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Buy a puppy: a beautiful and cleverly, Zdorovenki!

March 2 2005

Deciding to have a dog, you need to think not only about the breed, but also how to properly include the future of another. And yet - about the costs of bringing about the content of the animal. So you do not kick him out.

Experts say that the age of the acquired pet must be at least 1.5 months, or 6-8 weeks.
Choosing a puppy, will focus on the idea that the plant is not a toy, which can always be removed from sight, and a friend who will follow us through life the next 10-15 years.

It sometimes happens that the dog get to please the children. And then, as a rule, acts such principle of selection: the best one for children who showed little hand. But carelessly chosen puppy can grow zadohlikom, whose adult family members will always have to be treated. Six months later, the child will find a new toy, and you sadly begin to point out that your dog is not such a beautiful and active as their neighbors.

So when buying a puppy is better guided by the advice of professionals canine. First, it's worth getting advice on the peculiarities of the breed, keep, care, feeding. Second, decide on the breed, think about what would be the nature of a dog when she grows up. If the puppy is purebred, predict it's not too difficult. After all, nature is passed down from generation to generation. Good idea to also attend several dog shows, where you can see and communicate with owners.

Ideal - the acquisition of a puppy in the kennel, where dogs are bred some specific breeds. In Moscow and St. Petersburg there are many. But residents of other cities have more complicated.

About the price. Purebred puppy is from 200 to 2000 cu depending on the breed. For example, a German boxer puppy or a dachshund should lay 200-250 cu Alsatian - 300-500 cu German Shepherd - 350-400 cu Yorkshire Terrier - 600-900 cu and Cane Corso - 1500-2000 cu However, spreading a lot of money for a puppy, do not forget about the next spending. After all, as well as pet owners must comply with the requirements, the owners are obliged to satisfy his needs. Caring for your puppy will need from the very first hours of stay in the house. Therefore, simultaneously with the choice of pet would be good to take care of the place where he will sleep, feed stocks, some of the necessary medicines, vitamins, etc.

Responsibility should go to the selection of personal corner. The ideal location is chosen once and for all - our four-legged friends do not like radical changes in their lives. However, if the puppy suddenly becomes to avoid the selected place for him, it's better not to persist, but to offer another favorite. Perhaps, select the host location is not favorable in the geophysical sense. People such unfavorable areas do not feel a dog - perfect. For shelter puppy will fit a box of plywood or cardboard box with a cut in its recess, the puppy could easily climb up there. At the bottom of the box or put a regular cotton mattress, or a folded blanket again. Should not immediately acquire an expensive basket - puppy her progryzet, besides, he could get hurt with sharp slivers.

Puppies, like other kids, love to play. And they love to gnaw and chew on all sorts of useful things, such as: shoes, bags, gloves, umbrellas, etc. And at the same time may harm their own health harm. So you should just buy a few toys, and more at the pet store. They cost usually inexpensive: 10-50 rubles, although you can find a toy and a 150.

The most significant item of expenditure - it is feeding. "Scraps" from the table owners - not the best option. Not least because that dog, especially puppies, bad all the sweet and salty.So if you do not want to spend time preparing personal meals for your pet, stop for a feed. Range of feed is very large, many well-known company puppies should provide food, it's: "Royal Canin", "Hills", "Eukanuba". High-quality dry food is worth an average of 120 to 150 rubles. per kg., canned 450 gr. - About 20 rubles. Medical and dietetic food much more expensive. One-time purchase of a bone or some goodies for the pet will cost 10-70 rubles.

Concern about health is equally important. Veterinarians are advised to keep at home "dog" kit, which includes first aid and hygiene care - for example, eye ointment, ointment from scratches and burns, with the blunt end tweezers for pulling out splinters, cotton swabs to clean ears, antiseptic solution, stomachic and so on. First aid kit will cost about 100-150 rubles.

Regularly to pay for veterinary services. In the first year of life the puppy is a few shots for various diseases. You can certainly do the lowest-cost vaccine, but is it worth to save on health? One vaccine, depending on the drug, worth from 30 to 150 rubles. The best thing now is, - "Nobivac" and "Gegsadog. If the first vaccination is done at 6 weeks (it usually comes in the cost of the puppy), then continue the vaccination schedule is as follows: in 8-9 weeks, 12 weeks, and then - every year.

But that's not all costs. Have yet to purchase a collar (50 to 600 rubles.) Leash (from 25 to 150 rubles.) And a muzzle (30 to 150 rubles.) Bowls (10 to 70 rubles.) And floor supports for the bowl (from 100 400 rub.). For the proper and regular maintenance required shampoos (from 10 to 300 rubles. Per bottle), and about 100-150 rubles for a comb, scissors, kogterezki. Electric clippers are from 1300 to 4000 rubles.

At the cold time of the rocks to take care of their looks for short-haired dogs: sleeveless jackets, overalls, jackets. One piece of dog toilet costs about 150 to 350 rubles. Can be purchased and a cap for 50-60 rubles, and even shoes - to 100 rubles.
And in any bookstore or major zoological store can be, and even need to buy a book with advice on the contents of your chosen dog breed (30-100 rubles). That count.

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