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Orthodox Christians celebrate Nut Spas

August 29 2007

Aug. 29, Orthodox Christians are celebrating the Day Savior. According to legend, Edessa image was imprinted on the cloth when Jesus wiped his face to them. The image was stored in Edese in Syria. When he was captured by the Arabs, the Byzantine emperor Constantine gave orders to redeem the image. In 944 the image was moved to Constantinople.

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Elijah's Day tomorrow, as it is mentioned?

Today - Day of the Holy Princess Olga

In Russia, the Holy Face highly esteemed. With banners on which was embroidered with the image, the soldiers went into battle.

About Spas third of the people say - the Saviour on canvas, Savior on the canvas, green hills canvases sell. To this day the peasant household bleach finished canvases, blessed them with holy water, after which it started selling.

Back in the day cleaning the fall of healing springs, is now considered a very useful drink underground Voditsa.

In the people third Saviour called nuts and bread. It was believed that from this day possible and necessary to have the nuts, which had already kept pace. Folk wisdom, based on centuries of experience, it turns out, right here. If at this time there is a lot of meat, you can greatly add to the weight. And in the nuts contain a protein which does not form fat. That is why our forefathers tried in late August - September there are more nuts and mushrooms.

All nuts are very nutritious, have excellent dietary qualities, even though their protein completely replace animal proteins and is considered ideal. Not for nothing that the famous Russian breeder Michurin called nuts "bread of the future."

Nuts contain protein and fats - are the main sources of energy we need. And the proteins in its composition are similar to proteins of meat.

20 nuts enough to make up for the daily needs of people in fats.

And do not be afraid to get better - their vengeance is used in vegetarian and diet cuisine, even in obese (because they contain fiber strengthens and stabilizes the intestine).

In addition, walnuts are rich with lots of minerals and trace elements, especially iodine and zinc. And vitamins. Moreover, in young fruits rich in vitamin C, while in mature - B vitamins and vitamin A.

And then there are polyunsaturated fatty acids - they impede the development of atherosclerosis.

What is useful in the nuts?

Peanuts contain 50% fat and 30% protein and a lot of vitamin A. It helps people with diabetes and hemophilia (in the use of peanut butter reduces bleeding). Also recommended for children suffering from exudative diathesis.

Pine nuts. In cedar everything - from the nuts to the crust - has healing properties. Lipoclastic rich in vitamins E, F, as well as iodine. Peanuts increases the body's defenses, strengthen the immune system and good influence on the physical and mental development of children.

Alcohol extract of pine nuts effectively helps with joint problems.
On nutritional properties of cedar oil is superior to sunflower.

Pistachios good for the brain and heart, with palpitation and liver disease. Have a stimulating effect and contributed to the increasing potency. But some abuse of pistachios may cause hives.

Walnut. Its not for nothing called food for thought.The priests of ancient Babylon, even forbidden to ordinary people have the nuts, but what they say, too clever will.

Although in reality nothing miraculous in the nuts do not. Just because a successful combination of all the aforementioned vitamins and biologically active substances nut beneficial effects on blood vessels in the brain. This and memory improvement, prevention of stroke and other diseases.

By the way, the treatment is used not only nuts, but leaves. For example, to concoctions like anti-inflammatory and astringent. Or externally in the form of baths in purulent rashes, eczema, wounds and boils.

Almonds. In medicine, sweet almond oil is recommended to use in case of anemia, pneumonia, severe dry cough, fatigue, skin diseases. Used in the stunted growth in children. Help with the acidity of gastric juice, gastric ulcer, especially among avid smokers.

Irina Kapustina


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