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"Fantastic prospects," GM products

April 26 2006

It used to be that the whole point - in the muck, and only just the right amount of scatter green light for plowing. Since then, domestic agriculture has moved far ahead, and today even with a strong desire to abandon the sources of genetically modified (GMO) can not be: the technology of their application determines the development selhozhozyaystva in all advanced countries.

Meanwhile, a modified foods say much at the end of the last century, and the views are still diverge as to how transgenic technologies safe. Assumptions built the most different, whereas the counters in the country does hammered soy products - mostly American, teeming GMI.

For the record
It turns out that the official numbers still exist. In 1996, when the active introduction of industrial production of transgenic plants throughout the world, transgenic crops were planted 1.7 million hectares. With this watershed event coincided more - in the same year, Russia passed a law regulating the activities of genetic engineering .
From 1996 to 2002, area under transgenic plants grew more than 30 times, reaching 58.7 million hectares. U.S. today are leading to growing GM plants. The country has been allocated to them under 66 percent of the cultivated area.

All that could offer Western manufacturers of such products - wait 'natural' results in 15-20 years. However, a certain confidence in the success of this enterprise was still, and she eventually became infected domestic followers of Lysenko (agronomist efforts were aimed at a quick solution of food problems).

Today, support for the GMI is a high level. Director of the Institute of Nutrition, for example, believes that Russian society was simply misinformed and intimidated, while the nature of the relationship with the new technology is natural and obvious.

"Until now, no one can for manufacturability and performance to even come close to nature. It is arranged so rationally, that person still fails to fully copy of its processes. Therefore, leverage is created by nature as components of technology. And genetic engineering - this is still the highest achievement in the field of biotechnology. Therefore, speaking against such technology, we are opposed to nature itself, against progress, "- says Victor Tutelian.

Thus, the scientist calls to get rid of unwanted fears and phobias, and in the stores do not pay more attention to the amount contained in the products of food additives or GMO, and the shelf life of food.

The fact is that today, the labeling of many products you can find information about the content of GMI. The data are submitted only if their presence in the product exceeds five percent. From the first of June in Europe introduced other standards by which this threshold is reduced to only 0.9 percent. Russia also transferred to the new scale, and not the good life.

According to results of a poll conducted by the Levada Center, Russian society is still quite firmly questioned the loyalty of LGU (17%).

However, the greatest danger, according to the majority of the population (40%), for mankind is pollution and global warming.This problem is known to be very concerned about British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and after him and most of the British. Therefore, Russia's choice in this case is not original.

Other noteworthy: according to the survey, the "peaceful atom," the proliferation of which, incidentally, are concerned not only Europeans but also Americans, Russians in the representation is far less dangerous (15%) compared to transgenic products, occupying second place in the list.

Well, the lesser of two evils Russians habitually chose the least.


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