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As a winner of a fight?

April 24 2009

0/7/4/12074.jpeg Each of us has a chance to become a party to fight or be physically assaulted by robbers, thugs, rapists, etc. How to get out of this situation with minimal losses?

Author and "Concise Encyclopedia of extreme situations, a journalist and a psychologist Anatol Gostyushin suggests, first, to avoid the risk of such situations - for example, do not walk alone through dark streets, and secondly, to learn to predict the development of events (ie when a threat to try to withdraw and not to bring the case before the collision), and thirdly, to learn at least a few self-defense techniques.

Most importantly, experts say, be intrinsically stronger opponent. If the attacker sees that he is not afraid, he can change his behavior and retreat.

If you do not know how to fight, then you can help other available means, which, incidentally, must carry with them. Here's advice on self-defense developed by an American non-governmental organizations.

1. Burning cigarette should be directed to the open part of the body.

2. Pen or pencil - to poke in the face area.

3. Corkscrew - hit straight and fast, sharp movements and repeated in any part of the body.

4. Plastic pear - can throw a stream of lemon juice to 15 feet. Sent to the person. Juice can be replaced by another effective fluid.

5. Aerosol - splashing in the direction of the face.

6. Keys - to carry a ring with a sufficient number of keys. Direct blows to the side of the head.

7. Umbrella - used to direct blow-butting, never have to swing. In this case, you can easily snatch it.

Anatoly Gostyushin complements this list of recommendations from the national councils "arsenal". For example, in your pocket scattered tobacco, salt or sand to powder the attacker's eyes. Snatch count or shtaketinu from the nearest water intake (for men). Or (for women) - take advantage of high-heeled shoes, which can inflict painful blows. In a pinch, you can pick up something which is dragged along right under your feet (stone, stick).

And what, if anything, the right to defend itself, not nearby? Then try to swipe his foot on the leg or toes forward! This will cause him acute pain. If you are clasped in front, try with all his strength to hit the aggressor's head in the face. If the back - hit the back of his head on the chin. Importantly, expert advice, do not stand on the spot - move, jump ... And as far as possible - strike!

Try to draw the attention of others. How can yell louder! Can cry out: "John, Joe, help!" Let the enemy think that you are not alone. But we should not continue to fight, if there is an opportunity to escape: it is your main goal - to preserve life and health.

Маргарита Троицына

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