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What led the fashion for ... virginity

September 4 2010

14999.jpeg The Victorian era proved the law of conservation of sexual energy. Women have become the bigots who experience fear of sex. This, in turn, led to a sharp increase in prostitution, an outbreak of venereal diseases and the vogue for all sorts of perversions. It all began with the romantics.

English gentlemen tried to revive in the middle of the XIX-th century, the spirit of courtly love and admiration for the lady. But it turned out that the higher they tried to raise a woman, the lower it falls. Meek Victorian wife thinks, and indeed was completely asexual. Delicate handling that surround it, its tyrannical education, sophistication and "spirituality", plus ignorance of physiology will inevitably lead to such an effect.

It was believed that having sex even in marriage, pozvolitelen only for the purpose of conceiving a child. American Madame Stockham stated in 1894 that "any man who demands sex with his wife without the intention to conceive a child turns her into a prostitute." Any preliminary explanation of the young ladies who marry, do not give - and it often leads to tragedies such as suicide attempts after the wedding night.

Make love to a "domestic angel", knowing that she was conscientiously conceal his aversion to it, could hardly have been a great pleasure for men. Many of them feel that they are acting for the benefit of their wives to satisfy their sexual instincts on the side. Doctors have brought this idea to its logical conclusion. They announced that the sexual intercourse, if they occur too often, calmly and without any violent emotions, is quite acceptable. In other words, sex with a prostitute, in which there appeared no love, no passion, was considered a "cause fewer mental disorders" than sex with his wife.

Contrary to popular belief at the time that a woman becomes a prostitute as a result of "deep inner depravity," the girl who in the XIX century, went to work on the panel, did so because they desperately needed money.

For the most part these were young widows or unmarried mothers, realize that if they applied for benefits on poverty, they almost certainly would have been separated from their children. Typically, they worked in manufacturing, but to get less, sometimes - just over half of the earnings, which rescued the men for the same job. In those days the manufacturers deliberately calculated minimum wage working women, so that she could survive, laboring as prostitutes.

Victorians condescending attitude towards prostitution has caused a rapid increase in sexually transmitted diseases. Doctors do not even know that gonorrhea and syphilis - are two different diseases: they considered the first of these diseases simply an early stage in the second. Careless or ignorant people of the Victorian era could simply not pay attention to the first symptoms of syphilis, considering their minor ailments, and to continue to lead a normal sex life, infecting not only prostitutes but also his own wife - and their future children.

14998.jpeg It may seem incredible, but that brothel owners were in favor of restrictions and severe penalties, from which depended on their well-being and health of their staff and customers. But the virtuous lady decried the new laws as a violation of women's rights.Josephine Butler, the wife of a priest and secretary of the Women's National Association, criticized the gynecological examination, because they "threaten the girls 'modesty', ignoring the fact that this notorious modesty and without that trampled on many times a day without any medical procedures.

In such circumstances, a natural consequence of rampant sexually transmitted diseases has been growing demand for virgin prostitutes are notoriously considered to be "clean." There was, unfortunately, even the myth that sexual intercourse with a virgin cures syphilis.

At the beginning of the XIX century for a virgin in London at a price of £ 100, although by 1880, this year the price dropped to 5 pounds, which, unfortunately, reflects not a reduction in demand and an increase in supply.

Some brothels specializing in virgin, found them at the end of railway stations where trains arrive from the provinces. To convince the maid or the vendor to part with her virginity in exchange for a gold guinea was easy, but sometimes girls began to regret his decision when realized what he had done.

Therefore, the brothels, containing virgin, usually located at some distance from other buildings and were equipped with good sound insulation. Barbers, owners of bathhouses and retired prostitutes earning a living, "restoring virginity" to those who needed.

To create a convincing bleeding, it was enough to insert into the vagina a piece of sponge soaked in blood, which is squeezed in the process of sexual intercourse. Small fish bladder filled with blood, and gave a spectacular result, but it was harder to handle. Both of these methods have been far better of the other two - blood-sucking leeches and bits of broken glass. Contraction of the vaginal opening was more difficult. Sometimes the hole sewed, but most have used a strong astringent: mostly been recommended a couple of vinegar, infusions of acorns or sloe. In some brothels professional virgins "patch up" several times a week.

All these tricks bothered discerning customers, who began to think that virginity is guaranteed to be genuine can be found only among the very young. Began to increase the number of prostitutes under the age of 13 years - for the most part, they were teenagers from the suburbs, where parents were sent to the city for work.

It is impossible to say whether the fate of these children is more severe than the fate of their peers who worked 18 hours a day in the mines and mills. But the tragic irony is that child prostitution is unfolded in full force and effect as a time when lawmakers began to make attempts to control the exploitation of child labor in more traditional areas of activity ...

Agatha Grafova

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