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On hemp hit Russian vodka

May 2 2006

Muscovites and visitors on May 7 to walk through the Old Arbat quietly. Apply here the so-called "Hemp march", which were to take part and a half thousand supporters of the legalization of marijuana will not take place. But the procession, whose plans have generated enormous interest among the international media should have been quite spectacular - an eccentric crowd wanted to go to a monument Okudzhava as much to Pushkin Square, shouting through megaphones appeals in defense of marijuana and other drugs.

"We filed a timely notice to the prefecture of the Central administrative district of the capital, but they stated that the issue with the march should solve City Hall, where our notice and sent out - said« Yoki.Ru »leader of the League of legalizing marijuana Dmitry Zlotnikov. - And there, apparently, the bureaucracy is going shook our statement. That's why we decided to hold its share in another format. All supporters of legalizing marijuana, we invite on May 7 REC, where at five o'clock in the evening around the Fountain "Friendship of Peoples" will be the so-called "hemp festivals. This will be a meeting of like-minded people, where we will discuss further plans for our struggle. To avoid conflicts with the police, I ask everyone not to bring in marijuana and other psychoactive substances, and to refrain from publicly expressing their views through the posters. At this event is expected to famous TV host Vladimir Pozner, who two years ago publicly called for the legalization of drugs in Russia and explained his position need to combat drug trafficking. "

However, not all public figures so complacent about the legalization of marijuana as Vladimir Posner. Known Duma deputy from the LDPR Nikolai Kuryanovich appealed to the General Prosecutor's Office, demanding urgent consideration to prosecute all the leaders of the League of legalizing hemp and close the website of the organization. "Russia wants hocus and put the needle legally - told our publishing Mr. Kuryanovich. - Marijuana today is legalized only in some places in Holland, and other Western countries to follow suit in no hurry. From marijuana to hard drugs - one step. That is why not only I but all responsible politicians, we expect that the police would react to the plan of "hemp festivals" VVC with the utmost seriousness and will not give the organizers of the socially dangerous action hocus simple-youth. "

Meanwhile, marijuana almost never in public use in night clubs of Moscow, many movie stars and show business. Thus, the Internet edition "Dni.Ru in February reported that the well-known actors Alexei Chadov and Alexey Makarov (son Lyubov Polishchuk) at a party in the series" Evenings at Club Cinema retired on half hour "round the corner to smoke." Had been a very cheerful state, and Alexei Chadov, as eyewitnesses, giggling incessantly, even when extremely dissatisfied Light Svetikova showed him the fig and mineral water poured over his collar. It became clear that Chadov with Makarov considerably delayed "kosyachki.

Today, however, marijuana in the metropolitan artistic bohemia gradually goes out of fashion. While the general public bombarded supposedly "trendy" opuses Dan Brown, in the circles of the artistic beau monde incredible popularity of the legendary psychedelic utopia of "Island" the classic English literature, Aldous Huxley, as well as the book's most famous contemporary psychologist and psychiatrist Stanislav Grof "Man in the face of death", " LSD Psychotherapy "and" Beyond the Brain. "

yne on intellectual bohemian hangouts decided to make with the help of "agents" controlled LSD trip at a high dose of the drug (800 mg), during which brought psychedelic experience non-stop immersion in the unconscious, and at the same time, the enormous expansion of consciousness. And, speaking easier - get in any other era, and even universes, as well as in space with five, six or more dimensions, there are a variety of deities and even the disembodied entities.

"My old friend Rita Suhankina of" Mirage "invited me to one such psychedelic circle" - said «Yoki.Ru» a prominent liberal politician and one of the leaders of SPS, Boris Nadezhdin. - At its meetings in an LSD trip fly, as they say, many celebrities - Alexei Chadov, Dima Bilan, Zhanna Friske, Tatyana Ustinova, Vladimir Sorokin, Anastasia, Yuri Galtsev, Irina Allegrova. Maybe this is speculation, but could well be, and the truth. Of course, I'd love to fly away to another dimension and meet there with Karl Marx to tell him our liberal "fairy" ... But personally, I'm old-fashioned and believe that entering into an altered state of consciousness is the best way is liter excellent Russian vodka, and preferably two . Exactly the same opinion, and my friend the director Fyodor Bondarchuk, who had recently appreciated members Ceremony kinonagrad MTV. »

Boris Nadezhdin also extremely outraged at plans to arrange a VVC "hemp festivals. Now guide the ATP to urgently consider the idea of there with the LDPR alternative "alcoholic beverages festivities. Since May 7, near the fountain "Friendship of Peoples" in any case it will be interesting: either you will read a lecture on the benefits of marijuana, a generously poured glass - from Nadezhdin and Kuryanovich.

Константин Дятлов

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