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Pure "network" murder: 24-year-old from St. Petersburg strangled 18-year-old girlfriend to chat (photo)

October 9 2007

Met online with a young man, Kate had no idea that this friendship will be her last.

They met at one of the many chat rooms. 'Power lord' (namely the so-called himself Mike in the virtual space) does not work, then lived in St. Petersburg, in Moscow, and his time spent in the network. Each time, comfortably settling in Petersburg bookstore with free wi-fi, he found his new acquaintances. In his list of contacts was more than 50 people. Girls, charmed unusual shocking appearance a young man could not refuse him in conversation, and later - the meeting.

All this did not prevent Misha love one and only. As a rule, more pleasant conversations with friends from the internet is not going down, and the guy did not hide from the girls that his heart is not free. However, in the spring, he was left alone: Michael threw his girlfriend, saying she loved another.

The guy found solace all in the same chat room and have the same friends from the network. "We have changed. Not what it makes no sense. There is a $, there is drug use slide, but I do not need it. I look at this pile of green pills and think, eat it, sell it? What's the point? He's not. " - Michael wrote one of his many girlfriends via SMS.

"I never thought that I want to live life differently, but when my sun is almost gone over the horizon, he wanted to and have experienced themselves - slowly die or rot in everyday life" - he wrote.

Falling into a depression, Misha began to abuse alcohol and moved on to drugs, and later became engaged in their sale. Depression is associated with a broken love, dragged on, and out of a young man in no hurry.

Kate was 18. She also sat in a chat room, led Learn and search for friends by correspondence. But, unlike Misha, it's time to have it almost was not. The girl was studying at the Moscow Institute of Journalism and literary creativity and dreams of becoming a famous reporter. When there was spare time, she spent it with friends from real life.

Misha and Katya were long time friends. The first time they saw one last summer. Even then, to understand what makes her a friend Bury, Kate decided to take over his "patronage".

When Michael has once again arrived in Moscow, he immediately went to visit a friend. For talking and drinking of alcohol at the guys struck up a controversy, Michael lashed out at her friend and began to strangle her. Realizing that the girl was dead, he searched her pockets and took a social card, cell phone and keys from the apartment, shut the door and disappeared.

The next few days, he slept in the guest and on the streets. As long as the police did not left on his trail.

The detention also occurred via the Internet. The police officers placed a false declaration of donations collected apartment, made him Michael and agreed with him about the meeting. When the boy arrived at the scene, he was arrested. Mischa behaved calmly and immediately confessed to the crime.

October 16 a young person turns 24 years old. His birthday he met in jail.

"About the life you're beautiful
of life you prekrasnaaaaa
of life you prekrasnaaa "
(The penultimate entry in LJ murdered Kathy)

When the material went to press, our correspondent has learned that Kate was not the only victim of Michael. According to some reports, during the interrogation he confessed that, in addition to Catherine, he tried to kill two more of their online friends, but one of them managed to survive.

Anna Pavlova

In the photo: Catherine

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