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Bodyguard heels

March 4 2008

Their weapons - not just smile. They know how to shoot, drive a car in extreme situations, know a few language and martial arts. At the same time they continue to be women.

They may be gray shadow of his client, or vice versa, distracting elements, deliberately emphasizing their sexuality. In the arsenal of female bodyguard, there are three compelling advantages. Intuition, knowledge of psychology and the effect of surprise. Still - not everyone would think that the fragile-looking girl in a second can transform into a being capable of knock brain. Sometimes they play the role of administrative assistant, translator, friends, housekeepers, governesses for children, business partners, and even mistresses. Woman less than a man, is perceived as a bodyguard. Because of it does not expect serious resistance or aggression.

Their task is not even protect the client, and to prevent any attack. The main thing for the bodyguard did not shoot straight, and be able to recognize the man, posing a potential threat. And if women are the best in the world of suicide, then deal with them should be people with similar ways of thinking. Hence, women.

A female bodyguard to the last instinctively tries to avoid conflict. She therefore minimizes the risk to the client. Fires "maternal instinct" that plays a role in choosing a female bodyguard.

Proved that the girl's bodyguard find hidden bugs and hidden cameras faster than male colleagues. Using the very intuitive. At the first Open Cup of Russia among the bodyguards of the jury was surprised by the speed with which the girls found in the room "bug". For 20 minutes, given it took them only 20 seconds. Nothing, except women's intuition, no explanation of this fact can not.

They are more unpredictable and more subtle. They narrow shoulders suddenly appear from behind the rulers of States, businessmen and showbiz stars, accompanying clients everywhere. From social events to the toilet. One of the great advantages of female bodyguards, it's easy access to places, "closed" for the Board of the male. Only a woman can enter into the women's locker room in the ladies toilet in a specialty store for women, without causing suspicion. Most women are engaged in personal guard known as "lichku, a VIP-guests.

Natural selection

But out of a hundred willing, professional bodyguards are only five of the girl.

First aspirant offers to fill in questionnaires and to solve the puzzles of logic. Remaining after the first round will run for endurance, or a test of survival. Jogging with push-ups, squats and jumps. Further, special training lasts approximately three months. Shooting skills and martial arts to aching muscles, lessons on makeup and style classes in psychology, ethics, medicine, and training for fighting in a kimono and miniskirts.

Standards of fitness, of course, differ from men's. But judge for yourself - it's about 30 push ups, 30 abdominal exercises, 10 pull-ups. Add to this test of endurance and answers to the questions of the psychologist.

If you are up to 37 but not less than 20, you are ready to give up his personal life, work 12 hours a day, sometimes at night, holidays and weekends, all to spend free time in training and in the gym - hence his bodyguard profession for you.

Teach it in special schools, except that contact these schools to find a surprisingly difficult.

rihodyat back and former athlete, and want to jump married housewives, and romantic young lady, obsmotrevshiesya "Nikita", and police officers. In general - the most ordinary women. Requirements for height, weight, leg length hair and no one makes. But But with poor eyesight and health problems in the protection are not taken.

Just when the interview is crucial presence of children. A married woman with a child can never become a professional bodyguard

They know where to find the vulnerable points, the impact of which may cause loss of consciousness, muteness or death. And what a blow with the open palm sensitive punch that the ears can enter the enemy "to a screeching halt, and the heel-pin pack a healthy man in a hospital bed with a concussion. And what better to gouge your eyes with your thumbs - in depth and in different directions. And for evening dresses are not just a handbag, shoes and necklaces. And a special holster for small caliber weapons with which you can shove a gun in her bra or on your hip.

Romance without the romance

Bodyguard, as a rule, does not work with one client over a year. Getting used to the situation it is difficult to catch any breeze. If the client is a real risk, we have to even sleep with him in one room. Although about love bodyguards and the client is legendary, a romance between a boss and a bodyguard is not valid. In decent agencies Bodyguard forbidden to maintain any relationship with customers after the "order". This professional is trying to prevent as little as possible personal contact. For the "romantic" relationships in the workplace can just dismiss. A film "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner, as well as examples of Princess Diana and the younger daughter of the princely couple Stephanie of Monaco, who succumbed to his manly charms of the guard, just a beautiful fairy tale that has no place in a harsh reality. Women are still at school entry are asking: Do you have an intimate relationship with a client? And if the answer is: "yes" or "it depends" - this young lady is shown on the door.

Many professional bodyguard, before signing the contract, work out with the client test day. If there is persistent antipathy - to refuse to work. Bodyguard should not follow the tastes of the client. When the boss says: "Help me carry a bag," the bodyguard may refuse him in this. Hands should be free. Although the Russian master's attitude towards the protection of happened a long time. In Brezhnev's administration, for example, the guards wore a folder with business papers, and it was considered normal. Foreign delegations were surprised when the guard was fed Gromyko to sign intergovernmental agreements.

Under the protection of women's shoulder

The presence of women in a team of bodyguards - a sign of high-level client. Not without reason in the protection of senior politicians must now include women.

One of the American bodyguard at different times guarded Margaret Thatcher, Nancy Reagan and Raisa Gorbachev. The girl from the Russian security agency was accompanied by the princess arrived in Moscow to the UK. First woman-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova is constantly accompanied by companion of the secret police, is in fact her bodyguard. During a stint as president of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze, has entrusted the protection of his body five trained women. Boris Yeltsin, occupying the presidency, insisted that his bodyguard immediately included two women. Protection of the then Prime Ministerernomyrdina also headed by a woman. Rumor had it that women under the guise of his bodyguard and personal driver girlfriends guard Alla Pugacheva, Zemfira, and actress Sharon Stone for many years guarding a female bodyguard, Mimi, who really was her best girlfriend. Group "Tatu" before Evrovidiniem "guarded the legendary Latvian woman Evida bodyguard, which once accompanied the official delegation. The girl was his bodyguard and the singer Michael Shufutinski. By singer Vitas during his tour of Israel had the charge as a bodyguard eight charming girls, the Israeli army. Returning to Russia Vitas replaced muscular guys on girls. The singer Larisa Chernikova have a friend on guard, with whom they studied together in school. Larissa has a girlfriend, a classmate to his work.

