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Hurricane: how to protect themselves from rampant floods

January 19 2007

According to the World Studies Center disaster, the number of natural disasters increases with each decade.

Indeed, if the earlier storm warning residents of a major Russian cities would consider a bad joke, but now this information has become somewhat commonplace, part of the general weather forecast.

Today, meteorologists reported that in the power of the elements proved to be Europe. Here is raging storm "Kyrill", leaving behind many of destruction and casualties. Moreover, he moves toward Russia. By the evening of 19 January the first blows of the elements can experience the residents of the Kaliningrad region. In St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Moscow has announced storm warnings. In the Central Federal District are expected heavy rainfall, wind 15-20 m / s (in the south - up to 25 m / s) and 20 January at the North District will go heavy snow, blizzard.

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Con: how not to fall for bait. Safety regulations

Experts predict major road traffic accidents, an increase in the number of accidents, injuries among the population, an increase in the number of household fires. But the threat can be minimized, it is enough to follow a few simple guidelines:

- It is best to wait out the hurricane in the shelter, pre-prepared shelters or in the basement. If you need to meet the disaster in the building, you need to choose the most safe place. It is located in the middle of the home, in hallways, at ground level.

- Shards of flying windows can cause serious injuries, so you should stand up against the wall, close to the wall, hiding in a cupboard or built to protect mattresses.

- On the windward side of the building should be tightly closed windows, doors, attic hatches and vents. Glass windows will not prevent okleit as possible they can be protected with shutters or shields.

- We must pre-arrange the presence of electric lamps, candles in the house. When a strong gust of wind is better to move away from windows, to take place in the niches of walls, doorways.

- Hide from the balconies, windowsills and loggias of the things that can be captured by air flow, the same applies to items in the yard or on the roof

- Do not forget to extinguish the fire in the oven, prepare to switch off the mains, close the gas taps

- Leave the radio and television: for it can do important new information

- If you were on the street, you should try to stay as far from the building and hide in a ditch, pit, ditch, hugging tightly to the ground. This will save from flying fragments of a tile, slate, glass, various items, torn signs and bricks. Of course, if you can be in the shelter or the basement of the nearest building, you have to do it as quickly as possible.

- If the hurricane caught you in the car or city transport, if possible leave it and take cover in the nearest basement or forced against the ground at the bottom of the ravine. When you stop the transportation of personal note that near trees and power lines in the cliffs and falling on it.

When the wind dies down, do not immediately go out: a few minutes, a barrage could be repeated. Then, when it becomes clear that the hurricane was over, leaving home, first look around - whether overhanging objects and parts of the design, dangling wires. Is there a smell of gas. Fire can not ignite until until confidence that there were no leaks. It is impossible to use elevators.

Constantine Dyatlov

In preparing the materials used to ITAR-Tass and the book "Encyclopedia of extreme situations" Anatoly Gostyushina

Константин Дятлов

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