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War of the Future: flying paratroopers and killer robots

June 7 2006

Wonderful fiction Andrew Lazarchuk was not so far from the truth, is described in the final of his novel "The Other Sky Troopers Siberian rangers with transport aircraft with a" hump ", jetpacks that can carry fighters in the air over long distances.

Well, turns out to be a joint venture of three German companies: ESG, Dräger Aerospace and SPELCO, as well as the German firm FreeSky finalizing and testing a new military parachute system Gryphon, which will help paratroopers fly as well as "Batman"

Wings of carbon fiber will allow the soldiers after jumping from an airplane at an altitude of 9,150 meters to overcome a distance of 200 kilometers. The pilots will be able to throw the paratroopers, not aerial in a potentially dangerous area. Before landing, the parachute opens, and a touchdown in the usual way.

Gryphon system is absolutely silent, so it is difficult to track both air and by ground-based radars.

Such systems are used by the German army in 2003, but they do not give the opportunity to fly farther than 48 miles.

The first samples of the new wing may enter the army of Germany in 2007. Then the system may add a small turbojet engines that are currently already being used on unmanned aerial vehicles.

You can also glad for the soldiers of the U.S. Army, the State cherishes and nurtures them by allocating funds to even the most unusual design. In a short time at the disposal of U.S. military received special glasses, called Desert Locust Goggle. During the fighting, they will protect the eyes of military personnel from possible injuries.

Jonathan Blanshau, president of the company that developed the new product, claims that sunglasses protect the eyes of a soldier on the battlefield in 90% of cases. In addition, points will serve as binoculars, infrared sensor and ordinary sunglasses.

Although it may happen that in future the U.S. military such glasses just do not need them, because they will fight, sitting at the computer screen and controlling military robots. At Carnegie Mellon University specifically for the needs of the Army is working on creating a new autonomous robotic equipment, which will be named Crusher.

This six-wheeled vehicle can go on very difficult surfaces. She will be based on the previous model of the robot-car Spinner, her weight was 6,5 tons. The project is carried out under the auspices of Crusher agency DARPA. While the main purpose of the car - transportation of goods for military purposes.

This development has become a link in the chain of experimentation to build autonomous fighting machines. Early large European companies company BAE Systems, presented the U.S. Army and DARPA agency its new development: unmanned aerial system (Unmanned Aerial System - UAS) with vertical takeoff and landing.

During the demonstration test, held at Fort Benning, autonomous robot proved that he can fly more hours and self-deploy the payload, known as «WolfPack». Load this difficult, it is a set of sensors that detect radio signals and jammed enemy while protecting the "friendly" communications and radars.

UAS without humandelivered a kilogram of cargo a distance of 1.1 kilometers, during the flight reaching speeds exceeding 30 knots (55.5 mph), while wind speed ranged from 10 to 20 knots.

The system landed autonomously within a meter from a given point and successfully detected the enemy radar.

"The latest demonstration shows that unattended sensors, abandoned on the battlefield, not only can operate autonomously, but also independently develop, move and, if necessary, repair itself," - said the representative of the DARPA Preston Marshall.

By the way, fighting robots in the spring should have been in Iraq. We are talking about cars TALON («Claw), which were originally created to assist deminers. However, the military fell in love with robots, not only for this and offered to equip them with weapons.

Engineers from the army arsenal in New Jersey and a small company in Massachusetts Foster-Miller. Foster-Miller for six months and $ 2 million armed robots. So "Claws" became "Swords» (SWORDS - Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems).

"The Sword" is standard equipped with a light machine gun caliber M249 5.56 mm (750 rounds per minute) or "average" machine gun M240 7,62 (700-1000 min). Without recharging the robot can produce respectively 300 and 350 shots.

Also, "The Sword" can be equipped with antitank guns (light and heavy), 40-mm grenade launcher, 12-round shotgun and so on. The robot not only allows its operators to fire at the enemy from a safe distance (approximately 1.5 kilometers), but also makes shooting more accurate.

Depending on the mission of the robot without recharging the lithium-ion batteries can work for 1-4 hours. Shoot the robots only the operator's command. But who knows, maybe the era of out of control, bloodthirsty robot killers, just around the corner ...

Constantine Woodpeckers

On materials: Membrana ,,, ABC News.

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