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How not to give a "shod" in a service station. Practical advice

May 1 2006

Service vehicles from the very beginning of the history of cars is in lockstep with their production. Any mechanism will not last forever and requires a constant maintenance and timely replacement of the required elements. Complicating the design of the machines constantly, and now the car - is a huge body, consisting of tens of thousands of tools and sites that require maintenance, repair and replacement.

As for new cars and guarantee to them, the manufacturer gives a guarantee only on the basis of timely service on the company's stations, and THEN use only original performance materials.

The principle is: you bought a new car with a guarantee of 100,000 km or 3 years of operation. Here you every 10-15 thousand miles come on proprietary SRT and pay on average $ 100-200 for timely service. In this case, if something happens to a car, you replace any part free of charge.

Observant reader soon becomes clear that this system has some kind of trick. If the manufacturer makes such a guarantee, it means that the car is 99% did not happen at least in this period, but in the end it turns out that with the new car you buy and service immediately. Likewise is the case with used cars, which offer a guarantee. But few garages that you are constantly paying them, according to their path, they often resort to unfair means pulling out your extra money.

In fact, it happens very carefully and very quietly, if of course you yourself are not a mechanic. Examples of such situations are many. The simplest case: you arrive at the firm for another of something, and you mechanic says that apart from oil changes and spark an urgent need to replace the timing belt and the belt of the generator and pump the brake system and so on. If you had never seen the instruction manual for your car, you naturally You give their blood for these procedures. However, the timing belt is usually about 60-70 thousand miles, so when you are offered 25 thousand to replace it, this should cause some concern.

I suggest a few tips for you to be more difficult to cheat.

Learn your car
We are talking about literature, attached to your car. In this booklet, as a rule, everything is written very clearly, even the man never had affairs with a machine that is called - "for dummies". So you can easily dismantled, what, when, and why should be changed or repaired. Thus, you'll be in touch with what you offer the service.

Listen carefully to the mechanic
And, of course, to wind itself into their heads. If the specialist, clutching his head, says that "you have here oh how all the running!" And offers to change some critical nodes on your new machine, then this is the first signal to pull money.

Find prices
For example, replacement of candles on the service can cost you a round sum, however, buying into the company store the original spark and changing their own strength, you can save. In doing so, you are nobody produces no claims as candles something original. This tactic is best to stick around. You need to know how much each replacement parts and procedures.

Symptom of "one another"
You can simply say: "Spray the nozzles you have changed, but it looks like the fuel pump needs replacing, besides themselves injector is running out."Do not buy into such statements, it is best to contact another company.

It is important to communicate with the engineer, in order not to become a "victim":

1. Fully describe his problem. Tell us as much information. In an extreme case, write down all the "symptoms" that nothing is missed. If possible, keep a conversation directly with the mechanic who will service it is your car.

2. Do not put the "diagnosis" itself. Do not talk about your assumptions (which, in your opinion, is the cause of the problem).

3. Ask for a test drive. If the fault appears on the go, take the test drive with a mechanic.

4. Need to change a piece. Once you replace a node or a new unit, the mechanic must give you the old one. So you can be sure that this is the site served as a cause of the malfunction.

The most important thing in this case - is always to insist on paid service workers to provide you the same services. Do not allow that to you profited. Successful repair!

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