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The most violent sex cults of the peoples of the world

January 30 2010

In the religious beliefs of different people play a big role sex cults. Sometimes these rituals seem harmless, sometimes strange, sometimes causing horror and disgust. So, priests Algonquin Indians put themselves castrated in order to communicate with otherworldly forces. Alters likened women, perceiving their manners, sometimes it's implied denial of the possibility of male to copulate with a woman under the pretext that the latter is impure.

Clerics of the deity Shiva drevneindusskogo not castrated himself, unlike the priests of the god Vishnu, but were obliged to observe celibacy. During religious ceremonies, they were completely naked, while a woman fell to her knees in front of them and picked up their genitals. If they showed in this case at least the slightest signs of excitement, the faithful immediately pelted them with stones ...

In 1591 a French monk, discovered in Florida, a caste of priests, both practicing chastity in women and homosexual relationships. The same is practiced by the priests of Madagascar (tsekaty).

And in Malaysia once existed priest caste-dancers who vow renunciation of sexual intercourse was with women. With men is not forbidden.

In some ancient civilizations has been common practice to enter into the sexual organ of the priest in the pouch, closed with a lock. In Greece, the above-mentioned case was in the form of wheat spike: a woman at the ceremony, representing the goddess Demeter, picked up the bag containing the sexual organ of the priest, and released him.

After this happened a sacral copulation, which is a rite of fertility ...

But far greater interest is another magical ritual - the transformation into a woman. " In the past, the future of sorcerers often chosen for children. They were forced to wear women's clothes, and in adolescence, they were forbidden to have sexual intercourse with women ...

A similar custom exists and shamans in some Asian countries (Burma) and Africa (Uganda). The process of "sex change" has been slow, in several stages. Initially, the shaman makes his feminine hairstyle, after a while disguised in women's clothes, and then leaves the men's classes and take up women. In the end, he becomes a "wife" of another man ...

It is well known that satanic cults are also associated with sex. But it is not about indiscriminate sex orgies: the act of love in dyavolopoklonnikov subject to certain magical rites. Different sects and societies, these rituals are different.

Thus, the mating ritual, ranging from the Middle Ages, practiced by the Sabbat, where the assembled witches.

Black mass - is almost the equivalent of the Sabbath for secular people, snobs and intellectuals hungry for new thrills. The main characters are acting Black Mass - the priest and a woman. The first is active, the second is passive ...

Sometimes the woman copulates only one cleric, and sometimes it ends a group orgy. But the essence of a ritual: a woman as it is given to the devil.

Actually, the sex itself - one of the devilish temptations. Since time immemorial, it was assumed that in the face of the first man a woman always takes possession of the devil.Therefore, during the Sabbat, where the victim "the devil" brings a virgin, "the prince of darkness" put on the mask the animal.

To the north of Baghdad, the Kurdish border, near Mosul, located locking Yezidis, fans of the devil. This is a Muslim sect, whose members traditionally wear black coats, white trousers and red belts and turbans. According to some reports, they are committing in the dungeons of the bloody rites in honor of the devil. Their idols are Paonia and black snakes. At the head of the sect is "papa", who presented with a virgin every night ...

Incidentally, the tradition of "decorating" horns deceived husband is descended from the era when, on the occasion of religious ceremonies, such as the Sabbath, married women were allowed to show favor to characters dressed in animal skins and crowned with antlers. To believe that it brings the whole family divine blessing!

Jury Suprunenko

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МаришКА 01.02.2010 | понедельник ответить

мда...вообще то женщина всегда считалась олицетворением чистоты... 15.02.2010 | понедельник ответить

Жесть... Никогда бы не подумал что такое бывает. Как то даже раньше думал что кастраты, живут только в Италии. =)

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