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Welcome to reality: Notes Craver

May 30 2006

Not so long ago, we introduced our readers to Krav Maga , a modern system of self-defense and martial arts. Time passed, and now we can talk about it on the basis of personal experience .

- In our room on the wall hangs a poster, it shows a diagram of a Kalashnikov. The instructor often points to her and said that Krav Maga and AK combines simplicity, reliability and many years of practical use on the battlefield. If something does not work in technology, we explain it to pieces, find a flaw, analyze and assemble again.

- Krav Maga requires constant analysis of what is happening in order to avoid mistakes. But this does not mean that in an emergency you should spend time thinking. Craver solves the problem of lightning, a clear understanding at the same time, how and what he does.

-Analyzing the surrounding area, will inevitably begin to analyze and better understand themselves. Moments of awareness becomes a pleasure with which the little that can compare. And such luxuries as cigarettes or alcohol lost its meaning.

- Krav Maga gives you as much as you're in it to invest. Understanding this has come after the first more or less serious punches missed. "In the hall you must disconnect from everything and think only of the training. Spread, do not stint yourself, "- says the instructor. This work has to wear, just so you can understand and feel the essence of Krav Maga.

- To be honest, sometimes it is necessary to call for help will power. After work or a difficult work week, when a bad mood or bad mood does not really want to expose themselves to a two-hour intensive. The body craves soft couch, or a friendly shade of a quiet club with soft music and a glass of cold beer. Body-provocateur, it just does not want to work. "Krav Maga gives you as much as you you invest in it, I remember again and open the door to our room.

- Sometimes the instructor to ask tricky questions. For example, what if you were lying face down, with fixed arms and legs? How to get out of difficult situation, is there a saving miracle technology? There is one way, simply do not fall into such a situation, explains instructor. Indeed, Craver will not wait for his zavyazhut in a knot, if necessary, he is working on pre-emption

- Six months after study noted that scan the surrounding area has become the norm for me, a habit. In transport, on the street at the entrance to the staircase, I note the movement around. This happens automatically and requires no special effort. In crowded places included peripheral vision. Very convenient to the subway when Controlling the situation without interruption from reading the book.

- Krav Maga - this is not a martial art and sport. "A tool for solving problems," says of Krav Maga instructor. Indeed at the beginning of Krav Maga seems normal rukopashkoy, but only immersed in it, you realize that it is a system of survival, a specific worldview that lets you quickly make the right decision, not only in the extreme, but everyday situations.

- Solving problems comes in when they arrive. But why bring the matter to the problems. So do not be too lazy to change the route on the way home and beat a group of aggressive, drunken teneydzherov, nestled not far from your porch - completely normal.

But the episode in the life. Gopnik and drunk bus, which was not averse to a fight and provoked the conflict, was clearly discouraged by a friendly smile in return and demand to sit on the empty seat.While I will not hide the desire to put it in place broke out immediately. But here and there would be problems to be solved. Bruised face and broken ribs bully could hardly have left passengers indifferent. Communication with the police, too, was not in my plans. Thought about it quickly chastened, I used his favorite weapon in response to rudeness - politeness. This is also a Krav Maga.

- If anyone thought that Craver - is grim, bloodthirsty people, he is mistaken. Our training to laugh - a common phenomenon. After all, the ability to switch from one emotional state to another is also an important quality in Krav Maga, and constantly grind their teeth and growl, practicing techniques, dealing, in general, not tricky.
In our world saturated with aggression, obscure people already in short supply. At the training we learn to perceive the difficulties with a smile, and it is not surprising that the positive charge we carry with them beyond the walls of the gym.

Thank you for your assistance in the preparation of this text by Alexander Karasev Moscow Instructor Training Center Krav Maga, as well as team members for uncompromising and unchanging positive.

Dmitry Krupnov

Константин Дятлов

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