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Operation "shaved head" will join the ranks of the army

October 2 2007

October first began in the autumn conscription. This will be the last appeal, which conscripts would have to serve half of the year. As usual in November, will start operation "shaved head" - a mass capture evaders of military service. And this is happening against the background of the Defense Ministry to revive its former popularity conscripts. It turns any series like "Soldiers" and "The Cadets" can not join the ranks of conscripts.

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Military enlistment offices in panic due to reduction of life to a year. Will have to find a half times more recruits. And they fear more embittered "grandfathers", gather information, documents, in order to recognize not fit.

During the spring draft in 2007, according to official figures, over 12 thousand recruits evade military service. This is due to the fact that since January 1, 2008 life is reduced to one year. Another reason that causes the "flight" - the shortening of facing a new wave of bullying. It turns out the opposite effect: trying to increase the number of conscripts, military enlistment offices have initiated a new wave of evading military service.

Trying to analyze the situation, "why young people still do not want to serve in the military» YOKI.RU conducted a survey among young people of military age, was that blames hazing and bullying officers. Victims of the Army, we see almost every day on television or read about them on the news.

Why do young people no longer prestigious to serve in the army? The situation YOKI.RU commented President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems of the Russian Federation, doctor of historical sciences, Colonel-General, the chairman of the Union of Russian People "(Military Imperial Union of Russia) Leonid G. Ivashov.

"The state of our society, and that value system, which in this society takes root, leaves much to be desired. Served in the army, as a defense of the fatherland, now is not honorable. Because young people for all these years of reform forced upon other values. This occurred both through the media, and through real life. The essence of these values is what you need in this life get in such a way as to make a lot of money. Money is now more important than protecting the homeland. Because money makes our deformed society have more rights to succeed in a career in general, live happily. This is the first problem.

The second - now blurred the notion of the fatherland. In a message to the president, as well as other official documents of the concept of "fatherland" is blurred, because we are embedded in the global economic hierarchy. Therefore, under the "defense of the fatherland" guys do not understand what is at stake.

The third problem lies in the social stratification of the population, it does not create an incentive for the service. Someone to protect? Billions Abramovich, Fridman, Potanin? Then the recruits to ask another question: "what about the village where you were born and raised?" Guys just remember the wreck, the misery of their parents, grandparents and say: "but there is nothing to defend."

Major private property, stratification of the population does not create an incentive not only for soldiers but for the officers. Therefore, the Army now, guys are looked upon as something that is not prestigious, useless and socially equitable. Especially as some now have the opportunity to buy their way out, then those guys who can not pay off question "why should I go for someone to protect."This is the main reason.

Also plays an important role of the army itself. Guys want to serve only if their souls homeland gain weight and priority - this is my country, land, every square meter of its watered with blood, etc. it's all mine, I'm responsible for it, not in my ownership, but in my area of responsibility. And we have always private ownership, foreign ownership, etc. and then what to protect?

A sense of fatherland lost. Values have others - to get more money. State youth today are cast. For all the years of reforms only now, in anticipation of elections, formed a committee on youth affairs.

Who shall still bring a sense of patriotism? L. Ivashov believes that there must be enabled, and school and family, but to organize all the necessary state. "It is not only responsible for macro-and microindicators for GDP, etc., are all secondary, and for the state of society and the future of his need to ask the state. It should focus society on these issues as the critical value. But society has created an environment that parents and talk less, say about the money for luxuries, luxury, or simply the survival of "where to find the money to pay for an apartment, so that parents could really educate, give more time to his children from an early age . We should all work, and the state should organize it, to give priority targets ", - says Leonid Ivashov.

As mentioned above, in early November to begin action "shaved head". That's just not clear how the army can operate normally, which dragged by the ears? L. Ivashov said that there is no fault of recruitment. "They lowered distribution list, as they have bonded structure, here so much and need to call. They are just trying to execute your plan. But the military enlistment offices can not be restored to his area the prestige of the army. They are nearly so state. Today, military enlistment should be doing something that should make the state. Forces and means they have of course to that no, that would educate the youth. As a result, guided by the plan, they share with the police carry out such raids, which further exacerbates the attitude towards the army. But the output of another today, military offices there. These raids, of course, even more demonized the very army and served in it. It's dangerous, "- commented L. Ivashov.

Tatiana Trushkova


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