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"I started balding at age 12"

September 1 2009

12480.jpeg Like any 12-year-old schoolgirl, gathering at the school disco, Amy Blinkhorn wanted her hair to look your best. Dochkiny twirling strands in curlers, her mother noticed a small bald spots Amy head the size of a small coin, but neither she nor the young fashionista did not attach much importance - think of it, a few hairs fell out.

However, over the next few months, bald patches of girls has increased. Now they have become six - and it's pretty decent size. "I could no longer hide the icon with hairstyles to hide his weakness - tells Amy, which for 26 years. - I had to wear a hat when I went to the people."

Diagnosis that the doctors put the girl sounded terrible: alopecia alopecia - a disease from which there is no remedy. Past 14 years, Amy, as she could, struggling with her illness. Now she has decided to take a picture without a wig to support those who, like her, suffer from alopecia.

This disease is more widespread than you might think: only in the UK alone suffer from it about a million people, with women gets stronger than men. Doctors still can not determine the cause of the disease.

Dr Nick Lowe, consultant dermatologist, explains: "Typically, the disease begins with one small chamber, which then gradually" captures "the entire scalp. People with alopecia are losing hair because of the fact that their immune system treats hair as a foreign body and tries to get rid of it. " But it is unlikely all that could serve as a consolation for the 12-year-old girl.

12482.jpeg Amy tried hard not to succumb to despair, but it was quite difficult. Nevertheless, in high school, is almost completely oblysev, it still remains the soul of the company and flirtatious.

"I had very beautiful long brown hair - with sadness that he remembers a girl. - Of course, their loss has become for me a real tragedy. Every night I spent in tears and hated fate that turned me into a bald monster."

Choice of doctors was low: Amy prescribed creams and lotions with steroids, which have a stimulating effect on hair roots. Alas, the good of them did not have any. Fortunately, serious injury, they also did not inflict - steroids are a very crafty "doctors": they can trigger the development of diabetes, ulcers, cataracts and osteoporosis, not to mention high blood pressure and weight gain.

In 14 years, Amy's hair suddenly stopped falling. Moreover, the bald spots, a new "growth". The girl cheered up, however, the improvement was temporary: after a while "volosopad" resumed with a vengeance. For some two months, Amy lost her hair, not only on the head, but on the whole body. Fell even eyelashes and eyebrows.

12481.jpeg "I felt that everything goes out of control. For example, today I came up to the mirror and saw that part of the eyelashes fell out, and tomorrow they have never left. The same thing happened with my eyebrows. I felt like a perfect monster . At school I was not teasing, but my friends always said I was still very beautiful, but unless they could understand me! " - Amy admits.

In hopes of healing my mother took her daughter to homeopaths, herbalists and healers.Amy had to drink so many pills that her diet consisted almost entirely of drugs. In the meantime, she had to "get acquainted" with her new wig. Synthetic hair looked like her own, but it still was not good. Amy could not wear it.

Two years later she realized that was just tired. Tired of the unending struggle for the hair, eyelashes and tired stick to draw her eyebrows. Emmy went to the tattoo parlor, where she underwent permanent makeup, and ordered a wig of natural hair, which cost her 4 thousand dollars.

"Three years ago, Neil, my present husband, once asked me to remove the wig. A long time I could not gather courage, more than anything I was afraid to take this step. However, I still decided I was shocked reaction of the Nile - he gently patted my head and said I was very beautiful. It was an incredibly exciting time. "

Of course, from wig Amy did not refuse: she still wears it every time you leave the house. However, shooting literally from head uncovered instilled in her confidence: "I understood that I could become an example for girls who life was not nice after they get sick of alopecia. Not even all my family saw me in a way not to mention the millions of strangers. However, I believe that every one is able to learn to live with this disease. I shed too many tears to further spoil your life with endless torments. "

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