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How not to get in, defending themselves against a rapist?

April 9 2008

When it comes to self-defense in an emergency situation, it is very difficult to talk about "the limits of necessary defense." Yes, and define the "chapel" is quite difficult. Especially when it comes to women, the defending rapist.

Yesterday the Court of Sverdlovsk region has been sentenced a woman with a knife zakolovshuyu rapist. She was found guilty of murder, and now 25-year-old resident of Nizhny Tagil spend in prison for six months.

As follows from the case, in the evening July 1, 2007 residents of Nizhny Tagil, invited himself condemned to his home. Together they drank alcohol, and the man began to pester the guests.

In this case, the landlord, previously convicted for the murder of women who behaved aggressively and repeatedly struck her guest. Then the rapist began to choke the victim.

Not wanting to engage with men in intimate relations, the woman grabbed a kitchen knife from the table and hit them from attacking. The blow fell right into the heart.

Sentences of those convicted for the murder of the rapist to serve in a penal colony. She was also accused of st.108 the Criminal Code (murder in excess of necessary defense).

This is not the first case where the victim of sexual violence is in the role of defendant. So in 2005, in Moscow, got a big publicity thing Alexandra Ivannikova, who killed with a knife solicits her driver.

In December 2003, Alexander Ivannikova after a quarrel with her husband was returning home late at night, using the services of the private channels. However, the driver, who agreed to ride, a young woman who had introduced her to a dark alley, where he was forced to oral sex. After the refusal of the victim, the offender has locked the door and promised to take her to his friends, who will do with it whatever they want.

At the same time threatening the driver began to pull down the passenger's head - to his groin, and he pulled off his pants and underwear. For some time the fight lasted, and then the woman said, "Wait" and reached for her purse.

Instead of condom she pulled out a knife, which was of 16 years after rape attempt, and hit him a man. The blade hit the oppressor into the femoral artery, causing profuse bleeding, which was the cause of death. From striker Sergei Bagdasarian instantly turned to the victims.

Ivannikova ran out of the car and ran down the street, shouting that killed a man.

During the investigation, the independent expert confirmed that the blow was struck with a small force. Consequently, the woman "had the intent to commit murder, even in the heat of passion", and just defend against the rapist.

Nevertheless, the first Ivannikova sentenced to two years imprisonment. In case there were factors that served as the mitigation of sentence: the defendant's baby. And only a few months later it Muscovite was revised, and prosecutors refused to charge. Sentenced was justified.

A similar case, which, however, has not received wide publicity, was held in the Leningrad region. On the shore of the lake near Kopanskoe Kingisepp 29-year-old unemployed Petersburger tried to rape his contemporaries, a resident of the town of Primorsk in Leningrad region. The victim struck a rapist with a knife in the chest. From his injuries the man died in hospital. With respect to women have opened a criminal case under article "murder, committed in excess of necessary defense." Finale of this story remains unknown.

RTICLE "excess of self-defense" on the one hand is extremely clear, with another - is complex and controversial. How, by whom and under what circumstances is determined by this limit? From a legal point of view, same Alexander Ivannikova defend their honor and dignity, but not life. Honor and life, unfortunately, very different values from the position of the Russian Criminal Code. More precisely, the honor and dignity of the victim against the perpetrator lives in Russia uneven. If guarding against the rapist, you get the corpse, then it will have long to prove that this action was of the nature of self-defense, rather than deliberate murder.

One consolation: in most cases for the killing in excess of self-defense "reward" suspended sentence. Although, even with the stigma of "conditional deprivation of liberty" and even more so for the "murder", applied to human beings in society changed dramatically and not for the better. For example, with this here "criminal record", the girl could hardly find a decent job.

In a well-known Crisis Center for Violence Prevention "Anna", who has been working for over ten years, more than 15% of calls to the hotline came from women who were raped by an unknown man. Although initially "Anna" was established as a center of support for women survivors of domestic violence.

So what do the ladies who are trying to rape? Do not leave home after dark? Run away? Call for help? Or, as in the famous joke, "relax and enjoy?

Protect yourself from trained, physically strong striker, it is difficult or even physically strong, experienced men, not that fragile woman. And what an evening walk on the streets is dangerous, now realize is all sensible people. Hence the growing popularity of clubs and schools in the female self-defense.

Bullies and rapists usually attack only when confident of their superiority. Such people calculate a their actions in advance, taking into account the specific situation. Moreover, the more likely a person is not the first time is going to attack the girl. But for the girl's attack will be sudden. Sometimes even trained in various schools of self-defense ladies' fall into a stupor and forget the basic techniques, which have learned so much fun in the gym. Yes, and almost any blow with his fist female, fairly easy to carry the male body, spurred by adrenaline or alcohol.

President of the association "Unibors, Konstantin Karpov, teaches girls self-defense system:" We are trying to teach women to defend the materials at hand. Inefficiency of gas ballonchekov has long been proved. Striking at the gym and totally ineffective techniques of many martial arts as discussed many times. We tried to teach girls more distracting techniques, and even after - the use of the materials at hand. I can honestly say - the girl unprepared to defend themselves is almost impossible. "

Petty bullies can scare the simple presence of a small handbag clasp knife. But if a maniac in front of you - these threats turn out only harm.

Konstantin Karpov: "My opinion - that in case of excess of self-defense, caused the death of the assailant, you must apply to lawyers who are able to resolve this issue. In the end - you're protecting your own life. And you had no guarantee that the attack on you people would not cause harm to your life. "

But, unfortunately, in Russia, unlike America and Europe, women are more difficult to prove his innocence in the case of damage an attacker to physical harm, which is incompatible with life.Although, as the practice of law, cases in which the aggrieved party is still a victim, not the defendant becomes greater.

Alena Dmitrieva


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