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House Hitler did not give to sell?

November 7 2009

13057.jpeg The owner of the house in the Austrian town of Braunau am Inn, the birthplace of Adolf Hitler, is going to put it on sale at a price of about two and a quarter million euros. However, local administration has promised to resolve the situation so as not to allow to make a deal of this kind, since in this case does not exclude the possibility of transfer of the building into the ownership of right-wing extremists, who turned it into an absurd sanctuary memory of his idol.

The future Fuhrer was born April 20, 1889 in a small room on the second floor of a three-storey house at Salzburg suburb 15, the lower floor of which was occupied boozer "Hotel Pommer. His parents, known for his cruelty officer of the local customs Alois and his young wife, Clara, has a soft character, rented apartments here over a beer. Already addicted to drinking, the father of Hitler often and traded in excess of the beer in the bar at the bottom, Tapping his wife. In 1892, three years after the birth of Adolf Hitler's family moved to Linz, now the capital of Upper Austria.

Currently, within the building does not have anything that would indicate its connection with one of the most sinister figures in world history, even the room where Hitler was born. The only reminder of the historical "values" houses are iron gates to the surrounding area, decorated with wrought-Latin letters MB. They are the initials of the Nazi party bosses Martin Bormann, who he ordered to put it after the announcement of building a national monument of the Third Reich after the Anschluss of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938.

Borman bought it for the party's funds and converted into a museum of Nazi art. Until 1945 the house was popular among the Germans and Austrians as a shrine associated with the name of their leader. At the end of the war fascist fanatics planned to blow up the building, but their plans were not realized.

13056.jpeg In 1952 the building was returned to former owners and it has consistently placed public library, school, bank, technical school, and finally, a workshop for people with disabilities. Building and to this day owns a family Pommer.

Its current head, Gelinda Pommer, explains that she wants to sell the house because renting it for the past 20 years with disabilities who lived and worked here under the supervision of the guardianship, in January moved to a more modern building in another area, but contain an empty building is too loss. She has not yet announced the exact price, but local real estate experts believe that the requested amount would be about two million euros.

As stated by the Mayor Gerhard Shkiba, ideally, the house should be bought by local authorities, but in the city treasury a catastrophic shortage of funds for the purchase. In this regard, he intends to ask for help from the federal government of Austria, if the owner of the premises will insist on selling it.

Opposes Shkiba and offers historians to turn the building into the Museum of Hitler ", because it does not want his city became a Mecca of nationalists throughout the world, though not opposed to holding shares in a single house and exhibitions on the theme of the fascist period in the history of Austria. Currently, supporters of the mayor actively exploring existing legislation in order to find a loophole and prevent the sale of buildings in private hands.

Илья Волков

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