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Cork Capital

November 1 2007

It turns out that with the advent of autumn - winter period, the administration of the Moscow Metro has decided to change the timetable of trains from 7 am to 10 am and from 17 to 19 pm, to facilitate the residents of Moscow life. In these extended rush hours, the Moscow trains run at intervals of 90 seconds.

I wonder one thing, we felt ourselves whether Muscovites caique some changes in a mad metropolitan traffic? Hardly. Moscow last year finally turned into one big traffic jam. And, if the tube had been roads and all forward-car owners did not go through the center in the morning and at lunchtime, now the tube and moved into the metro, bus stops, and yes, even shopping malls. Moscow has already become a city of queues.

Despite the expansion of the frontiers-peak hours, to get on a train in the morning, still difficult. Have to miss at least two trains, with carefully rammed into them by people to finally get on your own. A purchase of travel costs to attend to all the day before to the morning not to stand in line behind them, burning with shame under the gaze of hours over the cash registers, all of which strongly hinted that the work you're hopelessly late.

Attraction "come out of the train at its station, and survival becomes ezheutrenney program. Also within it are such entertainments as "Dodge checkered Baula and constant test of your humanity and love for people who unwittingly, but very persistently trying to weaken the surrounding. People in Moscow was a lot of really catastrophic. According to statistics, every day she comes up to three million people. Some of them remained in Moscow for a long time, someone traveling from suburban towns to work, plus tourists. And do not forget to add it to the number of permanently living in the capital of ten million. The situation is exacerbated "ponaehalitutami" which was first getting in the Moscow subway, laden with various possessions, no wondering because of the mad rhythm of the new situation, try to somehow get to the right place for them. Brain in humans is completely disconnected due to leaning experiences, and they stunned pose numerous trunks around his feet, bustling about and prevent the passenger traffic. " People can understand them strange, scary and unfamiliar to a new city, but the love of it in cars will no longer be, but on the contrary, its concentration in air decreases in direct proportion to cruel cocktail of various perfumes and sweat.

Especially in the vast underground hit, of course, Muscovites apparently still do not realize that their city happens to the human traffic. At seven in the morning when people are unlikely to raise his hand to scratch your nose, some people manage to turn around and demand that they are not crushed, at the time, as you yourself going into the back disaffected almost fifteen people who were not held during the sharp spurt train. Slam the eyes and do not know what to say. Indicator of the final of the crisis with chelovekopotokami in Moscow was a situation of life. Today, the author of this article, departing from the car aki a bar of soap from his hand, headed for another crush on the way to the escalator. Somehow proterevshis (and on the subway, apparently, so soon everything will move) to a moving bed and relax, waiting to take the escalator to the surface, was caught by the sleeve, a decent-looking woman of forty. The lady demanded her return to her cell, because it is "you bessosvestny stole it." With some difficulty digesting the information and not knowing whether to laugh, or to drive away bad vision, I tried to explain to the lady that the undoing of women's handbags in the crowd to snitch out your mobile, never on the list of my interests. But the woman insisted on her and caused quite a killer argument: "You clung to me." At that received the reply that the subway for some time now, all together tightly pressed, and that soon this trend will spread even to the street.In the end it was all over that lady apologized for the misunderstanding, believing still that the mobile it to me not a bit unnecessary. And on the left.

In general, periodically find themselves on the street about three or four very surprised to see that there is less people died. In some cases even more. It seems to be already at work long, eight-hour day and so on. But no, people are just as much. And, everywhere. In cafes, clothing stores in the central queue are in the dressing and no room to swing a cat. And the same thing in the subway. Okay, students, truant lectures and pensioners, who, apparently, are in constant state of movement anywhere. To market, shop, clinic, anywhere. But here is to explain to myself what they are doing in the quantities people of middle age, with a mean strong men and well-groomed women who really do not get. Too egregious quitter? Unemployed? According to statistics, in Moscow, the lowest unemployment rate. Hence, the hypothesis is untenable. Many a "floating" schedule, or they are just to work somewhere and jump out, or there are two in two days. And, if during the week going so overcrowded, that even on the weekend and not worry about traveling to any major stores like Auchan and Ikea. This is a guaranteed tube, almost no time searching for parking space and jostling in all departments of the stores. When, in view of the "floating" graphics, you are thinking in a similar place on a weekday, you will experience the same list of pleasures, perhaps a little more abbreviated. And, it should be noted, are increasingly in line heard it with an accent. Moscow has truly become a multi-ethnic city, swollen and bulge at the seams tightly packed bag. Carefully designed and kept under control, says the FMS, the influx of new labor personnel in Moscow, in fact, there is a great benefit. But in reality it is quite different. Three million a day is too much. In recent years, notably that Muscovites have feelings is not racial hatred, and angry because of the immigrants they are simply difficult to move around the city. Yes, and angry at each other, as a minimum area of personal space has narrowed almost to one meter. People huddle together in lines, in the subway, on the streets, on roads, feeling themselves in a hostile environment, which is a test on the way to home office in the morning or an apartment in the evening.

If we speak about the monstrous traffic jams in Moscow, then it follows immediately think of the auto loan. The bottom line is that now buy the car much easier. The fact that people, as a result, harness oneself to some almost life-long bondage, we shall not speak It's just different. The car became available to almost every third. While the car had to save or earn a very long time, ride on Moscow, it was much easier. Now, when people who quietly bought the rights (and, alas, so often the case) take credit for the car and leave it to the city, traffic jams are inevitable. Slow driving culture on Moscow roads, plenty of drivers on dropouts neobkatannyh cars that are not too savvy, how to behave behind the wheel, here are the basic components soundly tube. Plus, not too competent work in matters of travel interchanges built by the city administration. Apparently, soon to be the most pressing credit loan for a bike, because very soon it can become almost the only way not to go on foot.

While the people pressed out of each other guts by typing into the walls of cars, and on some roads may be out of the car to buy cigarettes, because it still will not move anywhere next hour, the city authorities continue to assert that during peak hours in the city is strictly limited in time . Apparently, whoever decided that the rush hour ends at 7:00, live either deep underground or around the city with rocket backpack. The town stands, and at 7 am and 9 pm. For example, at 21.0 many bus stops just scored smoldering bursts. And options, spitting on all taxis are also unlikely to work all because of the same tubes.

Gregory Tumanov


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