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"Great Pancake Week": pancake abundance for every taste

February 12 2007

Today in Russia begins one of the oldest holidays - Carnival, which is celebrated since pagan times.

The last week before Lent celebrated in pre-Christian period, all the peoples of Europe. In Russia this holiday is known as Carnival. Traditional ceremonies connected with the pagan cults of ancestors, family-tribal relations and fertility. The fact that this holiday is a family show, and the names of some days already begun the week - "Teschin Vecherkom (Friday)," zolovkiny sittings "(Saturday), and the pancakes have always been a traditional memorial plate of all the Eastern Slavs. In these days in Europe organize carnivals (from the Latin. «Carne-a« e »-« Farewell, meat). In Russia the week preceding Lent, by analogy called "Myasopustom" because this week do not eat meat.

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Symbol Pancake week - man of straw into a woman's dress, dress up, on Monday ("Meeting"), in this day build numerous snow-slide. Tuesday is called "zaigryshi - clowns sing their ditties, built of snow and ice fortress. Wednesday - "Gourmet". In this day-in-law come to pancakes to tescham. Thursday - "orgy" is considered to be the happiest day includes traditional fisticuffs. Friday - "Teschin Vecherki" - mother-son-in to my invites, pancakes treats. Saturday - "zolovkiny sittings. Daughter in law sister-in-law gives (her sister) gifts. In this day and burn effigy Pancake. In this image enclosed end and the beginning of the year, the end of one and the beginning of another stage of life, life and death.

In the last day of Pancake Day - Shrove Sunday. All ask each other forgiveness absolves sins before Lent. People bid farewell to old grudges, so as not to overburden their new life in the new year. Still, Carnival - is primarily a joy, because to live one more year.

The Russian Orthodox Church Pancake consider preparing for Lent and caution against unbridled joy. Starting with "cheese of the week" can no longer eat meat, but you can eat fish and dairy products. So do not deny yourself the pancakes, sour cream and cheese.

As in previous years, throughout the city will Shrovetide festivities. The main celebration will be held on Vasilevsky descent of Red Square. Here all the people coming will be waiting for numerous competitions, such as competition for the highest stack of pancakes or competition-eating pancakes.

Large-scale celebrations take place in Kolomna, VVC, the Izmailovo Kremlin. In each prefecture will be several points of celebration. 18 February, the streets, Tverskaya Ohotny series, Lubyanka is terminated movement of trucks - will be a great pageant of clowns and ensembles. Sunday will be concerts of pop and folk groups, and in the evening the celebration will end the traditional burning of Maslenitsa. Waiting Muscovites and fantastic fireworks display in its beauty.

The Source: "Voyage" and "Maslenitsa.kom"

Alex Vitvitskiy


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