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Quit Smoking: tablets, erasable memory

June 24 2009

12205.jpeg According to the latest World Health Organization, worldwide there are over half a billion smokers. The number of deaths from diseases associated with smoking, close to five million annually. Authorities in many countries, tighter and tightening the nut, trying to force their citizens to quit this addiction, let stand for human rights and freedom of choice. Those who intend to quit on their own, probably the least interested in a painless way to quit.

Just recently, British scientists are usually pleasing to the world rather dubious discoveries made one remarkable observation. It turns out the tablet from high blood pressure can help smokers invaluable assistance.

As established physicians, such as drugs acting on receptors in the brain, can erase the memory of smoking-related pleasant experience. They, incidentally, in the ground and make people reach for a cigarette again - the percentage suffering from psychological rather than physical dependence on tobacco disproportionately higher.

Each year, seven out of ten smokers trying to break into the camp of advocates of healthy lifestyles. These impulses, no doubt admirable, but in reality to overcome tobacco addiction can be only 5-15 per cent of the people, and then to overcome the addiction they have takes an average of at least a year.

After Allan Carr, the developer rather effective, according to reviews, a method to quit smoking, he died of lung cancer, the confidence of many smokers to his proposed method has been undermined.

The most popular method today is the nicotine replacement therapy - a person gets accustomed dose of nicotine in the form of lozenges, chewing gum, patch or inhaler, not breathing at the same unhealthy secondhand smoke. However, these surrogates are very few people can replace the real experience of smoking, but because, after swallowing a regular candy, the smoker usually begins to nervously look around to find the nearest tobacconists.

The new method involves blocking the same emotions, which is the usual process of smoking. If you like, get comfortable, tasteful smoke a cigarette or two, watching the sunset, then this method just for you: soon will cease to be associated with cigarette comfort and beautiful scenery.

Chemical nature of the processes run smoking is this: as is the case with drugs and alcohol, the brain begins to produce dopamine - a substance that is responsible for emotions such as satisfaction and joy, often passing into euphoria. The same neurotransmitter "should," and for short-term memory.

When the body gets used to receive a dose of dopamine, he begins to "wag the tail" at the next session of smoking, and all because of short-term memory helpfully evokes associations with some pleasant moments. So basically people are not accustomed to a cigarette, and to a certain level of neurotransmitter.

Remember how you lit up the first time - certainly were not feeling the best. So, the tablets of the pressure will be each time you return to this point, "off" short-term memory. In this and is based treatment: sooner or later you get tired of spitting and coughing every time you have a cigarette.

Americans have begun to test this method on 50 patients smokers Massachusetts General Hospital, each of whom smoked daily for at least ten cigarettes."Panacea" designated drug propranolol, a beta-blocker used for high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

The experiment will consist of two parts. During the first phase all subjects were offered nicotine replacement therapy, while the second will give them propranolol and placebo. The experiment will last six weeks, during which scientists will be regularly measured in the wards the level of dopamine.

This approach doctors consider the most promising - Doctors are hoping that all brilliant really be simple and ordinary tablets will be able to do something that until now could not be the most persuasive speakers ratuyuschim for a healthy lifestyle.

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