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Beer intoxication is not better than drugs: a men-it is not aware ....

March 5 2007

- Where were you? - Beer drinking! A very common response to the least common question. And as if nothing terrible in this: in the bar sat with friends, socialize, rest after working days. Relax with a glass of beer, and may not be one.

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Beer - it is a natural drink that contains a large number of compounds. The main components of beer are water (91-93%), carbohydrates (1,5-4,5%), ethanol (3-7%) and nitrogen-containing substances (0,2-0,65%). Other components are denoted as minor.

By drinking beer, unlike vodka, you can not inject a lethal dose of alcohol. However, it should be noted that the alcoholic beverage market in recent years a new kind of beer with high alcohol content - up to 12% (strong beer). Use of this beer in large quantities entails a chain of negative consequences.

Beer alcoholism formed quietly and deceptively, as compared to vodka. It was from the beer alcoholism affects in Germany, where beer - a traditional drink. The first Chancellor of Germany Bismarck, who knew firsthand the harmful effects of beer and gave the following definition Beer alcoholism: From beer made by lazy, stupid and impotent "(the term" powerless "meaning the impotence). Even "non-alcoholic" beer is harmful, since alcohol in it still exists, albeit in very small quantities. Very often, those addicted to alcohol of the next bout begins with a glass of beer, and soft. Medications beer alcohol requires the same as vodka and wine.

"Beer belly" - no relation to the beer does not. Any alcohol (not just beer) disinhibition and hunger centers promotes the absorption of food in incredible quantities. So belly grows from the banal to overeating. A proper beer in fewer calories than milk, grape juice or champagne.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg every year to drink 53-55 liters of beer per person. According to forecasts, by 2007 the average citizen of Russia will consume 61 liters of beer per year.

Effect of beer on the heart
Proponents of brewing, and alcohol in general, like to offer arguments relating to the alleged improvement of the health of consumers of moderate doses of alcohol. It often comes to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially coronary heart disease in moderate drinkers. But many studies have refuted this view. A report issued in 1999 in the British Medical Journal study conducted by Scottish scientists in the past 21 years on a group of 5766 men showed that moderate doses of alcohol (up to 14 units per week, or about 140 grams of absolute alcohol, which corresponds to 14 glasses of beer or wine, or 350 ml of vodka) did not show any changes in mortality from certain diseases compared with abstainers. For those groups of men who consumed more than 35 units of alcohol per week (7 liters of beer with a concentration of 5% alcohol per week) mortality from stroke was twice higher than for nondrinkers.

lkogol may lead to fainting, to such conclusions were scientists. Drinking can sometimes cause weakness and dizziness - not because of intoxication, but because of how alcohol violates the body's ability to compress blood vessels. Found that the force of gravity during the getting up decreases blood flow to the brain. This is one of the reasons why some people, if you stand up too quickly, feeling dizzy. Blood vessels are usually compressed, regulating blood pressure. Alcohol relaxes the walls of blood vessels, and they do not regulate blood pressure with the movements of the body. In addition, alcohol can lower blood pressure, even in moderate intoxication.

As claimed by the beer, it contains carbon dioxide expands the capillary vessels of the mucous membrane of the digestive system and promotes a more rapid flow of fluid in the blood. In this they see the advantage. But when the beer is quickly absorbed into the body, it fills the bloodstream, with a large amount of alcohol consumed appears varicose veins and expand the borders of the heart. This phenomenon is called radiologists syndrome "beer heart" syndrome or "nylon stocking. Heart, if abused beer becomes flabby, and his motor functions of living lost.

Some chemical additives may contribute to the deterioration of the heart. To increase the foam, some manufacturers of beer is added to beer cobalt compounds. Cobalt, being a chemical analogue of calcium, takes his place in the heart muscle. However, inherent in calcium function in the initiation and reduction of myocardial cobalt do not. This reduces the contractility of cardiac muscle, increase the volume of the heart, so-called heart failure.

The effect of beer on the intestine
Brewing write about so-called bitter substances of hops, which are classified in general, soft and hard resins. If you think about tobacco, it is the resin in it contribute to the development of cancer in smokers. Whatever the healing properties attributed to either drunk, his pitches will inevitably make their work of destruction. Consumption of beer is significantly increases the risk of colon cancer, outlined in the WHO.

Effect of beer on men and women
Fans of beer write: "Our ancestors knew that beer increases male potency." In fact, alcohol has a detrimental effect, both on the male genital area, and on women.

In the beer contains a number of toxic substances, including heavy metal salts, which cause changes in the endocrine system. With a systematic use of beer in men from the substances, the vast production of male sex hormone testosterone. At the same time begins to produce female sex hormones, causing changes in the appearance of men. I drink beer, men grow breasts, pelvis is wider. Women who consume beer, increases the likelihood of cancer, and if it nursing mother, the child may be epileptic seizures. When you receive alcoholic beverages during pregnancy found teratogenic properties (ie the propensity to cause malformations in the fetus), may be formed in the unborn child genetically determined (programmed), a hereditary tendency to alcoholism. For women, becoming a rough voice, and there are so-called "beer mustache.

Alcohol decreased libido (sexual desire), but in advanced cases may develop secondary frigidity (sexual indifference).

The harm of beer for the human body is very extensive.Kills brain cells (which otmiraya, go with the urine) that impair the function of the spinal cord, there is myocardial, hepatic cirrhosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, neuropathy, there is a lesion of the visual and auditory analyzers. One of the serious complications of alcoholism at the beer is lactic acidosis, and hypo-natriemiya.

Patients beer alcohol get into the hospital in critical, disrepair, often with a pronounced decline in dementia and personality assessment. These are the main consequences of alcohol beer.

For all of the above, the question arises: In what amounts can drink beer, not to fear the potential to become a client psychiatrist? The answer - do not drink. Physicians, realizing the unreality of this council, calculated on the safe dose of alcohol. It is believed that 0.33 liters of beer per day for an average adult (and adult - is over 21 years) will not bring harm.

These parameters are relative and be average - even someone such doses would be enough to become an alcoholic for six months, but anyone liter per day swallow without special effects. If among your relatives have alkogolzavisimye, if you only have to sniff the cork from the champagne, and you "lift the roof" - is an occasion to reflect and not to continue experimenting with alcohol.

If you feel that life without beer you are not sweet, amber drink has become in your life dominated, evolved from a good friend to the evil master - rather to the psychiatrist. Cure for alcoholism can not but deal with it and learn to live without alcohol is quite real.

Tatiana Trushkova. Based on materials from sites:,,


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