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A child of the rapist was the greatest gift

September 11 2009

12546.jpeg "That day I was first in a long time to choose a party. I grew up in a devout family, more accustomed to attend a choral club, but I just got a new job and for this event I called the boss. I could not refuse" - so Miriam raising a seven-year-daughter, begins her story about how she got pregnant from a man who raped her that night.

"I came back late, and a guy named Rob, who I was pretty poorly known, offer me a drink" penalty. "Of course I would prefer to stay sober, but did not want to hurt his feelings, so sip a little wine, and when he turned - put the glass back on the bar.

However, he had drunk enough for me to feel bad - I was only 19, and before that I did not drink. I remember being dropped on the floor, and then someone helped me up and put him in a taxi. And yet, like Rob was trying to squeeze me in some corner of ...

The next morning I woke up with my friend Laurel. He told me that he phoned a taxi driver and told him that I'm in the car unconscious. It turns out he took my phone, looked at the last dialed numbers, and phoned Laurel. On all questions I could not give a clear answer, but wept - how could I explain anything, if nothing else remember?

I was thinking to contact the police, but was afraid that they consider me an idiot - no evidence I could provide them, and the statement "I have a suspicion that something was wrong," they certainly have not taken to seriously.

Arriving on Monday for work, I heard rumors that at that party, I slept with Rob. Angered, I wrote him an email, which has demanded an explanation. He assured me that was trying to just kiss me, but it did not work out as I pushed him away. I do not really believe him, but tried to forget about that night.

Soon I was completely recovered and was in good spirits. This was facilitated by the novel, which began for me with Laurel. Life seemed so beautiful that I did not pay attention to the nausea and headaches, which suddenly began to suffer.

Once I fainted in the supermarket, I went to my doctor. The first thing he asked me if I was not pregnant. I replied in the negative - at the time, I have not had sex with Laurel, but still decided to do a pregnancy test.

It is hard to describe my condition when I saw that the result is positive. "It can not be true" - that's all about what I could then think. However, doctors at the antenatal clinic, where I approached, said that the term of my pregnancy was already 16 weeks. And then in the head as if something clicked: party, Rob, loss of consciousness. I realized that that night he raped me.

Laurel, Laurel, my dear, did not get mad at me, but said that Rob should be punished, and persuaded me to go to the police. I agreed, but first decided to call Rob and tell him about his plans. "Forgive me, - he said. - I have wronged you, but I could not imagine that all will turn like this." More he could not speak because he was at work.

When he phoned me later the same day, his tone was much harsher: "What I have to do with it?" How can I be sure that this child from me? "Abortion!" - He shouted. All in a disheveled feelings, I went to my parents and told them everything. They were terribly upset, but was told that I can always count on their support.

p style = "text-align: justify;"> I could not bear to think that I'm kidding, like Rob. However, on reflection remained not so much time - the doctors said that abortion can only do up to 24 weeks. I thought about a week and then still went to the clinic with the intention to get rid of the child.

12547.jpeg When, dressed in hospital gown, I walked down the hallway to the operation, he suddenly asked a question - but whether I do? And then I was seized by a burst of affection for this unborn baby that I burst into tears and ran out of the hospital.

Last months before birth were the most difficult - the people who knew me came up and said that I was itself invented the whole story of rape, but a friend Rob even threatened to beat me in order to provoke a miscarriage. Around the same time, the police told me that can not be brought against the child's father a criminal case - he told them that I myself led him to have sex.

Finally, on Jan. 4, 2002 I gave birth to my baby, my pick. I decided that, of course, I'll take care of her, but I will not be a special tenderness. And with difficulty forced herself to take her in his arms.

I had to learn to live a new life. In addition, when Kylie had just three months, Laurel left me. He was generous to the end and told everyone that my little girl - his child, but I knew what he was worth the lie. I was left alone with Kylie and realized that it did not have anyone except me. Then I decided that I will provide my daughter a decent future, what would I do at any cost.

So I got to the police - one year after the birth of a daughter, I applied and was invited to work. I have not given up on champagne and trips to the parties, but has become much more cautious. Perhaps because of this I still do not have men.

When Kyle gets older, I will tell her story of her birth. I do not believe that it is possible for a long time to keep something a secret and want her to learn about everything from me, and not from well-wishers.

Now I can confidently say that I love my girl with all my heart and I understand that the incident is not my fault. Kylie - living proof that even the most terrible events in your life can turn into a wonderful gift of fate.

Наталья Синица

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