the layout of slot machines and roulette big dummy. Near the characters excitement immediately appeared two devils, who began to lure people to "test your luck." When the "victim" had been found, the devils chained them to the roulette and slot machine. But "local" does not have to put up with what is happening and drove out the devils, freed victims of gambling. No good, and one-armed bandits, who, as the personification of the game blemish, was read the sentence, after which he cut off the sole, but very "grasping" hand.

pofeozom all this action was the moment when a chorus of activists chanted: "Stop robbing our people!" and Casino on the reservation as a threat to the nation! "over the area shot up multi-colored flames Fire, but because of the smoke screen in the building game center flew hundreds of eggs. How to explain themselves, "local", that they wanted to show that he is ready for the most stringent measures to combat the phenomenon, which has already ruined thousands of affluent families, caregivers, captivating online gambling, broke and injured the fate of people, driving for easy profit. This is a phenomenon no less socially dangerous than alcoholism, drug addiction, "- according to political ecologists.

With them, in general, according to eyewitnesses and random performance. "I agree - effectively, dramatically, but look at them close - so yard company, the level of ninth grade. Organised competently - especially with throwing eggs at game club. Otherwise, if this closed down gambling establishments in Moscow ..." - shares his impressions of one of the spectators. Note true "Local" does not stop at just one stock. As previously mentioned, the movement sent a letter to Moscow region governor with a request to pay close attention to this issue. In addition, "Local" confident that the problem should be solved not only through the advocacy, but also by legislative means. "If today the law does not solve the problem of gambling, tomorrow in Russia may see a whole generation, dependent on regular contagion" - they think. And some progress in this direction have already started.

Already, the State Duma should start discussions on the draft law "On state regulation of activities on the organization and conduct of gambling, introduced the President of Russia. According to the draft, the Russian Federation proposed the formation of four gambling zones, which will be undertaken by the organization and conduct of gambling. These zones can be of two types: the first - a gaming zone of settlements established on parts of the territory of Russia, for construction and development of urban and rural settlements. Second - this special gambling zones, located outside the settlements. A few days ago, an initiative supported by the Moscow City Duma deputies. As noted by the deputy MHD Andrei Metelsky, today is obvious the importance and urgency of the bill, designed at the federal level to resolve many issues related to the organization of gambling establishments in Russia.

Of course, that even such measures fully address the issue of gambling addiction people can not be resolved. However, with the removal of gambling establishments of settlements will surely protect and adults and, especially, children from the terrible virus, gambling.

Andrew Krotov


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