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German husband, children deprived of Ukrainian woman

May 8 2009

12100.jpeg Became known for outrageous incident which occurred in Germany and mother of two children, a citizen of Ukraine. Because of marriage to a German woman has lost not only to do with it baby, but daughter from her first husband. "Pravda.Ru" performed with the details of the case.

Elena Butenko, a resident of Luhansk, was engaged in "chelnochestvom" and went to Poland to buy goods. Once, along with friends visited one of the clubs and met there with the German Georg Hogemannom.

"This kind of love only happens in movies! Georg immediately after the acquaintance came to Lugansk to get acquainted with my mother and 9-year-old Sabina, a daughter from my first marriage" - says Elena , "Pravde.Ru" .

Soon after George made a proposal to Elena. 9-year-old Sabina was called a German pope. By signing with Elena in Lugansk, Hogemann left, leaving his wife to make out all the necessary documents. When the formalities were settled, the mother and daughter went to as they thought, towards a new happiness in Steinfurt.

In family idyll time flew by. The woman succumbed to the entreaties of her husband and sold the apartment in Lugansk. My future she'd seen only in Germany. The money to give to George - he will finish the third floor of the house. However, the idyll did not last long - about a year. Relations soured between the spouses, when George learned of his wife's pregnancy. And soon it came to the point that he raised her hand.

When the light appeared, Eric, the situation is more complicated. Problems began with a 12-year-old Sabine. From the school received constant complaints on it. Over the next offense, according to Helen, George brutally beat the girl and forbade call themselves Dad.

And after a while the husband had brutally beaten and Helen. The woman did not go to the police, as she explained, has affected the mentality. Did not want to wash dirty linen in public. Husband on his knees apologized, she forgave him. Week passed quietly. But then George said that he needed a rest, leave, and some live alone, think about how they live. Did.

And after some time came came two days, police officers - women and men in civilian clothes, a translator and George. I. .. pick up the kids. Both! Nobody touched sobbing mother. Helen begged them, but it was useless.

By order of the special German Commission, now the mother can see the kids once a week and talk to them just one hour. "March 13, 2009 was the first sitting of the court, where it was a question of deprivation of my parental rights. My daughter was interrogated, beaten if I did?" Sabine replied that I did not beat.

Georg yelled that I was "the Ukrainian prostitute" and that he gave me "picked up" - says Butenko. - I realized that there was nothing I could do, being in a foreign country without knowing the language, without legal support.

And decided to return to Ukraine and then, in his state, asking for help to recover my children. Sabina - a Ukrainian citizen. According to German law, Eric has German citizenship, since his father - a German citizen, and he was born in this country.

But as I - a Ukrainian citizen, the son can claim and Ukrainian citizenship. I do not want anything from her husband. I'll give him a divorce, I gave him permission to meet with children, just let me return them. I do not claim his money, he gave me even the ones that I put into his house, selling your own apartment. I need only my children. "

According to a Ukrainian lawyer Helena Mohovikovoy, which may take up the case, it would have been easier if Elena, marrying a foreigner, entered into a marriage contract.

But in this case of the German side, in the opinion of counsel, improper. Sabina - a Ukrainian citizen, nor her own father or mother deprived of parental rights.

Husband - a German citizen, he does not adopt a girl and not designed the custody of her. The child is not there someone who would represent her interests. No court decision - hence, the girl found out there is illegal.

"As the son of Helen - continues Mohovikova - problems will undoubtedly be more. He is a citizen of Germany. But at the same time and Ukrainian. I believe Ukraine should defend the interests of its citizens.

We will try to solve this problem at the state level, ranging from President Yushchenko and the Foreign Ministry to the guardianship authorities. This will be a long and difficult process, but we will try to return the children a mother. "

Until now, many citizens of Russia and France, and not only those countries with unflagging attention continue to monitor the isolation in the fate of the three-year Elise Andre.

This story, which is trapped and diplomats, and senior representatives of the authorities of both countries, has led public opinion and even members of the National Assembly of France to the idea of the need to improve laws concerning the interests of international families, and above all - their children.

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It seems that Germany did not yet thought of. What awaits Elena Butenko and her children? ..

Ирина Павликова

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