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"Golden Youth" of the majors to the intellectuals

March 5 2005

Evening. Nightclub. Parked in a huge Hummer and shiny Harley. " On padded stools collapsed group of young people of both genders in clothing from trendy designers. They are fun to chat, kiss, drink cognac and cocktails. Renowned DJ near mocks the music.

About this picture is when you ask what the "golden youth"? The answer is simple - it's lucky kids of rich parents who hang out, study, rest, litter money. They - reckless and spoiled the hosts of life. That's just today these young people for some reason are no longer considered "golden." Their peers are using far more prosaic name - "C", "snobs" or even "morons". So what changed?


"Golden Youth" comes from the Soviet Union. There were some thieves offspring of party officials, generals, diplomats, directors and shops who have had much more opportunities than mere mortals. This "election" were available a variety of scarce goods that they relished, shut up on the father's or secluded cottages in Stalin's apartment. To "gigs" they skimmed magazines, video airplay, smoked cigars. And porches waiting for them with a guitar Yuri Shevchuk: open mouths, tear off caps ...

Today, the closed caste has not disappeared anywhere, probably even be supplemented with new members - "Rublevskie wife," "Children of Presidents", etc. Majeure not become majeure must be born ...


New formation of the "golden youth" that appeared in the 90's. "Novorussky" young pathetically throwing money pokryakival a lecture at MGIMO, contemptuous attitude to everything around and purchased with his burning hatred of the society. However, this generation of "pontovoy" golden youth quickly sunk into oblivion.

No matter how corny it sounds, but the generation of "imbeciles" failed to fulfill its program and achieve the main thing - happiness. Their life was not only an empty and boring, but dangerous. That's life on a volcano - now your father has the money, and tomorrow he is in prison. This is life in the circle of hate, where you constantly feel behind the envious looks "well-wishers."

If you speak a dry scientific language, "morons" were primitive and unfit for life. Time of the dinosaurs ended with gold chains, and were replaced by another "golden youth".


What has changed? Of course, the desire of wealth will not delos. Money should either have or be able to earn them. But money alone is not enough. Credit cards and expensive belongings today can not be surprised. Much more important way of making money. For example, in terms of the "golden youth" includes a musician, and Tears for Fears (at least those of the singer calls the RIA "RBC"), and tennis player Marat Safin, and the designer Artemy Lebedev.

I'll try to outline a representative of the "golden youth" 999-carat. The first requirement - the ability to hold well, get along with others, be pleasant to have to themselves (who say that this cord can not - let him first cast a stone at me!). Without the charisma in the modern "gold" is nothing.

Not least of the following - having a taste, the ability to understand things. The past generation of "golden youth" was criticized in the chronic illiteracy. Today, follow the glossy fashion and pick up equipment from elite designers are not enough. Need what is called a "style feel, to have" their own selves.

Another requirement - "intelligence", the ability to "load".Representatives of today's "golden youth" is not a gift pants sits in a steep high school - they are always ready to indulge in casual chit-chat about quantum mechanics or grammar of Japanese. Do not know who the "Butterflies"? They will tell!

Maybe it's just an ideal, drawn by my sick imagination. But you will agree that such young people can be accurately described a "golden"!


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