Bodyguard, "the leader of the Libyan Revolution Colonel Muammar Gaddafi once saved his charge from a serious attempt. Female guards rushed toward the flow of bullets, shielding leader. One bodyguard was killed on the spot, many were injured. But his duty Libyan Amazons with Kalashnikovs executed. His bodyguard were Saddam Hussein. It is known that special teams of women were still at the Chinese emperors and royal families in the East. In addition, because of social and religious motives, it is considered more appropriate to have women as bodyguards. For the U.S., the situation is different, because in this country there are not enough qualified women to serve as bodyguards. And the bodyguard profession is not included among the ten most prestigious - the American dream of such a rare profession. In parts of the guards in the United States is rarely more than one woman. But the female police officers in the U.S. is 9.5% of the total number of police officers.

Even in the past century in the East it was thought that a girl can feel the "wind of death." Traditionally, the guards caught only a virgin or young girl is not giving birth. Often female bodyguards sterilized. It was believed that this makes women more aggressive and vicious in the first place to men.

Also, the protection often took lesbians. Women were seen as gay more responsive to male-mercenary. Women's bodyguards were also in the temples of India, Egypt and the Middle East. In Russia no such thing, and in the personal protection of the fair sex has already started to attract during the Soviet era.

Modern employers want to girl's bodyguard was intelligent, beautiful, with a \ and a foreign language, without the \ n and a driver's license. In the area of no forgiveness for mistakes, especially for female bodyguards. Ladies are always "under fire" as their colleagues and employers, and claims to them anymore. Just because they are women.

Most often, girls are invited to protect women or children. A woman feels more comfortable when her bodyguard is a woman. And a woman is easier to protect a woman posing as a friend, helper, companion. Rich husbands beautiful young girls are afraid to trust his faithful bodyguard, a man. Men are less likely to trust and protection of children, as a female bodyguard more than caring for them and more thoroughly ensure their safety. All the same proverbial maternal instinct. The children feel it and not so afraid in critical situations.

Professional bodyguard in Russia can be counted on the fingers.In the late 90's, it became fashionable know-how, and women's agency crept up like mushrooms after rain. Enough to remember these young ladies, the owners of the agency, as Anna Loginova or Oksana Robski.

Today in our country, about 500 qualified female bodyguards. Others call a few other statistics - 15% all the guards. Judge for yourself: out of 100 women undergoing selection, take into schools on the strength of 20 men and finishes courses - exactly half. Continue to work at the agency units. The average age of female bodyguards 23-28 years.

The average working hour bodyguard is worth 30 dollars. However, employers prefer to pay a fixed "salary" every month, also want to clock security. For hazardous work - the growing tension, a huge strain on your eyes, do not pay the premium. Protecting a woman or a child, the bodyguard makes about 1,5 thousand dollars. Bodyguard businessman associated with the risk of his life, is worth 10 thousand dollars a month. The average wage level security for 15 daily shifts per month, less than 1500-2000 dollars.

For bodyguards and secret there an age limit. Usually work in this profession until 1933. Then it is very difficult to keep the form and keep practicing.

Reputable security companies in contract always determine the amount of insurance in case of death or disability of the employee. By law, the bodyguards are the only ones who protect the president. The rest of the body is not formally protected, and fur coats, jewelry, documents and wallets. When an attack is a warning shot, and if the enemy does not stop, you can shoot to kill. Then it will be tried, but almost always turns out to be a bodyguard rights. At least in Europe, and if it comes to protecting dignitaries.

Names, passwords, secret

Female Bodyguard does not apply on their activities. This Lichk should be inconspicuous and not declassified. However, in 1999 the UK published a first book in the world female bodyguard. At nineteen years old heroine entered the London police, in their free time engaged in personal protection. Then this perk was the main occupation. She was accompanied by the Arab sheiks, the stars of television and cinema. Now in Europe, U.S., developed countries, East Africa and his bodyguard profession is very prestigious.

First Russian amazon, woman bodigardom at the presidential office was the legendary St. Petersburg's "Nikita" Viktor Korchagin, guarded by Mikhail Gorbachev. Now Victoria is the head of Korchagin the Northwest Branch of the National Association of Bodyguards. Services of the former biathletes, who studied at the renowned specialists from the 9 th of the KGB, used the Duchess of York and a couple of oligarchs - Berezovsky and Potanin. She also accompanied and Paul McCartney during his visit to Russia.

The winner of the TV project "The Last Hero - 4" has become St. Petersburg's bodyguard Yana Volkova.

Helena Mickle first woman - a bodyguard in Ukraine. Knows how to shoot a Kalashnikov, a Makarov pistol and submachine gun Stechkin 50 times pushed off the floor, owns karate techniques and unarmed combat, knows where the pressure points on the human body and can be calculated by the look in the crowd of criminals. Its wards have been the wife of ex-president Lyudmila Kuchma, the wife of the presidents of Poland, Armenia, prime ministers and diplomats. But the bodyguard for VIP madam in a few years of service still prefer a career woman's normal life guards.

Alena Dmitrieva


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