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How to become a spy for Her Majesty

September 29 2009

12736.jpeg In the old days you would tap on the shoulder and would be invited to see "a friend from London." Now everything is different: members of MI-6 recruited directly on the internet - you just pass a simple test.

All you need to future spy - answer a few questions after referring to the "legend", which will be discussed later. In the event that future chiefs endorse the candidature of the applicant, will have to sweat: the Office will require detailed answers about your religion, race, sexual preferences, tastes and other weaknesses.

For the agency, which officially came only 15 years ago, the MI-6 shows very good results - at least, the whole country knows what these two letters (Military Intelligence, Military Intelligence). Until 1994, the agency formally was not - he had no legal basis for its activities, and the very existence of the service was not confirmed by the Government of the United Kingdom.

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To date, the exploration involved two thousand employees, but the leadership of the MI-6 that was not enough. Therefore, at the site office announced a new campaign to recruit staff. On the website of the competitors offer a whole bunch of jobs - from experts on various languages to the head of department and specialist engineers.

A special section is available with what awaits you when you receive a service MI-6. It is true that intelligence remains true to itself: no juicy details there is not contained, and the nature of the states only that "are frequent business trips."

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12737.jpeg The site specifically provides that the admission of this work can only tell the parents and relatives, and no one else. For those who can not disobey, hangs a warning: "Your request could reject."

I wonder what the future intelligence does not necessarily have to be a man without bad habits. Use of ecstasy or heroin can not be a barrier for admission to the MI-6, but "you must be willing to renounce their use," says the website.

In matters of health personnel service agencies more sensitive about: should include all your diseases, ranging almost from childhood, and the availability of mental health problems - even innocent melancholy should not be dismissed, not to mention seasonal depression.

The last argument for the still undecided to serve as an advertising slogan: "Where else will you be able to learn the secrets of the White House to defend their country and complain that you have a boring job?".

And now - the test. The developers warn that its execution, you should leave no more than two minutes. Before the test, please be a stopwatch and do not miss the slightest detail. Here's your "legend."

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You are in Transevratanii.Are you a vegetarian, but food in Metropoligrade not the highest quality - except, perhaps, of coffee, which will cost you less than a shilling, even in the best hotel.

12738.jpeg Your name is Stephanie Johnson. You were born on Dec. 14, 1974 in Skegnese. In college, you had a "five" in geography, "five" in French "and" Quartet "on the economy.

You have two sisters and a brother. At the university you studied geology, and now a manager in the company British Coal Associates.

After getting acquainted with the legend you have to answer eight questions, each of which should take no longer than 15 seconds (which in the aggregate and give the required two minutes), and ideally - around ten.

1. As you can imagine, stopping in the hotel?
A. Joan Stephenson
Stephanie B. Johnston
Stephanie W. Johnson

2. You are going to pay. What is the currency goes to Transevratanii?
A. transevratansky ruble
B. transevratansky zloty
B. transevratansky Shilling

3. You came into a restaurant and want to order something to eat. What will you choose?
A. risotto with mushrooms
BA Peking duck
B. lamb with vegetables

4. Question on care: what assessment have you had in college?
A. 5, 4, 4
B. 3, 5, 4
V. 5, 5, 4

5. How short is called the company where you work?

6. What did you study in university?
A. geology
BA Geography
B. Management

7. What is the name of your brother?
A. John Stephenson
John B. Johnson
Steven W. Johnston

8. When were you born?
A. December 17, 1974
B. December 14, 1974
B. December 19, 1974
Correct answers: 1 -, 2 -, 3 - A 4 -, 5 -, 6 - A 7 - B, B - B.

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